“Full Ceker – let’s buy locally” in the finals of the European Entrepreneurship Promotion Award

first_imgThe project “PUN Ceker – let’s buy locally” entered the grand finale of the award for the best idea of ​​social entrepreneurship, which is awarded as part of the competition for the European Award for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in 2017. 2017 member states of the European Union and Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Turkey are participating in the competition for the EEPA 28 award.The European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2017 (EEPA 2017) is a recognition by which the European Commission annually awards projects / initiatives that, with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship and small business development, are implemented by public bodies independently or in public-private partnership with entrepreneurs. . This award was launched to open new opportunities for the local and regional level through examples of best policies and practices with the aim of developing entrepreneurship, employment and retaining the population in their communities.”The project” Buy locally “aims to bring together family farms, winemakers, beekeepers and producers of agricultural and other non-agricultural products from Sisak-Moslavina County to facilitate communication, solve administrative problems and to achieve a common goal – promoting local production and consumption, and pointing out to the whole community the wealth that abounds in our lands.For the needs of the project, the Development Agency SI-MO-RA founded the cooperative “Association of Producers of Sisak-Moslavina County” (which brings together local family farms), and the founders are Sisak-Moslavina County, City of Hrvatska Kostajnica, Donji Kukuruzari Municipality, Dvor, Hrvatska Dubica , Jasenovac, Lekenik, Majur and Sunja and the County Development Agency SIMORA.As part of the project, four stores with domestic products ‘Pun ceker’ were opened, which are located in Sisak, Novska, Kutina and at the rest area “Stari Hrastovi” along the highway Zagreb – Lipovac, and the goal is to open six more stores in Sisak – Moslavina county, which would employ people from the area of ​​Sisak-Moslavina County, which would reduce the unemployment rate, which is very pronounced in our area. Through these stores, all residents of Sisak-Moslavina County will have access to domestic and healthy products from well-known producers from the county.A great story that is proof of how everything is up to people and how everything can be connected. Such projects must be declared a strategic project for our tourism, not like the Pink Wing race with luxury cars. Also, such projects once again prove that it is possible to connect “Blue” and “Green” Croatia, of course it is always easiest to say that something is impossible and stick to the status quo.Related news: <br />
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