Allardyce hails players after Palace victory

first_imgEmbed from Getty ImagesCrystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce said his side’s refusal to panic after going a goal down shocked Chelsea and was one of the main reasons for their 2-1 victory against the Premier League leaders at Stamford Bridge.The Blues led through a Cesc Fabregas strike but goals from Wilfried Zaha and Christian Benteke earned the Eagles a fourth successive victory.“The response of the players after going a goal down was outstanding,” the former England boss said.“They didn’t let their heads go down which is what I saw when I first came.“The two goals shocked Chelsea and the resilient defending and the saves by the goalkeeper [Wayne Hennessey] were the reason why we won, albeit we spurned a couple of chances to get another goal. It was an outstanding performance and victory.“Our plan how we wanted to play has been one of the keys to why we won. But a plan can only work when players play to their best of their ability, which is the absolute maximum if you want to get something from a game against Chelsea.”See also:Chelsea beaten at home by PalaceTitle race far from over – ConteChelsea v Crystal Palace player ratings   Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Five keys to the San Francisco Giants’ best stretch of baseball this season

first_imgMILWAUKEE — The 2019 San Francisco Giants haven’t spent a single day above .500 and have dwelled in the National League West cellar for nearly two full months.Yet after securing their seventh win in their past eight games on Friday, the Giants are suddenly one of the hottest teams in baseball and confident in their ability to make a second half run.What’s changed for a team that coughed up a six-run lead to the Baltimore Orioles to fall 12 games below .500 on the final day of May? Since June …last_img read more

“Extreme Convergence” Strains Credibility of Darwinism

first_imgWhen completely unrelated animals or plants display the same engineering solution, is it reasonable to assume a blind, unguided process of selection achieved improbable outcomes multiple times? Is calling it “convergent evolution” meaningful?  Here are three examples.1. Lizard convergence:  A paper in Science (see also Live Science summary) claims that lizards on separate Caribbean islands converged on remarkably similar body traits. They found “morphologically and behaviorally similar species that occupy similar microhabitats” on islands where ancestral lizards did not possess the derived convergent properties.  The Live Science article includes photos of lizards from different islands that match in color, markings and habitats, even though they supposedly evolved separately over millions of years.The authors consider this an example of “extreme convergence.”  They use their findings to claim evolution can be predictable, contrary to the late Stephen Jay Gould’s famous view that if one ran the tape of life a second time, the outcomes would probably be very different.  The authors attribute convergent patterns to the environment:Parallel radiations unfolding at large temporal scales shed light on the process of adaptive diversification, indicating that the adaptive landscape may give rise to predictable evolutionary patterns in nature, that adaptive peaks may be stable over macroevolutionary time, and that available geographic area influences the ability of lineages to discover new adaptive peaks.This explanation, however, merely shifts the design to the environment without explaining why a blind habitat would interact with a blind process of selection to produce extreme convergence.2. Fish convergence:  Surprise – tuna are more closely related to seahorses than to marlins, even though tunas and marlins share the same streamlined shape.  The new “life-changing” phylogeny, reported by Live Science, shakes up a number of branches on the fish family tree.  By implication (although the article doesn’t mention it), the streamlining of tunas, marlins and sharks all arose by convergent evolution.  Another surprise from the new tree is that fish apparently were unaffected by the catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs; “We cannot say why,” an evolutionist at UC Davis shrugged.3. Brain convergence:  One of the most extreme claims about convergent evolution was reported by Science Daily.  Evolutionists at Imperial College London are now claiming that “Birds and Humans Have Similar Brain Wiring.”You may have more in common with a pigeon than you realise, according to research. It shows that humans and birds have brains that are wired in a similar way.A researcher from Imperial College London and his colleagues have developed for the first time a map of a typical bird brain, showing how different regions are connected together to process information. By comparing it to brain diagrams for different mammals such as humans, the team discovered that areas important for high-level cognition such as long-term memory and problem solving are wired up to other regions of the brain in a similar way. This is despite the fact that both mammal and bird brains have been evolving down separate paths over hundreds of millions of years.The team suggest that evolution has discovered a common blueprint for high-level cognition in brain development.Though not stated explicitly, convergent evolution is implied as the explanation: e.g., “They discovered that despite both hub nodes having evolved differently, the way they are wired up within the brain looks similar.”[Brief pause to laugh out loud that evolution could discover anything, especially “a common blueprint for high-level cognition in brain development.”]Brett Miller, who draws the excellent cartoons for this site, wrote up an essay called “The Convergence Concoction” that handily exposes, with cartoons and numerous examples, that this Darwinian explanation is a myth cooked up to avoid powerful evidence for design.  (His excellent cartoon “Parallelizards” in the article is right on point for the Caribbean lizard story.)  What more could falsify evolution than dozens of striking similarities in animals and plants that have no ancestral relationship in the Darwinian myth?  Darwin wanted an aimless, unguided process.  The views of some evolutionists like Simon Conway Morris that evolution predictably converges on archetypal forms borders on Platonic mysticism.  No; to be Darwinian, it must be random and unguided.  The  world is not that way.  There’s similarity across tree branches everywhere.  When evolutionists invent a phrase, “convergent evolution,” to dodge a falsification, they deserve no more respect than politicians who speak out both sides of their mouths. (Visited 47 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

South African TV shows get Emmy nominations

first_img7 October 2015As Trevor Noah gets comfortable in the chair at The Daily Show this month, there has been more international recognition for South African creative talent with news this week that two local television productions and a hard-hitting documentary have received nominations for the 2015 International Emmy Awards.The reality cooking show MasterChef South Africa, innovative political satire production Puppet Nation ZA and the documentary Miners Shot Down have all been nominated for awards.South Africa is one of only 19 countries earning international recognition in 10 production categories by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.The news of the nominations is a boost for the local film and television industry. The recognition helps to grow the professional reputation of the sector, which does much to create new job opportunities for South African talent, both in front of and behind the cameras.Outside the country, it also positions South Africa as a growing cultural brand in a global context, as per the Chapter 7 outcome of the National Development Plan.The hard-hitting and popular Angolan telenovela Jikulumessu is the other African contender.The winners will be announced on 23 November in New York City.M-Net’s MasterChef South Africa is nominated in the reality/non- scripted category. Produced by Quizzical Pictures and Lucky Bean Media, it is the second time the show has been nominated for an International Emmy; it was also nominated in 2013.Lucky Bean just got it’s second International Emmy Award Nomination for Master Chef South Africa! Halala!…— Lucky Bean (@LuckyBeanMedia) October 6, 2015Watch a clip:Puppet Nation ZA (previously known as ZA News) is the hugely popular political satire show that pokes fun at local and international pop culture and politicians using puppets. Produced by Both Worlds Productions and featuring some of South Africa’s best comedy writers, the show comes off a great run at this year’s South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas), in which it won seven trophies.Watch a clip:The controversial but highly lauded documentary Miners Shot Down about the 2012 Marikana shootings, is nominated for the Best Documentary Award. It was produced by filmmaker Rehad Desai and Uhuru Productions.Desai said he hoped the nomination would help the documentary reach a wider audience, particularly in South Africa. “This is an ongoing story which demands the attention of all South Africans and indeed the world to ensure justice is going to be done,” he told news broadcaster EWN. “It’s just a shame we can’t get it on SABC. Hopefully that will change with the Emmy nomination.”This year’s nominations follow a strong trend of South African talent making an impact in overseas awards, particularly the Emmys.In 2013, Loyisa Gala and Late Nite News were nominated for an International Emmy for comedy. That same year, South African composer Phillip Miller was nominated for best musical score at the Emmys for his soundtrack for the film The Girl.South African Doug Hardy and his visual effects team won a production Emmy for the series Black Sails in 2014. Earlier this year, Debora Patta was nominated for a news Emmy for her work as the Africa correspondent for the American TV network CBS on its show, CBS Evening News.Source: News24Wirelast_img read more

Thanks Tech for Strategic Advantage on TV

first_imgThe Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Tags:#AI#Contextual Intelligence Platform#marketing#martech#media#television#TV Andrej Kovacevic Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Related Posts It’s no secret that the internet has changed the way that people all around the world consume media. It’s been a disruption that has almost completely upended the broadcast and cable television industries and has already decimated the home movie rental industry (with the notable exception of Redbox, somehow).The rise of the internet as a media delivery platform has also created a whole new set of priorities for marketers and advertisers.The majority of marketer and advertisers still face decisions regarding how they’re going to transition their focus from traditional media to digital. As of today, the conventional wisdom holds that if cable and traditional broadcast media aren’t quite dead yet, they’re about to be.Article after article claims that savvy marketers are committing brand suicide if they aren’t plowing their budgets into online advertising via Facebook, Google, and Amazon, or a variety of branded technology approaches. A closer look at the facts, however, reveals a picture that doesn’t quite match the general perception of the situation.The reality is that the ongoing martech wave that’s helping brands to improve how they target specific demographics with customized messaging online is starting to reach traditional media as well. That’s adding a new-media flare to a decidedly old-school marketing channel, and it’s keeping traditional media viable for far longer than most observers would have predicted.For an overview of what’s happening, here’s what marketers need to know about the death – or lack thereof – of television as a primary advertising and marketing medium, and how technology is providing options in the space that wasn’t available a few short years ago.The walking dead.To call traditional media anything other than an industry on the decline would be at best a deception, and at worst, an outright lie. There’s no question that digital media is and will continue to be ascendant, and that it is going to supplant broadcast and cable television as we move further into the 21st century. One look at Netflix’s subscriber count tells you everything you need to know about that particular question.At the same time, however, calling the television ecosystem dead as an advertising and marketing vehicle is nothing short of absurd. For proof, consider that estimates indicate that by the end of 2022, 80% of American adults will still be paid television subscribers. That’s means that although television is in decline, it still possesses a reach that is unsurpassed by any other single medium.No competent sales and marketing team can afford to ignore these stats. Instead, advertisers should focus on when and how to exploit that television reach to target specific demographics that digital still can’t deliver.Who’s cutting the cord.When weighing the use of television advertising in any marketing push, the key to success in the current bifurcated media environment is intelligent targeting. Getting that part of the equation right is less about who television will reach, and much more about who it cannot. That means it’s critical to understand which demographic groups fall into the “cord cutter” or “cord never” categories, for whom conventional television is not a part of their media diet.Cord cutters, as their name implies, are individuals who have left their cable subscriptions behind and moved to digital OTT platforms to satisfy their media needs. A recent survey revealed that they are a group with an average age of 42, representing eight percent of the adult population. Critically, the group is split almost right down the middle between men and women and has an average household income of $52,000, making it a desirable, if small, demographic group.Cord nevers, on the other hand, are a group that has never subscribed to a pay television service at any time. Their average age is 34, but that’s not representative of the group as a whole, which skews young (62% are younger than the average – it is pushed upwards by large numbers of seniors that never left broadcast television). More than half of cord nevers are a part of the Millennial generation, and with an average household income of $41,000, they’re a valuable – and growing – demographic group.Taken together, the two groups represent some pretty desirable viewers. At the present moment, however, their total numbers haven’t risen to the point where television becomes an ineffectual marketing medium for all but a tiny slice of businesses.The viewers that are still reachable represent the overwhelming majority of all demographic groups, and although the makeup of the ‘cord never’ group portends a huge problem for broadcast and cable companies on the horizon, it’s an issue that is nowhere close to reaching crisis levels.Technology Begins to Improve Campaign CoordinationEven as viewership of traditional media continues to erode (little by little), the latest in AI and martech solutions are intervening to bring a whole new relevance to space for marketers everywhere. The most visible example is the recent additions that Google has made to its DoubleClick Bid Manager.They’ve been running two beta programs that allow digital advertisers to create blended ad buys split between digital platforms and traditional television outlets. Advertisers can exercise granular control over how their blended campaign operates by defining triggers that determine when each component launches.For example, advertisers can trigger a blitz of online ads to begin immediately after the first airing of a new TV spot, to enhance follow-up impressions or amplify reach to the aforementioned digital-only groups.If that’s not enough, Google also expects to provide advertisers with the ability to time campaigns to real-time, unplanned live events, like a sports team winning a game, or scoring a certain number of points.The system they’re designing should benefit from low lead times between digital and conventional platforms, as it takes just a few seconds for the platform to begin serving digital ads when a real-world trigger occurs.To gauge efficacy, users will have access to real-time search data that shows them any shift in brand search volume before, during, and after ad performance across all mediums.AI Brings Enhanced TargetingPhoto: Tierney / Adobe StockDigital advertising giants like Google aren’t the only ones introducing technology that gives advertisers new ways to leverage television’s continued power and reach. Some of the television industry ‘s best-known names are getting in on the act, too.NBCUniversal, for one, is making use of an AI-powered system known as the Contextual Intelligence Platform that aims to help advertisers auto-target ads to fit seamlessly into airing content. The goal is to make the ads less intrusive, and more relevant for viewers so they’ll be receptive to the messaging.The system arrives at placements by combing through visual content descriptions, closed-captioning data, and program scripts to spot topical matches between ads and the shows they run in-between.Also, proprietary algorithms work to determine the emotional content and tone of both the advertising and the shows it may be paired with to reduce inappropriate ad placements. So far, Josh Feldman, NBCU’s head of advertising and marketing creative reports that ads placed by the system have yielded 19% and 64% increases in brand and message memorability, respectively, so the early returns are excellent news for advertisers.Putting it All TogetherAs technology continues to draw the worlds of digital and traditional marketing and advertising together, the possibilities for marketers are increasing, and the case for abandoning traditional media is weakening. The advances mentioned here already provide the tools required for marketers to operate true mixed-media campaigns, and present a unique value proposition that can’t be discounted.There’s also every reason to believe that those tools will continue to evolve and become even more useful in the coming years. When you consider that the reports of television’s demise have been exaggerated by a distorted view of digital’s primacy in the 21st century, marketers have no choice but to reevaluate their plans and recognize that for large swaths of the population, it’s still a television world – and the internet is just living in it. Digital Marketing Jobs in the Government Sector AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Andrej is a dedicated writer and digital evangelist. He is pursuing an ongoing mission to share the benefits of his years of hard-won expertise with business leaders and marketing professionals everywhere. He is a contributor to a wide range of technology-focused publications, where he may be found discussing everything from neural networks and natural language processing to the latest in smart home IoT devices. If there’s a new and exciting technology, there’s a good chance Andrej is writing about it somewhere out there. last_img read more

Two Maoists killed in Sukma

first_imgThe police claimed to have killed two alleged members of the outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) in an encounter in Sukma district of south Chhattisgarh during the intervening night of Thursday and Friday. The encounter took place in Tokanpalli forest under Chintagufa police station limits of Sukma district when a joint team of the Sukma DRG (District Reserve Guard) and Chhattisgarh STF (Special Task Force) was carrying out an anti-Maoist operation. The deceased Maoists were identified as Sanni alias Kunjam Lakkhe and Nanda Gurdum. Sanni was working as the Local Operating Squad member of the CPI (Maoist) in Nagaram area and Nanda was working as the Maoists’ militia member. The joint police team also recovered two weapons from the spot of the encounter apart from other Maoist material. In a separate development, two police constables, posted under Polamapalli police station of Sukma, were suspended for allegedly beating up local villagers on Thursday. The suspension of the constables came after the villagers accused a police team of harassment in Gorgunda area of Sukma.last_img read more

Reggae Girlz Offer Encouragement to Adolescent Mothers

first_imgStory Highlights Members of Jamaica’s national women’s football team, the Reggae Girlz, visited the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF) on Monday (December 17), where they interacted with the adolescent mothers at the Trafalgar Road-based facility and offered words of encouragement. The visit was part of a series of activities organised by the Government to celebrate the team’s historic qualification for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France. Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Olivia Grange, who was on hand, advised the teen mothers to use the achievement of the women’s football team to motivate and inspire them to pursue their goals. Members of Jamaica’s national women’s football team, the Reggae Girlz, visited the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF) on Monday (December 17), where they interacted with the adolescent mothers at the Trafalgar Road-based facility and offered words of encouragement.The visit was part of a series of activities organised by the Government to celebrate the team’s historic qualification for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Olivia Grange, who was on hand, advised the teen mothers to use the achievement of the women’s football team to motivate and inspire them to pursue their goals.“The Reggae Girlz are a motivating force and offer a good message for you. [Qualifying for the World Cup] was not easy for them. Just the training and being disciplined to reach where they have reached [should be] an example to you that regardless of the challenges, you can achieve,” she said.“You must also see yourself achieving and becoming as great as the Reggae Girlz in your own way, no matter what the challenges,” she added, while urging the teens to cheer for the players in France.Captain of the team, Konya Plummer, encouraged the adolescent mothers to keep believing in themselves and to trust in God, as well as to be strong and courageous.WCJF student, Kaci-Ann Henry, congratulated the team on their historic achievement.“We teen mothers, along with all Jamaicans, are so proud of the team, and we can’t wait until 2019 to watch you play and dominate. This team of women have inspired us young women to work hard continuously and to fight for what we want to achieve in life. We understand that we might face challenges and setbacks, but once we maintain a burning desire to excel, we can move mountains,” she said.The team then applauded the adolescent mothers as a show of affirmation of their worth and value, and the teens returned the applause as a show of gratitude and to congratulate the footballers on their achievement.Other speakers included the Executive Director of the WCJF, Dr. Zoe Simpson, and Chairperson of the institution, Debby-Ann Brown-Salmon.Earlier in the day, the football team called on Her Excellency, the Most Hon. Lady Allen at King’s House; and Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Peter Phillips, and attended a civic ceremony downtown Kingston, where they were presented with the Keys to the City.In the evening, the Reggae Girlz were feted at a reception hosted by Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.The Reggae Girlz celebrations started on Saturday (December 15) with a civic ceremony in Montego Bay and a motorcade, which started at G.C. Foster College and traveled throughout the Corporate Area, followed by a concert at Emancipation Park on Sunday (December 16).Activities continue on Tuesday (December 18), with a courtesy call on Mayor of Spanish Town, Councillor Norman Scott, who will present the footballers with the Keys to the City.The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) will fete the girls at Dunn’s River Falls and Park in Ocho Rios. They will also spend time at the Mystic Mountain attraction in the resort town. The team will receive the Keys to St. Ann’s Bay at a reception later in the day.last_img read more