NZ proves popular as same-sex marriage destination

first_imgOf the same-sex couples coming from overseas, 21 per cent had one or both partners born in New Zealand, compared with 56 per cent of opposite-sex couples. About 11 per cent of opposite-sex couples married in New Zealand in 2016 came from outside the country, Statistics New Zealand said. TVNZ One News 3 May 2017Family First Comment: No surprises. As we have previously said, 58,540 traditional marriages of kiwis v 1,422 same-sex marriages of kiwis over the same period.Since gay ‘marriage’ was passed, same-sex marriages have represented just over 2% of total marriages – despite claims of a huge demand for same-sex marriage.During the same three-year period, ‘tourist’ same-sex ceremonies were half of total same-sex weddings in NZ, but ‘tourist’ traditional marriages were just 11% of total opposite-sex marriages.Supporters of redefining marriage have had to rely on ‘marriage tourism’ to justify the change. The demand for same-sex marriage has been Half of all same-sex marriages and civil unions in New Zealand last year were between couples from overseas.This included 471 overseas couples coming into the country to celebrate their same-sex marriage or civil union, compared to 483 local resident couples, Statistics New Zealand said today.“Couples from Australia accounted for 58 per cent of overseas same-sex couples coming here to marry,” population statistics senior manager Peter Dolan said. “A further 17 per cent came from China.”center_img This included 2490 overseas couples and 19,752 New Zealand resident couples celebrating opposite-sex marriages or civil unions in 2016. Most couples preferred to marry than get civil unions – with 23,136 opposite-sex and same-sex marriages registered in New Zealand in 2016, compared to just 60 civil unions. read more

Allardyce wants full stadiums

first_imgWest Ham manager Sam Allardyce believes filling your home ground is paramount to Premier League clubs – with the Hammers announcing their new season-ticket structure ahead of the move to the Olympic Stadium. Press Association And Allardyce believes performing in front of a sold-out crowd is something that should not go unappreciated as the other 19 Premier League clubs are now being pushed to follow West Ham’s lead. “The most important thing at a football club is to fill the stadium,” he said. “I think filling the stadium is the ultimate for the success of the team. Obviously it’s not from a revenue base like it used to be. “The revenue base for a football club used to be the sustainability of the football club in my years before the Premier League and before Sky made it a worldwide brand. “It’s about creating the atmosphere in a stadium that thrills not only the fans there enjoying the atmosphere, but the players who respond to that “To make sure everywhere you go in the Premier League maintains a high level of attendance and selling out your stadium has to be the ultimate goal for any Premier League football club, for me. “What we’ve announced has to be the best piece of business, for me, seen in the Premier League for a long, long time. “Hopefully everybody at West Ham football club, particularly the fan, will come and enjoy, as Karren says, a fantastic facility for less. That will only encourage future young West Ham supporters to be West Ham supporters.” center_img Karren Brady, vice-chairman of West Ham, announced during the week that the club would be making significant cuts to their current pricing as the move is being offset against increased television revenue. The cheapest season ticket at Upton Park is £620 but there will be £289 seats on offer from the 2016/17 season – the club’s first in the 54,000-seater Olympic Stadium. last_img read more