Fruit shop to open roasted where

is a lot of friends like roasted seeds and nuts dried fruit snacks, if you want to open such stores, open where better? Small make up for us to do a detailed introduction, want to know in detail, then come to consult it!

seeds and nuts fruit franchisee to understand shops surrounding the purchasing power of the people is very important, the purchasing power is attached to the person, stores open where roasted seeds and nuts dried fruit? The quantity and quality of the purchasing power determine the basic value of the shops in the shopping district. In those areas where the purchasing power is strong, the value of the shops is high, and the cost is relatively high. read more

mplementation of supervision and inspection system to promote grassroots organizations

Recently, Xining city animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation Bureau formulated the "Xining city farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau key work supervision work system (Trial)", the "system" introduced to further strengthen the supervision work, promote the fine management system has laid a foundation, to promote the implementation of priorities and implement superior the tasks, strengthen the target responsibility system implementation of internal management provides a standardized management system and procedures read more

Grassroots preaching ground gas plenary spirit into the hearts of the people

11 month 28 days, the party spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee provincial delegation were deeply Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Nangqian County, the provincial radio and Television Bureau, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out centralized propaganda report, state, county Party cadres and representatives of all walks of life, part of the provincial cadres were more than 1500 people to listen to the report will. read more

North District education practice extremely elegant and valuable

In the north of the city in March, there was a busy working scene. A look in the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure treatment "as the main line, to deepen the pragmatic and honest people as the main content of the party’s mass line of educational practice is carried out like a raging fire to the north. Serious self-examination, revealing problems by the masses, truly realize the interests of the masses as the fundamental and public participation as the main body, people are satisfied with the standard of "open the door to engage in activities, let the masses education activities carried out, do every good thing for the masses.

the north area of the city’s largest department as a combination of urban and rural areas, infrastructure debt, bankruptcy of old enterprises building institute, the number of special group, according to the actual area north of the growing demand for public services and financial district weak contradiction, to "three, three, four on extending" zixuandongzuo and we will also address the service of the masses last mile problems.

"three" to find the questions, check, check style, check the work, by strengthening the routine supervision, scientific performance evaluation, improve the dynamic early warning and other measures to eradicate the development of chronic illness. "Three" evaluation by the masses through the style of the status quo, revealing problems by the masses, the implementation of the rectification by the people judge, realize the interests of the masses as the fundamental, the participation of the masses as the main body, people are satisfied with the standard of "open the door to engage in activities". Pay attention to the "four extension", the quality of cadres to extend the "excellent", focuses on the implementation of leading cadres of the Party cadres at the level of research and decision-making ability, family members implement ability, cadres ability to serve the people and grassroots party rich service ability. Public service extends to the "real", adhere to the "small property issued by the people’s livelihood" ideas, around the people, the priority of education, employment protection standard and cultural Huimin goal, further improve work processes, smooth demand channel and clear assessment methods for the people, and strive to build the people’s livelihood service type party organization. Urban and rural areas to extend the "fine", the old city area and accelerate the transformation of villages, continue to implement the project village and rural environment, efforts to promote North apricot, Tao Jiazhai, Tao Xin, Lei stone village 4 village, "and in" the new rural community construction, and strive to achieve the integration of urban and rural ecological environment. The "three zone" strategy to extend the "deep", "around the overall goal of building the high-tech industrial area, modern agricultural demonstration zone, landscape ecological livable area", use land resources and space advantage, pay attention to the project lead, provide services to create a good environment for development.The promotion of cadres enthusiasm

in the party’s mass line practice, in line with the principle of "under good chess upper hand, lay the initiative", from "collar, fine, live, ratio, promotion, help" six aspects to help the Party cadres at all levels of spirit, raise awareness, a comprehensive learning education boom.

– "collar" committee to take the lead. Take advantage of two days a week to carry out collective learning of learning contents, in the next building "leading to the head, all compete for" learning atmosphere.

– the collective focus "fine"; read more

Northwest regional earthquake rescue drill held

8 7, the northwest fire forces inter regional earthquake rescue combat pulling exercises kicked off in our province in Haibei prefecture.

it is understood that the inter regional earthquake rescue combat pulling exercises after nearly 4 months of careful planning, from Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Tibet and Xinjiang provinces and six fire brigade, about 700 soldiers in a place I Haibei, 3100 meters above sea level, to carry out a real, real soldiers, real the 4 day of the earthquake rescue drills together. The imaginary disaster of August 7th 6, 7 grade earthquake in our province in Haibei Prefecture in the epicenter are old buildings, collapsed and severely damaged, there are a lot of people buried pressure, Qinghai province public security fire brigade command center received a request for reinforcements, start inter regional earthquake rescue program immediately mobilized around the fire brigade 13 car 45 people the heavy rescue team, carrying rescue equipment and personal 72 hours of self security supplies, rushed to the disaster relief. read more

nvestment in search of Chinese fast food is making money

now, as our pace of life grows faster and faster, the demand for healthy food continues to grow. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fast-food restaurant, is very has the choice of market development. How to search for Chinese fast food? Brand fast food franchise, worthy of our attention and choice!

search for Chinese fast food is the most popular fast food brands on the market, enjoy the value of cheap delicious, hot business opportunities, join the easy to get rich. Such a rich food brands, will be able to get more people’s favor. At the same time it will also be a better combination of Chinese fast food and the current fashion leisure fashion, just to bring you more food experience. Are you tempted to eat? read more

How to find the right tea brand

choose tea brand is the first step in investment. Now the tea market so many brands, only to find the strength of the brand to meet market demand, can help you find the right path of development. Many novice on the choice of the project is not very clear, Xiaobian compiled a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

with the development of modern society, tea has aroused widespread concern, the market is hot, unlimited profit margins. Exquisite tea processing technology and advanced chain management concept, to support the franchisee business and sales, and jointly create a new pattern of China’s tea industry. read more

nventory of hot words in the first half of this year the paint industry

no matter where you are seeking development, you can not ignore the development of the industry, the paint industry is also the case. Now in 2015 has passed half of the paint industry has emerged a lot of hot words. These hot words will not over time, destined to leave in the history of the development of the paint industry thick and heavy in colours on a pen. The following half of the first half of this year, the paint industry hot words:

read more