Shumlin names Peterson as Tax Commissioner, Duffy to be HR Commissioner and Ide to stay at DMV

first_imgGovernor-elect Peter Shumlin today announced the appointments of Vermont’s next Tax Commissioner, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and Commissioner of Human Resources. Mary Peterson will be Tax Commissioner, Kate Duffy will be Commissioner of Human Resources and Robert Ide will remain as Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.‘Mary has the skills and experience to ensure that we implement a tax system that grows wealth and grows jobs,’ said Shumlin. ‘I am grateful that she has agreed to take on this important challenge.’YouTube Video courtesy of (story and more videos)Mary Peterson served six years (2002-2008) in the Vermont House of Representatives. She was Clerk of the Ways & Means Committee for all three terms, involved in numerous major tax bills in that time. Prior to serving in the House, she was Chair of the Williston Selectboard, and also served on the Board of Directors of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns. She returned to private legal practice in 2008 with the Burlington firm of Spink & Miller, having worked previously as an attorney with the Department of Public Service and a Boston, Massachusetts, law firm. As commissioner, Mary’s salary will be approximately $85,000.‘I am honored that Rob has agreed to stay on as Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles,’ said Shumlin. ‘Rob is a 7th generation Vermonter and long time small business owner who has successfully brought his business skills to state government.’Robert Ide is currently the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles. He is a graduate of Danville High School, Vermont Technical College, and the University of Vermont. He was employed in his family’s feed and grain business in St. Johnsbury, where he was President of the corporation during the divestiture of the Ide family feed stores. In 1992, Rob was elected to the Vermont State Senate, a position he held until March of 2003 when he resigned his Senate seat in order to accept the appointment as Vermont’s Director of Energy Efficiency in the administration of Governor Douglas. In June 2008, Rob transferred from the Department of Public Service to head the Rail Division of the Vermont Agency of Transportation. And, on August 18, 2009, he started his tenure as Vermont’s Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. As Commissioner of the DMV, Rob’s salary will be approximately $91,000.‘As Deputy Commissioner of Human Resources, Kate has done a fantastic job and I am thrilled that she will now be taking on the role of Commissioner,’ said Shumlin. ‘Kate’s expertise and knowledge of state government will be critical in this difficult economic time as we work to boost the morale of state workers and ensure they can fulfill their duties to Vermonters.’Kate is currently the Deputy Commissioner of Human Resources. Prior to this, she was Vermont’s Assistant Attorney General from 2004 until 2010. Kate attended George Washington Law School and resides in Williston. As Commissioner of Human Resources, Kate’s salary will be approximately $82,000.last_img read more

Lakers’ Kobe Bryant says Lamar Odom is ‘doing well,’ though challenges await

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Hospital officials have restricted visits to the former Lakers and Clippers forward in hopes of aiding his recovery, sources said.Yet Bryant declined to divulge the day-to-day progress or struggles Odom has experienced in recent days. “I’m not going to sit here and give you information that you can probably get off of TMZ right now,” Bryant said. “So he’s doing well.” “He’s a brother above everything else,” Bryant said Tuesday at the Lakers’ practice facility in El Segundo. “I’m supporting him to get back on his feet. It’s amazing to see him doing so well. It truly is remarkable.”Bryant and Odom played together with the Lakers for seven years, an era that spanned three NBA Finals appearances and two NBA championships. But Bryant’s affection for Odom goes beyond experiencing success on the hardwood. “It put things in perspective even more,” Bryant said. “This is what we do. This is not who we are. Sometimes basketball can get in the way of life and in the way of living.” Odom has made tremendous strides to ensure he stays living. For the past two weeks, he made improvements with his breathing, vision and talking. But plenty of challenges await. Odom will likely need a kidney transplant, according to sources familiar with his situation. Odom has received dialysis treatment that has lasted six to seven hours per day. But that will not improve the condition of his kidneys. Odom has also been experiencing fatigue amid his early stages of physical therapy, sources said. center_img Any concerns Kobe Bryant may have had over bruising his lower left leg quickly subsided. The Lakers’ star had just learned that former teammate Lamar Odom lost consciousness at a Las Vegas brothel. Incidentally, the Lakers had finished a preseason game in Las Vegas on Oct. 13, just as Odom was taken to a nearby hospital after a suspected drug overdose. So Bryant rushed to the hospital.• LAKERS: How will Kobe Bryant fare in his 20th NBA season?On Tuesday, Bryant spoke to reporters for the first time since that night. At that point, Odom was not expected to live. Odom was taken last week to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He started physical therapy. Those around the Lakers believe Odom will survive. • PHOTOS: Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian call off divorcelast_img read more

The Top Twitter Client Is Still the Web

first_imgsarah perez The reason the list shapes up this way is because Twitter clients have significant long-tail distribution, reports Rapleaf. The top 5 clients account for 82% of the tweets while the top 10 account for over 90% of tweets. In total, the study of the 4 million users found over 1900 Twitter clients in use. Also of note is how popular Twitter is as a mobile application. Nearly 20% of tweets are sent from PDAs or mobile phones.Changes from Last YearLast year, here at ReadWriteWeb, we ran our own poll. Although we didn’t look at 4 million users as Rapleaf did, we did capture data on 37,248 tweets – a significant enough number to draw some conclusions. Still, since the sample sizes differ, we cannot definitively compare the two polls to each other; we can only observe some general trends. The first thing that we saw when looking at last year’s results is that IM, which accounted for 8% of tweets at that time, doesn’t even register on Rapleaf’s poll. It’s possible that each individual IM client didn’t account for a significant enough number of users to warrant a piece of the pie in the Rapleaf chart, but we would be interested in seeing the numbers combined for all the IM clients they tracked to see if there has been a change. Last year, we saw texting at 5% and Rapleaf says they see 6% of tweets coming in through this method. This consistency is interesting because it seems to imply that Twitter’s new users aren’t updating their status via SMS more than they’re using apps and the web. We also see several clients which have fallen off the list, including the once-popular AIR app Twhirl which now seems to have lost out to TweetDeck. The Firefox add-on TwitterFox also didn’t make Rapleaf’s list even though it registered on ours last year with 2% of tweets. Twitterrific, though, remains popular, although it dropped from 7% last year to 2% on Rapleaf’s list.However, in our poll too, the web still dominated with 56% of tweets. These days, despite the growing number of third-party clients available, it’s surprising to see that this number has climbed even higher. Perhaps that’s because Twitter is now attracting a greater number of “mainstream” users who don’t know about things like AIR applications or Firefox add-ons? Comparisons with Other StudiesIt’s also interesting to compare Rapleaf’s data with the data collected by Twitstat. They looked at 41,516 unique user/client connections over the course of 7 days, then repeated the process to observe the churn rates. Although they also see the web as the dominant client, they have TweetDeck at #2, twitterfeed at #3, Tweetie at #4, and twhirl at #5. Besides the number 1 spot, that’s a much different list. Those differences continue as you delve further into the top 10, where clients like HootSuite, TwitPic, and are mentioned. Related Posts Which study is more accurate? While Rapleaf looked at more tweets overall, the Twitstat study’s sample is also large enough to not be discounted. So what do all the differences mean? Perhaps it just means that there are so many clients in use today, it’s hard to really get a handle on which ones are the most popular at any given time. One thing it does show, however, is that there’s one client that reigns supreme no matter how many tweets you sample. It looks like the real winner here is the web. Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditcenter_img The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos According to a new study from social media solutions provider Rapleaf, the most popular Twitter client is the web. After looking at the 20 most recent tweets from over 4 million Twitter users, it was clear that updating your status online via is still the dominant way that most people use Twitter, with 65% of tweets attributed to this method. As far as the third-party clients go, only a small handful of clients had enough users to warrant their own slice of the pie chart, and those slices were in the single digits. Besides the web, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of Twitter updates, the second most popular way to update is via text message. However, with 6% of tweets sent, this method only accounts for 1/10th as many tweets. Behind text messages, the next two methods are the mobile web and TweetDeck, the Adobe AIR application which allows for groups, searches, and Facebook connectivity in its columnar interface. Both of these accounted for 4% of tweets each. Next came the mobile clients, where iPhone apps proved popular. TwitterFon came in with 3% of tweets, the Blackberry app TwitterBerry had 2%, the iPhone app Twitterific also had 2%, and Tweetie had 2%. However, Tweetie, is both a Mac desktop application and iPhone app, so it’s hard to tell how much of their piece of the pie comes from each platform. All other Twitter clients combined accounted for 12% of tweets. Tags:#Trends#twitter#web Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…last_img read more