AFE criticizes not being in the Viana Pact, but celebrates the union

first_imgThe Spanish Footballers Association also values ​​that both the Higher Sports Council, LaLiga and the Royal Spanish Football Federation value the health proposals made by this union to guarantee health in the return to competition and training, as well as the legal and labor considerations expressed to safeguard the labor rights of soccer workers.From the union we also want to remember the intense work that we have been maintaining for weeks with LaLiga to instrumentalize the creation of the economic fund for situations of special vulnerability of colleagues. A fund that, in the opinion of this union, should have as its main recipients the soccer players of Second B and Third Division, as well as the soccer players of First and Second Division, in vulnerable situations.The Association of Spanish Soccer Players has reinforced the channels of care and communication with its members, and shows its firm commitment that the return to the competition will only be carried out after the express authorization of the health authorities and with full guarantees to safeguard the health of the footballers.We understand that this CSD initiative is related to the proposals that as a union should be carried out in all sports, with many difficulties, as this Ministry is doing with the other branch of it which is that of culture. “ The Association of Spanish Soccer Players has issued an official statement on Monday in which he refers to the meeting held by the CSD, the Federation and LaLiga, the one known as the Pact of Viana. AFE criticizes that the union was not available for this summit but welcomes the fact that the institutions have left behind their differences.The full statement is this:“In relation to the CSD meeting held last Saturday and the agreement on the return to competition and the aid fund, the Association of Spanish Soccer Players wants to state that, Despite our surprise at not having been called to this meeting where soccer players are a fundamental part of this sport, AFE appreciates the principle of agreement reached. and that finally controversies and sterile fights between institutions that do nothing to benefit Spanish football in the current situation have been parked.AFE reiterates its firm commitment to collaborate with the rest of the institutions in the search for solutions to the current situation and its determination to defend all its members. The Association has held during the last weeks, more than a dozen meetings with the rest of sports organizations, with the captains and captains of the clubs of the different categories of Spanish football, and has started a round of contacts with different political groups, as well as health and pandemic specialists, for understanding that this issue affects the entire society. Likewise, we maintain frequent contacts with the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy through the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work, and with the Ministry of Health, about documents and texts submitted subject to interpretation by these administrations.last_img

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