GPF making strides in recruitment process for indigenous people

first_imgIn order to overcome the language barrier that affects police officers when dealing with hinterland issues, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has commenced dialogue with Toshaos to have them assist in finding more indigenous recruits.Deputy Police Commissioner with responsibility for the GPF’s administration, Paul WilliamsAccording to Deputy Commissioner of Police Paul Williams, who is responsible for the Force’s administration which encompasses recruitment, the talks are proving to be fruitful.In an interview with Guyana Times on Saturday, he stated that the initiation of a process of having Toshaos from various hinterland communities help identify appropriate indigenous folks who can help the GPF ranks carry out their duties effectively and efficiently in the hinterland and riverine communities has already begun.“Indeed, we have made the call and there are positive responses and even last week myself, the Police Commissioner and the senior administrative team had an engagement with the Toshaos because they were out here. I think they came out for a meeting or a conference. We spoke to them about the same aspect in terms of having the indigenous languages being imparted to the police.”But Williams also pointed out that it is more than just having indigenous people help the police ranks to understand and learn the various indigenous languages. He explained that the Force is in need of more indigenous men and women and this was communicated to all Toshaos across the country.“And then also we asked them, [Toshaos] in terms of their assistance, in locating persons within the communities who are of good character, in good standing, who we can employ into the GPF as rural constables. People who can assist the police when they go in those engagement to deal with reports and who are very versed in the languages. This is so they can help us to communicate with the community.”The Deputy Police Commissioner had previously stated in 2018 that in the expansion drive of the Force as it relates to numbers, heavy emphasis is placed on capacity-building and cultural diversity, given the new frontiers of law enforcement and the many different areas of housing development and communities which are opening where the police will have to be present in the execution of their duties of ensuring law and order.He told this publication that in this regard, the GPF is progressing.“So we are making strides on that. And also we are looking now, the Toshaos, they have made the pledge or the commitment where they are going to assist in terms of having our ranks being trained in that aspect,” Williams added. (Kristen Macklingam)last_img

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