Game of Thrones postponed

first_imgLast Friday, February 21, that is, 25 days ago, nobody gave a euro in favor of the option that Josep Maria Bartomeu finish his mandate. The electoral advance in Can Barça seemed imminent. He had just exploded case of social networks (related to the hiring by the board of the company I3 Ventures, who created fake online profiles to criticize opponents and staff members) and at a council meeting, the vice presidents cornered the president, that he had to fold to open an internal audit and to sacrifice Jaume Masferrer, his right hand. The electoral advance was a more than real option that was reaffirmed with a bandana at the Camp Nou. Not a month has passed and the tension has dissolved like sugar. Today, all the players on the board assume that there will be no electoral advance and that the elections will be held in 2021. The Game of Thrones at the Camp Nou takes a truce.The first to park any doubts was Bartomeu himself in an act at the Círculo Ecuestre, his last public appearance before confinement, where he said he had no other scenario than to finish his term. He further added that if the statutes allowed him to re-appear, he would do so without hesitation.That day only a single member of the board accompanied him to that meal: the vice president Emili Rosseaud, whom Bartomeu referred to without quoting him as “the continuation candidate that appears in the media”.Bartomeu is at his home directing the club remotely in coordination with the delegated commission headed by Grascar Grau and attending the UEFA and ECA meetings electronically. It is also confined, but in Granollers, Víctor Font, the only one who has expressed his intention to attend the elections with his project “Sí al futur”. From his home, he works directing his company based in the United Arab Emirates, but his activity as a candidate for the presidency has been suspended. “A few days ago we presented our project in Mataró and we planned to carry out another event on March 28 in Mallorca, but as things stand I don’t know if we can do it”, affirms by phone.Font ensures that in his case “We have the advantage that the project is done because we have been working on it for years and the task is done, but we always work with the hypothesis that the elections would be in 2021, although we are ready for when they are.”It also works with this premise a classic of the culés campaigns as is Agustí Benedito, who spends these days at his home in a town near Barcelona with his family. Benedito confirmed to this newspaper that “They will wait until 2021 because they need to be prepared and now they are not. They need to get a stronger candidate than Rosseaud.”Benedito refers to Jordi Roche, who for the moment has not publicly confirmed his intention to stand for election, although his name sounds insistently in the Barcelona environment.Finally, that the name of the former president Joan Laporta, who continues to assure that he will appear but who continues to move discreetly.After the parenthesis forced by the confinement due to the Coronavirus crisis, the actors on the electoral board rearm facing the battle of 2021. For the moment, the Game of Thrones is postponed.last_img

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