Tough choice continue to stand or go to network company

network company is very strange to me. I often think of it as a place to do web pages, not a website. I also wrote the difference between doing a website. Yesterday, a friend told me that I would like to try a network company in Yulin, he is also ready to go, we work together. I am relatively surprised, but also a lot of emotion.

what will my future look like from career development goals? Can I live on my website for a lifetime? I’ve thought about it before, but as time goes on, I’m getting scared too. I am 23 years old this year, young people may lack the fearless spirit of adventure, I always think of doing things now, on whether the site can have a lifetime and I don’t want to talk about. I was thinking of looking for an Internet company, but what I do best is the operation and the type of network editing, and the technical aspect is not particularly strong. I also have no chance, after all, the network company in Yulin is still rare. In places like Yulin, the post on the Internet is not so easy to find. Now I have the opportunity to find a job in an Internet company. Should I go to read more

Share how to apply for Taobao alliance and promote advertising unit price techniques

Taobao alliance is the predecessor of Ali mother alliance, belonging to the Alibaba group, is China’s largest e-commerce advertising alliance, Taobao Taobao and Tmall customer website promotion advertising alliance based on Taobao alliance in 2010 to share 1 billion yuan commission.

many old Adsense to Taobao alliance is more familiar with, a few years ago "Taobao guest" tide still fresh in memory, at that time, Taobao customer promotion is considered as one of the important ways for personal Adsense to get income. But with Baidu on Taobao off site hit, in just a few months off the Taobao group quickly dissipated, the successful transformation of Taobao alliance in silence for some time after Ali mother alliance, to obtain rapid growth, just a year’s time on the growth of coverage after Baidu and Google Adsense giant. read more

SNS is another form of Forum

SNS, he’s just another kind of forum, not a sophisticated community,.

people can talk freely in SNS,

and the forums are the same. You can talk freely,

is just the forum, there are moderators in management, and SNS administrator in the management of.

SNS is a place where people make friends. If you are interested in a friend, you can go to see his information, see his blog, and join his group,

forum is the same, you can look at his information, you can also see his blog, you can also see his article, but also in his post inside replies, explain your point of view. read more

Mou Changqing micro blog promotion experience in fact focus on executive power

released the final list of 28 apprentices at 2 this week and began his first apprentice entry. The task is officially delivered to the disciples at about 2 noon this week at around 12. Ask the apprentices to sign up for a brand-new Tencent, micro-blog, and make 500 listeners in 5 days. Before doing this task, many students did not want to complete this task, because most of them have registered micro-blog before, playing for a few months, less than 500 listeners. Now it’s a big challenge for them to be 500 listeners in 5 days. read more

Stationmaster talk where is the individual stationmaster that goes alone

some of the old topic, but also some boring, for business owners or is just a hobby do stand friend, tell me what you will see. This article try not to write a review, not long essay to pull SP done before, do ya, who do GG. But I still have to write from the start.

webmaster circle said big not big, say small also not small, specific I didn’t go statistics, but at least tens of thousands of webmaster in this bar, but this circle of people are basically familiar with. Now there are more and more young people are into the crowded city, a group of old webmaster have disappeared for a large part, are still struggling with the retire after winning merit. Wait。 Now the "webmaster" has not been that simple personal webmaster, webmaster circle in general refers to the website or e-commerce as the goal or part of the cause of the crowd. Team in the past two years more popular, personal strength is limited, you are good at doing promotion, but not good at doing technology, do technical know how to operate. Wait a minute, of course, there are friends with several jobs. Now, this article is mainly about personal Adsense out of the way. read more

Webmaster how to grasp hot topics and hot topics for their own manufacturing flow

the network is too slow to connect to the server in the afternoon. Can not update the content of the movie station. Take a break and write something! Let me show you,


these days have been watching the CCTV hit TV legend Bruce Lee Bruce Lee! God’s deeds again became the talk of the streets and lanes. TV when Bruce Lee started from the Tangshan big brother became famous, would let him become a box office key. The self directed dragon crossed the river so that he created a myth of Hongkong movies. Next night, talk about his death game. All these things, Bruce Lee is not tight, is famous in the drama, but once again aroused our admiration for this national hero, let us more want to know more about Bruce Lee deeds. read more

Skillful use of QQ space player to bring huge traffic

as everyone knows, the word "QQ" in Baidu search space is huge, but the one hundred thousand QQ sites in the competition, how much is your record? I think it is almost 0. Let me share with you how I can use the two words, QQ space player and QQ space free player, to bring traffic. Just started doing QQ space factory ( when this site, IP is 500, was very silly, very naive, think new station on the line, as long as the main flow of the largest words and can. But I paid a great price for my ignorance. Wasted half a year, traffic has stayed at around 1200. However, I am a person with a stick, and I always insist on updating the original articles every day. At the same time, I have opened a QQ space player channel. Finally, the yellow sky didn’t pay attention. One day, I suddenly found that the word "QQ space player" ran to the second page of Baidu. At that time, it was so exciting. He insisted on one or two months to update the original article, and many of the QQ space station to do friendship connection. (explain here, as long as your station is more original, others are willing to make links with you) read more

Stingy master teach you how to use the least money to do promotion to maximize

before writing articles, first to say their personal circumstances, graduated 5 years in a certain city engaged in Internet related work, two years ago to go home to start their own web site, then embarked on the road of hard to master. Because it is a grassroots webmaster, resources and contacts will not be very rich, so when doing Lanzhou make-up website, as much as possible on the cost, after all, save every piece of money is their own. It is their very careful in reckoning in this process is summarized, some methods to save money promotion, of course these methods do not affect the actual website promotion effect, there are ways to effect less spending, so to see the money side novice friends without any cause or reason have not to effect, heart budejin, today to share out I hope you can help, please give me more publicity on weekdays. read more

New sites should be how to quickly improve traffic

, a site established, but they do not understand the promotion, watching it also day after day in "waste", and did not play its due value, to many webmaster heartache and helpless. If you are still blind, why not get your own site search engine’s favor, then the following problems you should take a good look at.

The name of the

1. site,

here, take the weight loss network ( as an example to explain. First we established the site location in front to clear himself in the psychology of the website is related to do with weight loss site, the site is to provide users the methods and experience of some of the most commonly used weight loss and weight loss. The theme of the station must be clear, otherwise it will be very passive. read more

The continuous updating of content is an important condition for the survival of the website

vast SEO understand a little, and even in the initial stage of the station, are passionate about every day to update an article, but who can do it? And who can really adhere to the last,


as a webmaster, we are all small, your energy will have very limited, perhaps the early site, we can continue to update it, then to the late, due to gradually reduce the content, persistence is bound to affect the content of the web site. So this is why the interactive type website more exuberant place, because they absorb the collective wisdom of the majority of Internet users, a new article Everfount to website delivery every day, so the site can not stand long! Such as " network ". read more

The financial control of grassroots entrepreneurship determines the prospects for development

from the Hecheng talent network to concentrate on the resignation is now about 4 months time, looking back on the course of 4 months, there are too many stories to summarize, from project selection, project, formal operation, dedicated to financial management, management, marketing and other aspects. Combined with previous experience in the work, the grass-roots entrepreneurship, want to say a few words of their own experience!


grassroots entrepreneurship is nothing, to have what you want, to achieve financial freedom. read more

Several problems should be avoided if you want to be a successful website

1, too much advertising,

visitors browse the web for the purpose of looking at the content of the site, not for advertising. Too much advertising can make a bad impression on visitors, and will make a deep impression that the station is a garbage dump.

2, in the station put pop-up advertising,

many webmaster in order to profit, and the blind pursuit of advertising point Kyrgyzstan, in the station release pop-up. I like browsing the web very much. When I am excited when I am looking at it, a few strange windows pop up and block my view. Sometimes I’m really mad. Like this website, I basically will remember its station name, let it content again wonderful, next time also no, because its pop-up will disturb my happy mood. Besides, the wonderful and real stations are everywhere now. read more

Webmaster success and failure and how

I used to work online more than 10 hours a day for more than 1 years. What’s mine? Money? No. Not only did not get what · but still went a lot, lost his girlfriend, lost friends. Even the eyes have become very cold day, the spirit has left the body… It’s such a sad time… Now, I changed, is a net friend name: man, I want to thank him, he taught me a lot.. I have changed now. Love helps people and has a broad mind. I don’t want to stand together as do crazy · now; even if only 1 people in my station, I will try to help him! Let him get the answer he wanted · read more

Talk about what the webmaster should learn from the trend of nternet regulation

first game real name system to the current micro-blog real name system, you can see that the country’s regulation of Internet products more and more stringent. The network game network real name system leads to blossom everywhere, now playing a game the first need is the registration ID number and name; micro-blog? Micro-blog from the beginning of the 09 years also attracted national attention, the rise of micro-blog also caused a lot of disputes in the micro-blog real name system has gradually started; as a webmaster, what should we learn when the country stepped up internet supervision, the following 4 years of my Wangzhuan experience to talk about, what we do next station. read more

Talk about old Adsense worth novice webmaster learning four advantages

A few days ago in the

Adsense QQ group to see you chat about the old and new owners of the topic, collect a lot of old webmaster have gradually faded out of the line of sight of people, from the more low-key low-key, the new owners and we and a number of active elements added to the webmaster circle. N years ago some of the webmaster, sharing experience enthusiasm is very high, I don’t know why they are more and more low-key, I do not know is a career change or bow in the number of money, no empty help to share. To this end, the author summed up some of the old webmaster in the site of some advantages, on the one hand, hope that the old webmaster can actively share more experience, on the other hand, to provide some experience and reference for novice adsense. read more

The image description of the ten steps of website construction

enterprise website construction, promotion, research materials are many, and there are many effective promotion methods. In fact, although electronic commerce construction and enterprise website promotion methods are more, but these promotion methods are always the exception. Most of the time, we don’t need so much promotion strategy, just need to do the promotion, website and will be selected more in-depth implementation of it, keep doing this website on the Internet has gradually become famous. Here, the author through the experience of predecessors and their own gradual exploration experiments, summed up the promotion of e-commerce website construction can not be aware of ten key steps for your reference, as follows. read more

Start out as a full time station owner

of the University of reading is a computer professional, university four years I didn’t Study hard, global Internet cafes to play games on the computer often, but I sincerely love, I love the moving hands, make their own website, but simply to do, often show their work in front of the students, students in the eyes of my major the skill is very good, when I graduated from the university I have a lot of students are looking for me to do graduate design, the reason is very simple, although my achievement is not good, but my expertise is good. Out of the university campus, I find her want to work during the work, I do website construction, software development, slowly I feel the life is so boring, took more than 1000 dollars a month wages, at each end of the month wage card poor a few dollars remaining, I Speechless the. Do I have the skills to do it all my life? Do I still have my future and dreams? read more

Stimulate primary afflictions factor in human nature red WeChat is how to do

"The world" magazine

blog WeChat and caifutong team, make a "WeChat red" prequel reports, is that since the beginning of January 10th WeChat red code writing system, a red team of about 10 people, how will the product do it. This article excerpt "excited" wolf "" a paragraph, see how to grab a red envelope forced all the ‘Wolf’:

The birth time of

large system is a basic product center November 2013, brainstorming, Gong Chen and his colleagues thought to the Spring Festival in 2014, the company’s internal traditional red envelopes made an application to attract ordinary users, increase the number of enabled WeChat users to pay. read more

Talk about the cheated experience of my website selling friends chain

in March 22, 2009, there is a MM add my QQ, I said to the contracted Baicheng hotline network website home page text links, 300 yuan a month, at the beginning of the month payment requirement is hanging on her QQ on my website, and then open the administrator back to her, I was 5 years younger brother really did not have the website. The profit, ha ha, was like the cheap, without me, and I have the money collected, responsible for updating my website on the line, a good thing read more

Talk about the feeling of using free forum 5D6D to build a website

with 5D6D site also about half a year, and I, like many people, from the beginning do not like such a free forum like 5D6D, think free things certainly not good. But after six months, I found that the free forum was not as bad as I expected. 5D6D just out of time, I registered a forum, read the next to get rid of, can not bind domain names, can not advertise, can not……

The only thing that makes me feel good about

is that it can import data free of charge, but it’s closed now. read more

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