Adjust the implementation of family planning policy promulgated

According to the relevant resolutions of the provincial people’s Congress and the Provincial Health Planning Commission related documents spirit, in order to ensure the effective implementation of our province adjust and improve family planning policy, combined with the actual city, the city recently issued "adjust and improve family planning policy implementation rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules"), the full implementation of a separate two children, two children four years of birth cancel interval policy. read more

Jiangsu Province the full implementation of the elderly accident insurance and comprehensive liabil

In order to accelerate the construction of old-age service system in our province, effectively resolve the pension institutions and the elderly at home accident risk, our province has issued the "measures for the implementation of the government to buy old satisfactory to the social forces injury insurance" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), and comprehensively promote the elderly accident insurance and pension agency liability insurance.

is expected to 2016, the elderly in rural and pastoral areas in our province accident injury insurance rate will reach 10%, the urban elderly accident insurance rate reached more than 30%; comprehensive liability insurance will cover all pension institutions. It is expected that by 2020, the province will be covered by the elderly accident insurance coverage of all voluntary urban and rural elderly.  
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Discipline and heteronomy

How can

try to do a good cadre of conviction, public service, diligent and pragmatic, dare to play, clean and honest?

life is?

people are not expensive in the past, but expensive in the reform.

people have no rules waste, the party is disorderly.

the fear of discipline, discipline, discipline habits…… March 1st, Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee in the spring semester of the provincial Party committee, the discipline and discipline discipline, in order to give all students a lively party spirit education. The students are excited to say: "serious, important topic is so strong! Benefit a lot! This class we again." In order to meet the learning needs of the majority of Party members in our province, newspaper today special excerpts of "speech". read more

How to lobby and kitchen work

What is the daily operation of the

restaurant? Not out of the relationship with the two departments, that is the restaurant and lobby hall. Restaurant daily operation is smooth and see how the two departments work together. The reality of the restaurant is the occurrence of a common contradiction is precisely the two departments, how to effectively solve the problem between the two departments became a compulsory course restaurant owner.


to work together to lobby the kitchen

departments to understand each other read more

Huangzhong take measures to safeguard the interests of consumers

this year, Huangzhong County Industrial and Commercial Bureau and consumer associations around the "create a harmonious consumption environment, service economy development" theme, take measures to safeguard the interests of consumers.

to effectively safeguard the interests of consumers, they start from the publicity and education, through training courses, and the use of on-site test, inspection and the fair opportunity of sending law to the countryside, in the majority of business users and consumers to vigorously promote the "consumer protection law", improve the ability of self-protection awareness and self-discipline management of consumers. At the same time, continue to expand "while two station" construction, coordination of 15 villages and towns 14 thousand and 400 yuan of investment in the county administrative villages construction 38 complaints station in Huangzhong in the middle school, DOPA and 4 other schools set up consumer rights liaison station. Changes in the field of consumer complaints and hot and difficult issues, timely release of consumer alerts and consumer tips, the relief will be turned into an early warning prevention. Especially for the Kumbum Monastery tourist rights protection, issued the civilized business proposal and shall not employ social idle personnel, soliciting cheating and give rebates for unfair competition. And set up prominently in the consumer warning signs and electronic screen scroll on the published telephone complaints, during weekends and holidays to work and arrange all-weather duty, timely accept resolve consumer complaints, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to ensure that the order of the tourism market. (author: Wu Binlan)
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City Health Bureau will send two additional health and epidemic prevention teams to carry out health

from Yushu after the earthquake, in the provincial government, the leadership of the municipal government, the Municipal Health Bureau composed of professional and technical personnel to quickly pick the city’s first comprehensive health and epidemic prevention team, rushed to the disaster area and effectively carry out disaster epidemic prevention work, made after the disaster has not occurred in aggregation of the epidemic situation of infectious diseases and public health emergencies the event progress in the area of responsibility. In order to do disaster epidemic prevention work to ensure that the next stage, disaster recovery and reconstruction work carried out smoothly, the Municipal Health Bureau attaches great importance to the unity of thinking, in the professional stress, lack of vehicle condition, again selected 15 professional and technical personnel, set up two branches of comprehensive health and epidemic prevention team, health and epidemic prevention work will go to the disaster area Yushu Long Bao Town and the town to carry out reconstruction in June 15th.

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Huangzhong farmers professional cooperatives development breakthrough 450

Huangzhong county is a large agricultural county in the province, the county industrial and commercial departments to actively take effective measures to vigorously support the development of farmer cooperatives, to the end of June the county registered a total of 453 households into cooperatives, members of 3230 people, the registered capital of 468 million 463 thousand yuan. The rapid development of farmer cooperatives, not only the optimal combination of the rural labor force, land, capital and other factors of production, and promote the cultivation of aquaculture in the region and trafficking, development of agricultural products processing and other service industries, cultivate the Surgy vegetables and a number of agricultural products brand, expanding the visibility of agricultural products, farmers the rising income.   read more

n 2008 the overall decline in the amount of letters and visits in Xining has been well received by

January 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, in 2008 the City Municipal Government Petition volume declined, in order to solve their practical problems as the core, the vast majority of the problems and contradictions are properly handled and resolved, praised by the masses.

it is understood that in 2008 the city received a total of 570 letters and visits from the masses, from the same period in 2007 fell by 13%; reception petitioners masses of 6942 passengers, an increase of 1%; received letters from the masses of the people, down by 32%. Mass petition rate over 98%. In 2008, the Provincial Committee and party secretary Wang Jianjun and vice governor, mayor Luo Yulin repeatedly on the petition work, municipal committee, deputy mayor Han Jianhua repeatedly to convene the relevant departments held a meeting, arrangements for the city’s stability work. To appeal to the masses, municipal government promptly organize relevant departments to coordinate; supervision on some revisit case, instructed relevant departments to make great efforts to solve the problem, making the petition for some years have been handled properly. In order to be able to solve the problem for the masses, the Municipal Bureau of letters and visits to mobilize social forces to participate in the handling of the petition, the formation of a powerful force to resolve conflicts and disputes. In 2008, the City Council and the Municipal Bureau of justice at the grassroots offices, for the masses to provide free legal advice for more than 700 times; with the joint political popularity of wind hotline column, with the power of public opinion, to solve the problem of the masses more than 2700; in November 27, 2008, City Council also became the Xining people’s Broadcasting Station "sunshine hotline" units, through the radio together for the people answering questions. read more

Fifteenth Lake race news conference held in Beijing

May 19th, the fifteenth session of the Qinghai Rural Letter cup ring Qinghai Lake international road cycling race press conference held in Beijing. The meeting released the event arrangements, event highlights and event preparation and other aspects of the content, the National more than and 70 media attended the press conference.

fifteenth Lake race by the State Sports General Administration, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial People’s government, the Gansu Provincial People’s government, the people’s Government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China Cycling Association, CCTV Sports Center, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau, Gansu Province Sports Bureau, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Sports Bureau and the event by Government Contractors Association, China Environmental Science Chinese green foundation, Chinese wild animal protection association, is the highest level of intercontinental Tournament (top). read more