Indian bowlers to consider breaking this age old practice due to coronavirus scare!

first_imgImage Courtesy: AFP/PTIAdvertisement 0Powered by Firework0 The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus has hampered several sports events across the globe. Recently, Serie A was suspended for a month in Italy, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is on the verge of getting postponed. Although, there hasn’t been any disruptions in the schedule of the Indian cricket team, who are welcoming South Africa tomorrow for a 3-match One Day International series. However, the players themselves have come up with a precautionary measure. The age old use of saliva to shine the ball can be a method of virus contamination, as superstar bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar considers halting the practice.Advertisement Image Courtesy: AFP/PTIThe COVID-19 virus can be transmitted through saliva, and if the team doctors suggest, the Indian bowlers may restrict the renowned method to polish the ball for reverse swing in the coming matches.Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who recently recovered from a hernia injury that he sustained back in December 2019, spoke about the virus outbreak during his practice session prior to tomorrow’s match. Although stating that the players have thought of limiting the use of saliva during the game, the pacer worries it may hamper their performance on pitch.Advertisement “We have thought about this thing but I can’t say right now we will not use saliva because if we don’t use saliva then how will we shine the ball? We will get hit and you people will say you are not bowling well” Bhuvi told reporters.However, the 30 year old didn’t neglect the ever present threat of a contamination, and suggested that the squad will follow the instructions from the team doctors.Advertisement He continued: “But it’s a valid point and let’s see we will have a team meeting today and whatever instruction we get or whatever is the best option, we will do that.”“It all depends on the team doctor and what advice he gives us,” Bhuvi added.However, there has already been 52 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India, and regarding the gigantic crowd gatherings during cricket matches in the country, there’s always a risk. Adding on it, Bhuvi stated that the team has taken every possible precaution to inhibit any chances of contamination.“You cannot say anything right now because it’s taking a dangerous situation in India. But we are taking every precaution we can take. We have a team doctor with us and he is giving us instructions about dos and don’ts. So we hope it won’t go (spread) much further,” the bowler concluded.Also read-Photo: Hardik Pandya just put on 7kgs of muscle ahead of India comeback! Advertisementlast_img

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