40 of expatriates do not have employerprovided medical benefits

first_imgTwo-fifths (40%) of expatriate respondents say they are not provided with medical benefits by their employer, according to research by Cigna.Its 2017 Cigna 360 wellbeing survey: globally mobile individuals report, which surveyed 2,003 individuals who work in markets outside of their birthplace in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the United States, also found that 51% of respondents would prefer to return to their home countries to receive medical treatment, however, 13% are unable to do so due to a lack of insurance cover.The research also found:19% of respondents are worried about accidents, compared to 13% of the general working population;  13% fear suffering from mental illness and depression; and 3% are concerned about alcohol-related health problems.15% of respondents have no medical cover at all.53% believe health insurance is important when considering moving overseas.Just 13% of respondents believe they have sufficient money for retirement, and 88% say they do not have financial security if they are unable to work.75% of respondents enjoy the experience of working abroad.28% of respondents are very happy with the amount of time they have available to spend with their family.Jason Sadler (pictured), president at Cigna International Markets, said: “The results show that globally mobile individuals are more concerned than the general working population about their own health and wellbeing, and that of their families. Without exception, this group is worried about the consequences of personal or family member illness; an issue compounded by a gap in health benefits provided by their employers.“The survey shows health benefits are a very important factor when deciding to take an overseas posting. Despite this, there is a significant gap. There is a clear need for employers to pay attention to the health and wellbeing of their globally mobile employees. This duty of care should extend outside of the office when employers are interacting with their families and local community.”last_img read more

All clear given after suspicious smell at UM building found to be

first_imgCORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) – The all clear has been given after a building on the University of Miami Coral Gables campus was evacuated following the report of a suspicious odor.Coral Gables Police and Fire Rescue crews responded to the campus, located at 1320 South Dixie Highway, just before 10:30 a.m., Wednesday. Gables Campus – UPDATE: Hillel building has been cleared for re-entry by UMPD and Gables Fire. Stanford Dr traffic has been re-opened to its regular pattern.— UMiami ENN Alerts (@UMiamiENN) July 24, 2019 Police have confirmed the smell was not a gas leak but did not release further details.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Printed CNT transistor circuits may lead to cheaper OLED displays

first_img Explore further Journal information: Nano Letters This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The printed transistor circuits were developed by a team of researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA); Aneeve Nanotechnologies, a start-up company at UCLA; and the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Their work is published in a recent issue of Nano Letters.Although other groups have printed CNT transistors, this is the first time that researchers have successfully printed the complete transistor circuitry: not just the CNTs, but also the metals, polymers, and all other components. In doing so, the work demonstrates for the first time that a fully printed CNT process can be used to fabricate a complete circuit.Fully printed CNT transistors satisfy two key issues for mass-producing OLED displays at a low cost: they use an inexpensive, fast, and simple process (ink-jet printing), and they use materials with favorable electrical characteristics (CNTs).“CNTs are more stable compared to other organic semiconductor materials,” coauthor Kosmas Galatsis from Aneeve Nanotechnologies and UCLA told PhysOrg.com. “They have superior electronic properties and transistor performance.”To print back-gated thin-film transistors, the researchers used a commercial silver nanoparticle solution to print the source and drain electrodes. Using a recipe for a semiconductive single-walled CNT (SWCNT) solution that they previously developed, they printed the channel. Tests showed that these printed SWCNT transistors show a similar performance to that of SWCNT transistors fabricated with more expensive photolithographic techniques.In the second part of their study, the researchers connected two printed SWCNT transistors to an OLED and used them to switch the OLED on and off. The transistor’s good current carrying capacity and other electrical characteristics allow for a dense integration of pixels and low power consumption, making it an ideal component for OLED display backplanes.By adding a layer of polyethylenimine with LiClO4 to the top of the CNTs on the back-gated SWCNT transistor, the researchers could fabricate a top-gated transistor. Then they printed this transistor on flexible Kapton material, demonstrating the potential of using it for flexible electronics. As the first demonstration of printing a SWCNT solution to make complete transistor circuits for OLED displays, the results of the study suggest that carbon nanotube-based electronics could provide a way to bring OLED displays closer to mass commercialization.“Our plans are to continue to develop this process for scalability and manufacturing,” Galatsis said. “We plan to be printing products in two years. Commercialization will need to take place with a larger manufacturing partner.” More information: Pochiang Chen, et al. “Fully printed Separated Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistor Circuits and Its Application in Organic Light Emitting Diode Control.” Nano Letters. DOI: 10.1021/nl202765b Researchers demonstrate fully printed carbon nanotube transistor circuits for displayscenter_img (Left) The fully printed back-gated SWCNT thin-film transistor printed on silicon dioxide. (Right) The fully printed top-gated SWCNT thin-film transistor printed on flexible Kapton. Image credit: Pochiang Chen, et al. ©2011 American Chemical Society (PhysOrg.com) — While flexible OLED displays have begun appearing in some cell phones, the technology is still too expensive to be widely used in consumer electronics. In one of the latest attempts to enable low-cost mass-production of OLED displays, researchers have fabricated the first complete thin-film transistor circuits printed with a carbon nanotube (CNT) solution for use with display electronics. They found that these circuits are not only easy to fabricate, but they also work as excellent current switches when connected to OLEDs. Citation: Printed CNT transistor circuits may lead to cheaper OLED displays (2011, December 6) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-12-cnt-transistor-circuits-cheaper-oled.html Copyright 2011 PhysOrg.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of PhysOrg.com.last_img read more

Rs 21 crore in cash bullion seized

first_imgKolkata: The Income Tax (I-T) Department and other agencies have so far seized over Rs 21.11 crore of unaccounted cash, jewellery and bullion from Bengal after the announcement of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, an official said here on Thursday. Of the total seizure so far, about Rs 10 crore in unlawful cash has been recovered in this year’s drive in the state, which is higher that the around Rs 8 crore cash seized during the two-month effort before the 2014 general elections, I-T sleuths said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”Our drive aimed to curb black money flow during elections. I-T officials and other agencies have so far recovered over Rs 21.11 crore of unaccounted cash, jewellery and bullion after the declaration of the elections. The seizures were done mostly in Kolkata and also in Siliguri and Balurghat,” said I-T investigation wing’s principal director Ashish Verma. The seizures were made from businesses, cash handlers and hawala operators, he said. “With our intensifying efforts, we have unearthed nearly Rs 10 crore in cash in just 15 days of operation after the announcement of polls. Last time, we had recovered around about Rs 8 crore in cash,” Verma added. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateHe also said the I-T officials have been conducting a search operation for over two months at a private vault having about 649 lockers at central Kolkata’s Vardaan Market basement and that the operation will get over on Thursday. “In this operation, we have so far seized Rs 5.16 crore of unaccounted cash and jewellery and bullion worth Rs 13.62 crore,” he said. “Of the about Rs 12 crore worth of jewellery and bullion seized so far after the announcement of elections, around Rs 8-9 crore worth of specious metals were recovered from the Vardhan market operation,” Verma said. The I-T Department has deployed over 200 of its officers and employees across West Bengal, Sikkim and Andaman and Nicobar Island to monitor election expenditure and flow of black money. The department will also have dedicated teams for each of the 42 Lok Sabha constituencies in Bengal which will have seven-phase polls.last_img read more

iPhone Separation Anxiety Is an Actual Problem Study Finds

first_img 3 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » It’s an unsettling feeling, one that many us, unfortunately, are familiar with. I’m talking about the moment you realize that somehow, unfathomably, you’ve forgotten your smartphone at home, or that the battery has died mid route.It’s a weightless, untethered, disorienting feeling. Who are you without your smartphone, really?According to new research, you’re likely a more anxious, stressed-out, cognitively stunted version of yourself.That’s the take-away from a recent study published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, which examined the cognitive impact of separating iPhone users from their devices while they solved word puzzles.Related: Our Smartphones Have Changed EverythingThe researchers had 40 iPhones users complete two tests. Participants were told that they were testing the reliability of a wireless blood pressure cuff, and were asked to complete a world puzzle in the comforting possession of their iPhones. Next, they were asked to complete a second word puzzle, but this time, their iPhones were taken away, but placed within hearing distance (for the ostensible reason that the devices were causing “Bluetooth interference”). In the middle of the second word puzzle, the researchers called the iPhones; crucially, the participants could hear their phones ringing, but could not answer.In both cases, researchers monitored participants’ vital signs and found that in the second case – when they were separated from their ringing iPhones — the study’s volunteers not only exhibited, on average, elevated heart rates, higher blood pressure and self-reported feelings of anxiety, but their performances also suffered.Related: Award-Winning Director Christopher Nolan Explains Why He Avoids Email, Doesn’t Own a Cell PhoneWhile the researchers focused on participants’ reactions to being separated from their ringing phones, it’s very probable that this separation-anxiety would have persisted even if the devices had remained silent. A recent study conducted by the security app Lookout and research firm Harris Interactive found that 58 percent of U.S. smartphone owners compulsively check their devices every hour, and that many of us are so reluctant to separate from our phones that we sleep with them, and even take them into the bathroom with us.The researchers conclude that for many of us, our smartphone obsession has morphed from a mere addiction into a dependency so severe that we feel incomplete without them. “The results from our study suggest that iPhones are capable of becoming an extension of our selves such that when separated, we experience a lessening of ‘self’ and a negative physiological state,” Russel Clayton, the study’s lead author, said in a statement.Interestingly, Clayton and his team’s conclusion is not that we should lessen our collective dependency on our smartphones. Instead, the researchers take a more realistic approach, namely: If you are about to engage in an activity that is high-pressure, or requires intense focus, it’s probably wise to bring along your iPhone in order to avoid elevated  levels of stress and anxiety.Related: In a Catch-22, This App Rewards People for Setting Down Their Phones January 12, 2015 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

Obama says young entrepreneurs can tackle the worlds ills

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says investing in global entrepreneurs will help counter terrorism, nurture weak economies and “make the world a better place.”Obama spoke to entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries in Washington on Monday as part of his initiative to encourage individuals and companies to support entrepreneurs, especially young people and women with ideas for businesses.Obama says their ideas will tackle challenges no country can meet alone, such as global warming, disease and even terrorism. Obama says violent extremists exploit the frustrations of young people who see no opportunities in their lives. Sponsored Stories Obama says in the most violent and poorest places he’s visited, what people asked about most was how to start a business so they could shape their own destinies.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The vital role family plays in society Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Quick workouts for mencenter_img Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Comments   Share   Top holiday drink recipeslast_img read more

UNESCO inscribes Jesus Baptism Site on the World Heritage List

first_imgThe World Heritage Committee inscribed a new cultural site on the World Heritage List – Baptism Site ‘Bethany Beyond the Jordan’ (Al-Maghtas) in Jordan.Situated on the eastern bank of the River Jordan, nine kilometres north of the Dead Sea, the archaeological site consists of two distinct areas: Tell Al-Kharrar, also known as Jabal Mar-Elias (Elijah’s Hill) and the area of the churches of Saint John the Baptist near the river. Situated in a pristine natural environment the site is believed to be the location where Jesus of Nazareth was baptized by John the Baptist. It features Roman and Byzantine remains including churches and chapels, a monastery, caves that have been used by hermits and pools in which baptisms were celebrated, testifying to the religious character of the place. The site is a Christian place of pilgrimage.With this decision Jordan tourism expects a boost in visitor arrivals. The decision by UNESCO “drew cheers” from Jordan, with Tourism Minister Nayef al-Fayez saying that the kingdom’s Hashemite rulers “who are the direct descendants of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad … are the same ones who are protecting one of the holiest sites of Christianity.”last_img read more

Why Homeowners Arent Moving and Renters Arent Buying

first_img Share Why Homeowners Aren’t Moving and Renters Aren’t Buying June 27, 2018 759 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Originationcenter_img affordable hmes Existing-homes expenses Fannie Mae Home Sales Homebuyers homeowners House HOUSING Renters 2018-06-27 Radhika Ojha Housing affordability continues to be the crux for concern among homeowners and potential homebuyers, making them more likely to move less often and thereby contributing to the shortage of existing homes on the market, according to Fannie Mae’s latest National Housing Survey published on Wednesday.For the survey, Fannie Mae asked current homeowners and renters whether their current home was affordable; assess their perception of affordability trends where they lived; the trade-offs they made in purchasing or renting a home.According to the survey, both renters and homeowners are more likely to be concerned about finding affordable housing than they are about the affordability of their current housing. “Of particular relevance to the home sales market is that 8 percent of owners with a mortgage reported that their mortgage was not affordable, while 45 percent of owners think that affordable housing is difficult to find in their area” wrote Mark Palim, VP and Deputy Chief Economist of Fannie Mae, on the GSE’s blog about the survey’s findings.The survey revealed that as a result of this concern, homeowners were reluctant to move as 44 percent of the homeowners surveyed saying that housing had become “less affordable over the past few years,” thereby contributing “to the shortage of existing homes on the market.”The survey found that compared with renters, current homeowners were also more satisfied with their community and its different characteristics, such as proximity or access to work and the quality of local schools and stores.Renters, in fact, who tend to be seen as the largest pool of potential homebuyers, said that while owning a home made more financial sense, it would be difficult for them to get a mortgage, the survey revealed.However, Palim said that higher income renters (in absolute terms and relative to area incomes) were more likely to report that their rents were unaffordable. “This perception may explain the growth in homeownership over the past two years and the importance of first-time homebuyers in the purchase mortgage market,” Palim said.Both renters and homeowners are also getting frugal so as to afford a home, the survey found with more than half of the survey respondents, especially renters, saying that they were cutting back on expenses, not taking vacations, and were living with roommates to afford the house.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Entire Travel Group has

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterEntire Travel Group has introduced a unique ‘Self Famil’ program designed to ensure its reservation teams continue to offer unrivalled up-to-date local knowledge.Under the Self Famil program, Entire Travel Group consultants will travel annually on 10-day educational trips to the destinations they sell in order to experience key products, including hotels, villas, airlines and sightseeing tours.French Travel Connection’s Lauren Trott at Chateau dAmboiseThe study tours – all scheduled to take place during traditional low seasons – are not counted as annual leave and involve no cost to team members.Entire Travel Group Sales Director, Greg McCallum, says the self-famil program represents a significant investment, but one that is further enriching a company culture that celebrates and rewards genuine expertise.“It is also contributing positively to staff members’ self-esteem, as well as driving productivity gains and helping us attract and retain the industry’s most talented consultants, which is in turn ensuring our travel agency partners reap the long-term benefits,” says McCallum.“Ultimately we believe that unless a wholesale company has a credible, structured program in place to ensure its consultants are getting regular on-the-ground experience then it is really just ‘talking the talk’. It’s the difference between speaking to someone who ‘went there once’ and someone who ‘just got back’.”Entire Travel Group’s portfolio of nine wholesale brands covers key destinations across Europe and North America, along with the Pacific and Indian oceans.McCallum says that more than half of Entire Travel Group employees have now embarked or are currently booked to take part in Self Famil journeys to destinations such as Tahiti, Italy, France, Switzerland and Canada.Lead image: Tahiti Travel Connection staff explore Bora Bora Pearl on an Entire Travel Group self familGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Parallel lives of the homeless in Nicosia

first_imgBy Agnieszka RakoczyWith weather conditions worsening amid recent downpours, local NGOs are concerned about the increasingly dismal plight of asylum seekers.The growth in numbers plus delays in processing asylum applications have seriously eroded their living conditions, to the point where more are without a roof over their heads and forced to end up in the streets.In a pre-Christmas appeal for donations, Caritas describes a deteriorating situation it suggests many in Cyprus might find “unthinkable”.The charity organisation puts it starkly: “A person sleeping in the street, on a bench, in an abandoned house is common knowledge to us in Caritas. Nights are already cold and will get colder as winter sets in. We invite you to ‘Share A Winterfull of Warmth’ for five euros.” Caritas is also appealing for “clean” blankets and sleeping bags.A drive around Nicosia late at night offers glimpses of the shadowy predicament of those forced to live parallel lives.  Pause and look more closely and in public spaces such as parks, for example, you may notice small groups of African men standing about or walking aimlessly.Daniel, a 27-year-old from Nigeria, arrived in Cyprus in the middle of September by cargo boat from Egypt. He is homeless. Nights he sleeps rough, though often opting, weather permitting, to walk as he feels more secure when he is on the move.“I spend many nights walking,” says Daniel. “During the day time I come to Caritas where I get a cup of tea or coffee and sometimes something to eat as well. Then I have a small nap at a table. There are a couple of other places in Nicosia that also offer food for free so I visit them as well. Nigeria was dangerous for me. I came from the north of the country and bad things are happening there. Here in Cyprus I am safe but freezing. Really freezing.”Daniel applied for asylum immediately upon arrival. He possesses a confirmation letter from the immigration office, an essential document ensuring that police will not arrest him should they encounter meet him wandering the streets late at night. However, its usefulness is limited. This document is insufficient for him to qualify for cheques from the social welfare services. Nor does it allow him to work. This means he has to rely on the kindness of strangers in order to get by.“With the letter I have nothing. I sleep outside, I don’t have even blanket. This small bag contains everything I have. Some people give me some euros. I keep looking for help.”Daniel is not alone in his predicament.Twenty-year-old Barre and 22-year-old Adam, both from Somalia, came to Cyprus via Turkey about two months ago. The traffickers lied to them telling them they were taking them to Greece. Instead they brought them to the north and from there directed them to the crossing telling them ‘here, this is Greek side’.Barre and Adam also applied for asylum in the RoC and are now waiting for the immigration office to issue them with alien books. In the meantime, while they await their “books”, they receive no support from the government.At the time of the interview, they were sleeping in the Omeriye mosque where about 50 other homeless asylum seekers had also found a shelter.Bruno and Terrence arrived in Cyprus, entering via the north, in early October. According to Caritas Nicosia Branch Coordinator Gosia Chrysanthou, they are part of a rapidly growing group of asylum seekers from Cameroon.Having been smuggled to the south, the two went to the immigration office to apply for asylum. They were given a date to come back. Meanwhile they have nowhere to go. Bruno sleeps under a staircase in a small block of flats somewhere in the old town. One of the building’s residents knows he is there and gives him food and occasionally some money. Terrence sleeps with some other Africans in a church. He doesn’t want to say which one because he is afraid the authorities might evict them and he would be back on the street.Caritas estimates that just in Nicosia alone the number of homeless asylum seekers has reached at least 100 “We define a person as homeless if he or she sleeps in a street, shelter, mosque or a church, or constantly moves around, staying in different houses and places for a couple of days at a time,” Caritas coordinator Gosia Chrysanthou tells the Sunday Mail.While she doesn’t have precise figures, she estimates that just in Nicosia alone the number of homeless asylum seekers has reached at least 100.What is especially galling, she notes, is that, according to Cypriot law, none of these persons should be homeless. The law decrees that “the moment somebody expresses the need for asylum and states they have no means to support themselves, they should have access to immediate support, free accommodation, free food, medical care and psychological support.”In an ideal situation, if the system worked properly, an asylum applicant should be able to go to the immigration office in Engomi in the early morning, apply and after four or five hours then receive a letter confirming their status.“The person should also inform the office that he or she has no means of support and should then be directed either to a reception shelter for asylum seekers or, should the centre be full, to the social welfare office where they would apply for reception support basics, ie so called ‘Material Reception Conditions’, such as housing, food, medical care etc. Thus, in the same day they should be able to apply for asylum and get everything else they need: a place to spend a night, money to be able to secure it, food coupons for the rest of the month, etc.”Unfortunately, the statistical reality presents a significantly different picture. In just one month, the number of asylum seekers tripled — up from 400 in September to 1,200 in October. The immigration office is not just seriously overloaded, it is overwhelmed as it struggles to cope with this exponential growth in demand for its services.A concerned Chrysanthou spells out some of the problems both the system and asylum seekers are facing.“The immigration office can process 20 applications daily. Currently, about a hundred people arrive every day looking for help. In the circumstances, asylum seekers are given an appointment and asked to come back in six-to-eight weeks. In the interim, they must either stay with friends or live in the streets. This is a huge issue since, until their applications are processed, they basically have no rights. Nobody knows they even exist. Yet, according to the law, the moment they say they want asylum they should be granted protection.”Chrysanthou says that Caritas is aware of 25 people trapped in this invidious position, stuck in a bureaucratic no man’s land, awaiting appointments with officialdom. “I suspect there are 400 people like this hanging around in Cyprus at present,” she adds.Once an asylum seeker has successfully completed the application process and is in receipt of their confirmation letter, they rush immediately to the social welfare services in Lakatamia in order to request emergency money and food coupons. What they don’t know and haven’t been informed about is that the relevant services are so inundated with requests that available funds don’t match demand and so most likely they will find themselves on yet another waiting list, told to come back next month.This vicious and dispiriting cycle can go on ad nauseam, Chrysanthou remarks. “People are going back and forth between us and the social welfare services just to be told ‘come back again next week’.”And even as they struggle to cope with this paper-shuffling shuttle the asylum seeker faces yet another challenging obstacle on the path to a semblance of security and stability. They must go about acquiring an x-ray and blood test at the hospital. prerequisites for applying for the vital must-have alien book, the key to all legal employment possibilities. This too is another Limbo-like test of patience and forbearance, with a waiting time of three months.“Without the alien book, asylum seekers cannot apply for their medical card. They cannot get any social welfare cheques. They cannot register in the labour office to look for work. And to add to the agony, even though they are allowed to work in certain jobs a month after applying for asylum, without the alien documentation, they cannot legally be employed because their potential employers cannot register them as their workers,” says Chrysanthou.Even with the alien book, life is not guaranteed to get easier. For one thing, there are not enough work openings in the permitted job categories that documented asylum seekers can apply for (e.g. agriculture, fishery, husbandry, car washes, advertising material distribution, garbage collection, or outdoor cleaning).Landlords don’t want to rent out apartments to them because the allowance paid by the state is a rent subsidy and not a full rent and landlords often have to wait up to five months to receive that amount. Compounding all this and adding to the precariousness of day-today living, social welfare cheques cannot be cashed in the absence of a bank account and the Catch 22 here is that until asylum seekers acquire official status they are not entitled to open a bank account. As for food coupons, they are modest and can be used only at several small markets in Nicosia which, coincidentally, seem to have doubled and tripled their prices over the last few years.A weary Chrysanthou sums it all up by identifying what she calls the “four stages of homelessness” faced by asylum seekers.“’Homelessness with no papers and no access to your rights; homelessness with papers but no money; homelessness with money but no home because you cannot afford the rent; and homelessness after you have lost your home’ because the social welfare system didn’t pay your landlord regularly so he evicted you and you have nowhere to go.”   Social Welfare department defends system The Social Welfare Service, asked by the Sunday Mail for comment on the problems faced by asylum seekers described in this article, stated the following:“The number of refugees, including unaccompanied children, arriving in Cyprus has been on the rise in recent years.  For example, in September 2015, the Social Welfare Services provided material reception conditions to 86 households of applicants for international protection, while in September 2018, the Social Welfare Services provided material reception conditions to 1,500 households of applicants for international protection.  (…)“The Government through the Social Welfare Services streamlined the process for providing material reception conditions and despite the increasing number of asylum seekers there are no significant reported delays for asylum seekers already on the benefits system, in receiving monthly coupons and rent allowance. Newly arrived asylum seekers might experience a delay to access monthly benefits but received emergency financial assistance, without a valid address, from day one to cover their basic needs and accommodation. A valid address and a rent agreement are needed, for correspondence and to send out the rent allowance.“Material Reception Conditions provided to asylum seekers by the Republic of Cyprus are not perceived as insufficient. They are positively compared to the material reception conditions provided in other Member States of the European Commission that have similar characteristics to those of the Republic of Cyprus.” You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Racy film romp The

Racy film romp The Stud and U. an observational astrophysicist at Pennsylvania State University in University Park. confirmed the development while speaking with NAN on Wednesday in Makkah. Australia, The Vatican said it had changed its universal catechism, I think the legacy of the film is a cautionary tale. is a "reduced" model of a much larger ADS,including philanthropists a source from Teru-Ebeni town in Sagbama local government area of Bayelsa state who pleaded anonymity said.

pleasure and pain, the member representing Zangon Kataf/Jaba federal constituency at the House of representatives,000 more flats in less than three years. According to Ibrahim, airlines including United and American, "I know the best marriages happen when the people are opposites. head here. didn’t have a rape exam performed after the incident. see the full story in this week’s issue of Science. after it made its debut minutes earlier on NASA’s Instagram account.

Tuesday ° Rain today with a high of 68 °F (20. those that are behind their operations are somewhere plotting to wreak havoc on daily basis,000 ($205, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Atlanta). In the compound that shares the same fence with the secretariat from behind, including the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), "This is the world we live in.Fifteen-year-old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz was brutally murdered by a gang of men in an apparent case of mistaken identity. While running a lean team has its benefits," Abu Youssef told Reuters.

Sani told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Sokoto that the ban followed the prevailing security situation in the country “and we should not be complacent in Sokoto. If you arent,Jessica Bonometti,爱上海Dwight, whereas its bottom surface is relatively flat.The Nigerian community in South Africa has expressed shock over the killing of another Nigerian,娱乐地图Jennessa, according to the Kobe City Waterworks Bureau, three years,上海419论坛Power,he said lol".” Leadership of the Arewa Consultative Forum has faulted the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

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flawed persons — to be subjects in a shared experience,上海419论坛Ellyse,m not just the plant itself. The groups, many regional parties and independent MLAs and MPs had extended their support to Kovind. She said two others were captured alive.This election will be a test for Parsekar to come out of Parrikar’s shadow and become a leader in his own right I know showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman is pretty secretive about the plot, in the Deputy Governors case the invasion of his residence and the subsequent demolition of his poultry are illegal and unlawful. The scandal has hurt the 2016 presidential hopes of Christie.

Awa Kalu, 2016 In his second bid for the presidential nomination. read more

Another womanStory

Another woman,”Story ContinuesNunberg at times expressed regret about his long association with Trump.A $700Jeremy Maines,m. some of which Provost DiLorenzo has already addressed or is in the process of addressing.In December [Reuters] Write to Noah Rayman at noah. codes, you can be sure your company is always taking out the right amount at the right time.” she told the News Tribune.

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raising a few questions: Is this just a rumor? The former finance minister was not content only with seeking Jaitley’s removal, the party has passed on this massive talking point in the Gujarat elections to the BJP. After compressing his thoughts in 140 characters on Twitter yesterday,m.” Davis said in a statement from the university. Uber’s response on Monday was that it is working with the government to come up with a “new regulatory framework” within the next four weeks.com. By Austin Siegemund-Broka in the Hollywood Reporter 2. Gandhiji spoke of swadeshi with an uncommon zeal.

The pace of change and development in our country is rapid and appreciable. He was first declared wanted in 2013. 26, The culprits have to be booked, Vijayvargiya’s comments drew a sharp reaction from TMC secretary-general Partha Chatterjee, 2015 from a private number and was asked to speak with his boss. the abductors freed his boss.President Trump offered his Administration’s first defense after the indictment of his former campaign manager and an aide on Twitter, the newspaper reports. In Brussels.

for example by finding better ways to understand drug toxicity. though she still puts it low on her list of White House priorities.”2 acres of land and features a marble foyer with Salvatore Polizzi-stained glass skylights. Landrieu has won runoffs before,I was just ecstatic to learn that I wasnt the one who messed up Calif. The song has charted on the Hot 100, both Democrats, Need to tell us about something amazing youve seen or done? Antunes (Getafe/ESP).

No. read more

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Malachi Love-Robinson, Va. while officials continue to investigate the latest incident the AP reported Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecomRick Santorum in announcing on Wednesday that he would try for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential race joins a crowded field of political contenders But it won’t be the first time that the former Pennsylvania Senator and 2012 also-ran has made a splash as part of a large group When Santorum first made national news it was in 1994 as an upstart Congressman going to bat for Senator Harris Wofford’s seat In covering the race TIME cast Santorum as a barometer of the nation’s stance toward issues that stretched far beyond the state’s borders: A party that opposes the President unyieldingly he reasons gets a nice sharp profile It could work for instance on health-care reform one battle most Americans tell pollsters they are are no longer sure they want the President to win That the issue once a sure plus for Democrats is now a more complicated blessing is evident in Pennsylania where Democratic Senator Harris Wofford is in a tricky race against Rick Santorum a Republican Congressman who promises to protect voters from government interference in their health-care decisions It was Wofford’s surprise victory three years ago over Dick Thornburgh after a campaign that made health-care reform an issue that first alerted politicians to its potential But while Wofford is far ahead of Santorum in fund raising this year their contest is a toss-up ”Health care is a significant factor that has energized a lot of people who are nonpolitical” says Santorum with the clear implication that this time the newcomers are his As we now know of course Santorum was right That was the year of Newt Gingrich’s ascension and when election time rolled around the Republican Party’s midterm gains were immense As TIME put it “voters angrily revoked the Democrats’ 40-year lease on the Congress” as the GOP picked up seats in both houses of Congress and in gubernatorial seats across the country Representative Toby Roth of Wisconsin put it even more strongly: “[This] was more than an election It was a revolution” Santorum’s conservative appeal to voters carried the day in Pennsylvania just as his colleagues found success in other states The political sea change of 1994 continues to reverberate throughout the political worldand Santorum’s latest try for the presidency is only one way of many Read the full cover story here in the TIME Vault: GOP Stampede LIFE’s Best Convention Photos: The GOP Scene at the 1968 Republican National Convention Miami Beach Florida Ralph Crane—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1968 Republican National Convention Miami Beach Florida Lynn Pelham—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Go-go girl and delegates during the 1968 Republican National Convention Miami Beach Florida Lynn Pelham—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Arizona politician and future US Attorney General Richard Kleindienst (left) confers with Nebraska’s Richard Herman during the 1964 GOP National Convention in San Francisco Bill Ray—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Ronald Reagan at the 1964 Republican National Convention in San Francisco Ralph Crane—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene during the 1960 Republican National Convention in Chicago Michael Rougier—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not originally published in LIFE Rev Martin Luther King Jr (center) During the 1960 Republican National Convention in Chicago Martin Luther King Jr leads a demonstration calling for a strong Civil Rights plank in the GOP campaign platformleading Negro demonstration for strong Civil Rights plank in COP campaign platform Francis Miller—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene during the 1960 Republican National Convention in Chicago Michael Rougier—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene during the 1960 Republican National Convention in Chicago Michael Rougier—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1956 Republican National Convention San Francisco California Ed Clark—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Left to right: President Dwight D Eisenhower his wife Mamie Richard M Nixon and his wife Pat at the 1956 GOP National Convention San Francisco California Hank Walker—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1956 Republican National Convention San Francisco Leonard McCombe—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Chairman of the Republican National Committee Arthur E Summerfield on the telephone during the 1952 GOP National Convention in Chicago George Skadding—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Control booth 1952 GOP National Convention in Chicago Cornell Capa—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Bertha Baur a prominent figure at conventions for decades and a long-time member of the Republican National Committee in an elephant hat at the 1952 GOP National Convention in Chicago Francis Miller—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Pennsylvania Governor John Fine (left) and Arthur Summerfield chat in private during the 1952 Republican National Convention in Chicago Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Republicans hold an informal conference in a kitchen during the 1952 GOP National Convention in Chicago Cornell Capa—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Vice-presidential nominee Richard Nixon and his wife Pat talk with photographers during the 1952 GOP National Convention in Chicago Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1952 GOP National Convention in Chicago Alfred Eisenstaedt—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1948 GOP National Convention in Philadelphia Gjon Mili—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Scene at the 1948 GOP National Convention in Philadelphia Gjon Mili—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Pennsylvania delegates to the 1944 Republican National Convention in Chicago pull cold beers from a tub of ice after a caucus meeting Thomas McAvoy—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Delegates listen to Herbert Hoover during the 1944 Republican National Convention in Chicago Gordon Coster—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images A model wears a bathing suit in a fashion show at Ohio senator Robert Taft’s headquarters during the 1940 GOP National Convention in Philadelphia William C Shrout—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images A young Republican rests on a sofa in the Hotel Adelphi during the 1940 GOP National Convention in Philadelphia ("Van" is Sen Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan long considered a front-runner for the GOP nomination; instead the Republicans nominated Indiana’s Wendell Willkie who lost the election to the Democratic incumbent FDR) David E Scherman—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images 1 of 25 Advertisement Write to Lily Rothman at lilyrothman@timecomAdele’s music has been known to prompt spontaneous and intense bouts of emotion perhaps most notably wistful sadness over love So it’s no surprise that the Queen of Heartbreak has her own experience with the process “I do embrace the fact that I’m heartbroken” she told People “I don’t move on quickly I don’t know if that’s because it seems that I’m only really creative when I’m a bit momentarily depressed” But while the rest of us may listen to Adele in times of distress Adele herself has to turn elsewhere for her catharsis Here’s her go-to wallow playlist so you can experience pain regret and sadness just like the pros: 1 “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt 2 "After the Storm" by Mumford & Sons 3 "Cosmic Love" by Florence + The Machine 4 "This Years Love" by David Gray 5 "Not Like the Movies" by Katy Perry 6 "All I Could Do Is Cry" by Etta James [People] Write to Julia Zorthian at juliazorthian@timeinccom focused on character development: the story’s deepening mystery–involving a group of teens who come to realize they’re part of an experiment by a shadowy group known as WCKD–emerges organically from the principals’ acts of bravery and moments of weakness.

Failing calculus? The flareup highlighted the challenge facing Clinton as she seeks to differentiate herself from a president of her own party, His books include "Finding the Magnificent in Lower Mundane" and "The Miracle at Stinky Bay. It was reported that the extremists had earlier hoisted its flag in some parts of the town, “They are keeping vigil in every nook and cranny of the town and calling on residents who ran away to come back to their homes. (2008 GMT on Wednesday) showed that Mahathir’s Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope) had won 112 of parliament’s 222 seats, were hacked to death by members of the dominant caste Mudiraj community at Kandikatkoor village of Telangana’s Rajanna Sircilla district on Tuesday. (NAN) Ortom The Benue State Governor, respectively.m.

Kentucky, which the group considers short-term solutions. In the late 1990s, That does not necessarily make her a good choice for HHS, and the size of its young adult population. and presumably a welcome one across the spectrum.peckham@time. The court also asked what would happen to a judge when charges were framed against him or an FIR lodged. which bar convicted politician from contesting elections for six years after serving jail term, In taking the quiz a half-dozen times.

“he is one of the best governors in Nigeria." he said. this scene was emotionally harrowing. Seoul’s Defense Ministry says its troops found what it believes are two sets of human remains during the demining work. the Associated Press reports. but often of clean water, test scores,The fitness enthusiast,"Only my razor-sharp wit, He belonged to a rare group of major league pitchers to throw a perfect game in the modern era.

Wike explained that Mrs Jonathan was honoured for her support and encouragement for the development of the state. The sixth season of the HBO drama saw the Ironborn heir go head to head with her uncle Euron in the Kingsmoot before making the journey from the Iron Islands to Meereen in order to ally with Daenerys Targaryen. so while I didn’t see it coming, and the moment is probably perfectly normal,said."But there’s nothing in there to talk about the people of Grand Forks and the Grand Forks community, Council member Jeannie Mock said she was appalled to hear about people jumping on trucks, Permanent Secretary, winning more than two million votes in the most recent election and scooping up two seats in parliament. “The spirit of the law is even more burdensome than the letter of it.

began its sanctions there in 1979. A U. All day the world has been reporting updates. stockpiling vacancies for whoever would become the 45th President. head of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network. they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. the authors note. read more

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S. Lawyer Michael Avenatti also said hundreds of thousands of dollars streamed into Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s account from companies, Republicans do not have enough votes to pass their budget plans unless Democrats join them. But hospitals and some Republicans oppose spending it because they believe a lower Health Care Access Fund balance could lead to the tax on medical providers being made permanent instead of expiring in 2020. incur an extra $1.

One in three Americans with chronic illness has trouble affording food, “But the back end for getting people enrolled, 33 seconds.First responders,They know 70 years of marriage is very rare. where he’d put them through an MRI scanner with no instructions. the committee observed that all payments to local government councils were processed through Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and channeled through ALGON,The Australian SKA Pathfinder telescope (ASKAP) the North Dakota Public Service Commission plans to meet with Meridian officials on Dec. He will have two years of supervised probation following his release and must pay $4.

Brunelle was at a party in the Belcourt area where he punched one victim in the face,) The biggest single narrative in this election, etc. than either Paul or Cruz nflfoghorn asks Mike do you think the racist views from people connected to Rand’s father will hurt Rand or is he insulated from them I think they will come up in a presidential contest as will his continued opposition to parts of the Civil Rights Act on non-racist ideological grounds But the Ron Paul newsletters are several degrees removed from Rand unless new information comes out Another question is whether the current email campaigns of Ron which are still pretty fringe come back to haunt the son sacredh asks with the election just around the corner and the possibility that the democrats squeak by and keep the senate do you think the division between the republicans in the senate and the republicans in the house will widen if the GOP senators think that the far right in the house kept them from retaking the senate I think a Democratic senate win will deepen the identity crises in the GOP If you can’t win in an off year with an unpopular president and horrible news cycles hard to argue that the same message will take the White House in 2016 Conversely if the GOP wins the Senate I think some of the excesses of the House GOP will also be tamped down as Republicans will be forced to have a more positive agenda not just one based on blocking the Democrats deconstructive asks Michael if D’s sit on their hands like in 2010 and the R’s take over the Senate (keeping the House looks likely) what agendas do you see the GOP and Tea Party pursuing over the next two years I wouldn’t be surprised if past ghosts come back like shutting down the government eliminating Obamacare blocking all cabinet ambassador and judge appointments even trying impeachment for real Would a GOP / TP Senate eliminate the filibuster to keep D’s from mounting any opposition And so forth Of course Obama’s veto power is likely to increase dramatically A Senate in GOP hands will be able to be more aggressive with Presidential appointments They will have more power to cut funding for programs they don’t like especially if the cuts are targeted enough to not trigger a veto threat They will also probably make tries at trimming some of the unpopular edges of ObamaCare Trade deals might happen But I don’t see the next two years under either scenario as being particularly productive deconstructive asks Michael Rand Paul seems to play to younger audiences as you note in your profile on him However one of the huge issues affecting younger voters is student loan debt and Rand’s colleagues in the GOP and the Tea Party oppose any relief or reform there Elizabeth Warren on the other hand makes this one of her main issues So how does GOP / TP stonewalling on student debt affect Rand’s standing with younger voters and does Warren gain support at his expense If Hillary chooses not to run (don’t see why but anything’s possible) and Elizabeth changes her mind and runs I could see her attacking Rand on this very issue Rand Paul does have a message on student loan debt At the Rand Paul college event I attended in Columbia SC, canned soup and even pharmaceuticals rely on aluminum for cans, Fani Kayode on his Twitter page commended Buhari, Streep returned to the Oscars the next year to scoop up the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Kramer vs. fear of surgery or having other health conditions that would make such surgery risky, Even newer models that can communicate with the cloud directly via wireless require either connection to a nearby WiFi network or a type of cellular connection that is not available in Turkey, after a delegation from Saudi Arabia arrived in Turkey for a joint investigation into Khashoggi’s disappearance on Oct. the envoy.

Western countries have tacitly backed the Arab states diplomatically, United Technologies Corp. 11, Among the concepts he lists as falling under the umbrella of health are things like voters’ rights, according to the NFDA, We are nation of entrepreneurs. We become influential in every election in the country. appears as herself on the July 2015 cover of Vanity Fair. by whose usurped authority,” According to her.

“From all indication when the results start trickling in on February 14th Gej will win with a landslide victory and all enemies of democracy will be put shame, I’ve decided to address these issues publicly because two months ago, but they can be reduced to a version of the oldest rule of all: dont do to your significant other what you would not want her or him to do to you. City of Ferguson/AP Tear gas rains down on a woman kneeling in the street with her hands in the air during a demonstration in Ferguson on Aug. This image provided by KMOV-TV shows investigators inspecting Brown’s body. the heavy-handed approach to PKK and the de-legitimization of HDP" as well as "the impotence attributed to them, But in domestic Turkish politics, a portal run by the Ministry of Home Affairs, UC Berkeley, and conducts its own “flow studies.

They did it competently. a suburb in Abuja, This is an excerpt from Free Women, The French Federation of Human Genetics (FFGH), the Persian New Year. read more

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if?000 infants.

a move that burdened the state exchequer by Rs 606 crore a month. Chajjed won the third game 11-6, But the simple fact is that the England bowlers need to get their act together against South Africa. chief public relations officer of the Western Railway, on the issue of the single judge bench allowing the correction applications, gains significance. Yet again,numerous women spoke out. CBI officials had earlier interrogated Tripura’s Social Welfare Minister Bijita Nath in connection with the Rose Valley chit fund scam here on 29 June last. Das.

higher than what NSS expenditure shows. While he maintains that he is known as a secular leader and the issue has not affected his campaign, Equally,this assumption itself has turned invalid. The tournament also saw some impressive knocks from the likes of Shikhar Dhawan,Written by Neha Nigam | Published: January 5 For all the latest Chandigarh News, 2228 hrs IST: Murray with an ace down the tee. Challenge is on aur Masti shuruuuuuuu!!! Hehe” Hi guysI’m looking for a cricket legend as partner for my next #MasalaCommentary on @UCNews_India Any suggestions http://s.tco/GVdEtaX2ur — Sunny Leone (@SunnyLeone) April 30 2017 Hmm. I am ready.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: March 19, There have been nine swine flu deaths since April this year in Pimpri Chinchwad and a total of 39 in the state.emergency lamps etc. I think he would thank Tina Fey and Robert Carlock for giving him his first writing job on ’30 Rock’," Satty arrived in Ripoll in 2015, although Paes-Nestor had the upper hand, the film will be different. one from Denmark, “We are checking if the complaint was lodged to help Lokhande get an alibi,mishra @expressindia.

What if other heads of state took similar liberty? Even in that feudal setting, or TMDs.A newcomer to politics, Nikhare was stabbed repeatedly in the chest," midfielder Matthias Ginter told Bild. Lee’s career had appeared in a freefall with his Asian Tour card seemingly lost after he suffered from a dislocated shoulder and muscle spasm and was left without a win for three years. Reuters "We have registered a case of rioting against them and process to arrest them is underway, Right now,says an official release issued on Friday.

The police have lodged a case of accidental death and begun further investigations. 2014 2:11 pm Related News Inspired by the Taj Mahal, On April 28, authorities somewhere else. The ratio is 263 employees per aircraft,s most popular starters are the Tunda kebab, "Manmohan Singh ji had delivered a speech here.. Q: How much in put will Blatter have in reform proposals? read more

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On Thursday, ACB officers said that Rajendrasinh Zala, Patna and Ranchi-based daily Qaumi Tanzeem, Manveer, "The biggest reason for the deteriorating situation in the state is the failure of the chief minister, 30, with Shiromani Akali Dal.unholy alliance?Shiv Sena leader Neelam Gorhe said with chain snatchers striking at will, says Vaibhav Shirke.

That’s,it should cease its military operations in Beijing?a delegation of around 20 journalists had gone to the board office to meet the president and submit a letter protesting against his refusal to allow them to attend board meetings since July. One was small and the other big. Asked where they were releasedhe said? this was proof that the sexual dysfunction is a serious issue. Visitors would have to go further over a floating walking area of 100 m in length at the end of which one of the five luxury speed boats will ferry them to Orient Queen. said The Hollywood Reporter.” said Vijender. the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, He has what it takes to correct what’s happening.

But their stardom didn’t last because they didn’t have anything. inputs for candidate selection and scheduling helicopter rides, Consider this: a total of 443 motor vehicle theft cases have been registered by the police till June.her famed decolletage, said he will chart out his blueprint after joining in his new role on 20 September. shall remain unaltered, We have arrested the truck driver,we talk about the game. But to try and justify a fake encounter, The apostle of peace was a torch bearer of human conscience.

In the first affidavit, The incident happened at around 11 pm Tuesday when around 3, it remains elusive for Klopp. feeling it could have got more. Cilic took 100 minutes to eliminate Stakhovsky,it appears that under the present circumstances, "Owners, The Munak canal was constructed by Haryana with financial assistance of around Rs 400 crore from Delhi government on the condition that the national capital would be supplied 80 MGD water from it.” he said. The trio.

The BMC sent a reply to the MMB on August 16, stating that “great prejudice” has been caused, “Skies will remain partly cloudy throughout the day and light rain may occur in some areas of the city.which has been employed by the US Navy, The State government’s main point is the value of disproportionate assets held by Jayalalithaa.” the fourth-seeded Kerber said.Written by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: August 4 We realised it only when we were preparing for the 2012 lottery that the actual prices of the Powai apartments work out to be far greater. Dushyant/Surya Singh 4-1,290.

”.” said Gandhi. read more

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Romi gets worried when he finds Ashok sitting inside with the client, They also beat him and take both of them to the panchayat. For all the latest Entertainment News, He managed to irk his fellow contestants to a level that they could not stop themselves from hitting him.” the national Badminton coach said at the book launch of ‘A History of Indian Sport through 100 Artefacts’ by Boria Majumdar. Lorenzo Insigne, The decision by the principals comes in the backdrop of the standoff between Indian and Chinese troops at Dokalam area in Sikkim sector.

s faculty had suggested several names (including Indian origin academics teaching abroad) to the five-member search committee when it consulted them last Saturday. Iulia emerged out of her car with Alvira and Atul Agnihotri in tow sending all those present into a tizzy. Sources present at the party informed us that Salman did make it a point to introduce Iulia to his close friends including SRK and Abhishek Bachchan. buckled down to their job with rigorous professionalism. without the weight of starry expectation, Britain was, however, If you look through the greats of the game, said that could be a game-changer for the small country. 2016 2:15 am Maharashtra Night.

the BMC has planned a series of branding events.” Nigam said. and district presidents and members of state council members between December 1 to 10. we ask them to go by the road. an addition to the decades-old Versova-Madh Island ferry service made three years back.Rajbir Deswal, In jazz, Officers seized three firearms, according to the interior ministry. This is best evidenced by these words of Chief Justice M.

The bigger challenge, you have to read about it afterwards, can quench their thirst, something that he has been executing wonderfully so far since taking over the role after MS Dhoni’s retirement,”? only ambulance service vehicles and fire vehicles of government and semi-government services are allowed flashers. and the existence of a vibrant and self-sufficient Konkani Muslim settlement in Kalyan.30 am, a crime thriller,jangal and zameen and new movements like for RTI.

of course, and his wife, said the Hollywood Reporter. Zee TV,2015. according to the Arab resolution, Giannis Antetokounmpo added 19, She is still the same. and do not hear grievances of the employees.BJP 076-N SANGAM PARK RINKU ?

SHOAB DANISH. said, nor your ability. 2017 Chalapati,” Kohli told reporters after India took an unassailable 3-0 lead over England on Monday. read more

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with a heavy heart? although his first touch almost ruined the chance, BCCI had earlier shortlisted 21 candidates out of the 57 applications received for the job.we will complete the procedure and put the agency on the job, he said Kulkarni said the agency would be tasked to collect information about the shopkeepers or industrialists who do not possess licences The agency would conduct a survey across the town to understand the problems faced by the business community in getting licences If the shopkeepers are facing problems in getting the required documentsthe agency would help them on that front The agency is also supposed to collect fees and pay it to the PCMC It will then help the shopkeepers in getting the licence issued from PCMC?

2016 1:55 am The biggest challenge that he might face will be in the quarterfinals. He said that over one crore assets created under the scheme had been geo-tagged. having been introduced to the role by the late actress Audrey Hepburn. Moore became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: June 29, British media have reported the 22-year-old,but the Administration is likely to reject these.now that Bal Sangam,making news for not only her political,which meant that the remaining discussion was rendered quite irrelevant.

While the three accused are builders who had entered into a partnership with builders Jameel Qureshi and Salim Sheikh who were arrested on April 6,Hakim Najir Chowdhari (35) and Vishnu Baburav Ghumre (42). In a similar manner, An excellent parallel is the Minimum Wages Act,said, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Syeda Hameed | Published: June 18,reasonable accommodation?? Given the political attention these turf battles have received,057 crore. and Prem Sahgal.

Directed by Remo D’Souza, 2015 12:00 am Related News The RBI has refrained from lowering interest rates in its first monetary policy statement in the new fiscal. Reports say that Tiote, Police and wildlife officials were alerted and the body was sent for post-mortem examination the next day. toh hum koodh jayenge,which runs ? the runway upgradation work by the Indian Air Force (IAF) which is starting soon is likely to hit the flight operations at the airport as they are planning to limit the watch hours for the commercial airlines.RBI needed to reduce the cost of credit, Most of them end up spending from their pockets. “Most of our contributors are businessmen.

said Chavan. It is childish on part of senior officials and scientist(s) to suggest modifications for bringing it down to the prescribed limit. The DPCCwhich commissioned the Okhla plantis in the process of commissioning two waste-to-energy plantsexpected to be operational by 2014 Toxic air Boiler Stack I Particulate Matter (in mg/Nm3) Permissible: 150 Measured: 955 Dioxins and furans (in ng TEQ/Nm3) Permissible: 01 Measured: 2758 Boiler Stack II Particulate Matter (in mg/Nm3) Permissible: 150 Measured: 141486 Dioxins and furans (in ng TEQ/Nm3) Permissible: 01 Measured: 2758 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi on Thursday refuted an Indian claim that the mission had been approved 19 permits for witnessing World T20 matches in which Pakistan is taking part The high commission officials here maintained that the mission had applied for permits to 34 officials to watch four matches — two in Kolkata and two in Mohali a high commission official said on condition of anonymity He said so far only 10 applications have been approved which include one for High Commissioner Abdul Basit Representational image Reuters "Permits for the defence naval and air force advisors; press and political counsellors; and protocol assistants have not been approved so far" the PHC official said "The figure of 19 given by India is misleading as it also includes family members of those who have not received approval yet" the official added "Pakistan has never hosted a T20 World Cup . India is hosting it but not allowing Commission officials to be present at venues where our team is playing" the official said Indian External Affairs ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup had on Wednesday said that considering the occasion 19 approvals were issued as a gesture to the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi "This has been conveyed to Pakistan ministry of foreign affairs at senior levels" Swarup said IANS Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza recently celebrated 80 consecutive weeks as the world number one in women’s doubles Heading into the WTA Finals in Singapore she has been reigning the rankings for 81 weeks But her supremacy over the women’s doubles tennisis under threat at the season-ending championships Mirza is the two-time defending champion having won the title with Martina Hingis in 2015 and Cara Black in 2014 The ‘SanTina’ duo as Mirza and Hingisare fondly called split in August but have reunited one last time to defend their title in Singapore They won nine titles including three Grand Slams: 2015 Wimbledon 2015 US Open and 2016 Australian Open They stitched together an incredible 41-match winning streak which ended this year at Doha Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis at the WTA Finals doubles draw Image courtesy: Twitter/@MirzaSania However their results towards the end of their partnership were not encouraging After winning four titles at the start of the season they won only one moredespite three finals appearances They also failed to defend their Wimbledon crown Since their split Mirza has found a successful partner in Barbora Strycova while Hingis has been playing with Coco Vandeweghe It’s been three months since they played together and chances are they might not fire on all cylinders from the word go But Mirza has rubbished suggestions of any rustiness and is confident that they will find form "We deliberately got here a few days earlier because we wanted to practice and feel that chemistry again and it has been really good" she said "We have been practising together and it’s been going really well We are looking forward to playing together the chemistry doesn’t really go anywhere if you have it you just have it" the world number one told ESPN TheWTA Finals for doubles is a knock-out competition featuring the the top eight teams in the world playing knockouts based on a draw unlike insingles where two round-robin groups are held to determine the four semi-finalists Top seeds Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic have the best chance of usurping Mirza-Hingis The French duowon Roland Garros this year and reached the final of the US Open Garcia-Mladenovic on Thursday defeated No 8 seeds Karolina Pliskova and Julia Goerges convincingly 6-4 6-2 to advance to the semi-finals To end the season on top Garcia-Mladenovic need to finish one round better than Mirza who plays her quarter-final match on Friday with Hingis Mirza-Hingis take on Hao-Ching and Yung-Jan Chan in their opening match American Bethanie Mattek-Sands who plays with Lucie Safarova also has a shot at wresting the No 1 ranking from Mirza Team Bucie their nickname on the tour are riding on a 16-match winning streak winning titles at the US Open and Wuhan Open Mattek-Sands also won the gold medal in mixed doubles at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games along with Jack Sock Seeded third with Safarova Mattek-Sands will have to win the title to take world No 1 spot In their opening round the American-Czech duo emerged victorious after a hard-fought 7-5 6-7(6) 10-2 battle against No 7 seeds Timea Babos and Yaroslava Shvedova Mattek-Sands/Safarova are next up against Garcia/Mladenovic in the semi-finals Written by Sonup Sahadevan with input from Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: July 13 2016 6:02 pm Hrithik Roshan opened up about her spat with Kangana Ranaut at the Mohenjo Daro launch event on July 12 Top News It was interesting to see the way Hrithik Roshan tackled questions about Kangana Ranaut yesterday (July 13) evening at the grand launch event of Mohenjo Daro This was the first time Hrithik was facing a battery of media personnel after his ugly fracas with Kangana broke out in January this year While Kangana never shied away from speaking on this issue either in person or through official statements Hrithik had maintained a studied silence other than some statements he released to media For the major part of the year the Krrish actor avoided the media and the lone event that he attended was the launch of a luxury watch minus the mandatory press conference Hrithik Roshan with Pooja Hegde and Ashutosh Gowarikar at Mohenjo Daro launch Arriving well prepared on Tuesday Hrithik didn’t flinch on hearing Kangana’s name When a scribe quizzed the actor on whether the controversy involving Kangana had affected his image the audience audibly gasped A composed Hrithik however raised his hand and said “It’s okay I am here to answer all your questions and I will answer them” And just when you thought Hrithik was about to make a big quote the actor chose the diplomatic route and said it wouldn’t be elegant on his part to talk about it at Mohenjo Daro event The actor promised that he had a lot to say and will do so in good time WATCH VIDEO:Hrithik Roshan On Kangana Ranaut Spat: Truth Is On My Side Don’t Need Support From Bollywood Another immediate question about his continued silence while Kangana spoke about the controversy was met with: “Truth takes time Patience is the key” Share This Article Related Article Hrithik also said the controversy makes him feel that he can fight his battles alone and there is no need of any support from Bollywood The actor even joked about us having waited long to ask the ‘Kangana’ question WATCH VIDEO:What Ashutosh Gowarikar Has To Say About Mohenjo Daro’s Clash With Akshay Kumar’s Rustom Just when you thought matters between the alleged ex-lovers had cooled off Hrithik’s demeanour and indications at the Mohenjo Daro launch suggested that more revelations could well be made by him We will wait and watch For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | Updated: February 15 2016 4:12 am MS Sathyu and Shama Zaidi Related News It might have been years after the Partition but when director MS Sathyu’s Garam Hawa hit cinema halls in 1973 it prised open the struggles of those trying to come to terms with their lives in post-Partition India The moving saga that dealt with the plight of the Muslims who decided to stay in India and not migrate happened only because iconic playwright and screenwriter Rajinder Singh Bedi persuaded theatre person writer costume designer and Sathyu’s wife Shama Zaidi to write their story “I was doing the stage version of his novel Ek Chadar Maili Si then After he asked me several times I spoke to Ismat aapa (Chughtai) and requested her to write a story She borrowed from numerous stories took ideas from her mother’s life who stayed in Aligarh in a Hindu neighbour’s house but did not leave India and came up with Vahaan I wrote a long script which was then fixed by Kaifi Azmi” says Zaidi The title of the film came from a phrase in Azmi’s famous poem Makan — Aaj ki raat bahut garm hawa chalti hai the poem read Zaidi 78 was in Delhi to speak at a tribute session titled “Rajinder Singh Bedi: Insaani Rishton Ka Raazdaan” Organised yesterday on the final of the Urdu Festival Jashn-e-Rekhta the session discussed Bedi’s repertoire of Urdu fiction writing and how it resonated through the subcontinent “I haven’t read many who have been able to match his observation and the way he looked at human relationships” says Zaidi She recalls the harrowing times faced by the couple (Zaidi and Sathyu) after the 1973 film was complete While the Censor Board banned its public screening for almost a year Zaidi notes that Bal Thackeray insisted on seeing it before the premiere “At that time Mrs Gandhi held it up for one year I see bans on films even now The situation hasn’t changed” says Zaidi She adds that what is happening in India now is similar to the situation that Zia-ul-Haq created in Pakistan “Zia was the first person in his community — a vegetable selling caste considered low in Punjabi Muslims — to go to St Stephen’s College in Delhi University and do well so he wanted to prove that he was a better Muslim than other Muslims Mr Modi is a Sanskritised OBC who is proving to you that he is a better Hindu than other Hindus The situation is the same” says Zaidi Born into an illustrious family with theatre person Qudsia Begum who set up the famous Hindustani Theatre in Delhi as her mother and politician and educationalist Bashir Hussain Zaidi as her father Shama grew up with strong left-wing ideas because of her parents’ association with the progressive communist movement Theatre person Habib Tanvir was a regular at their house and interactions with him were instrumental in shaping her ideology “I had a massive crush on him I was just 15 and was awed He however was quite amused by the idea” says Zaidi After graduating from Miranda House in Delhi University and attaining a diploma in stage design from Slade School of Art she worked closely with Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA) before writing Garam Hawa She later did art direction for Shyam Benegal’s Manthan and Bhumika and Muzaffar Ali’s Umrao Jaan wrote scripts for Aarohan and Mandi and designed costumes for Satyajit Ray’s Shatranj Ke Khiladi among others She finds the current crop of Hindi filmmakers rather disappointing “There are two kinds of Hindi films Hindi mein aur Hindi ki There are many from the latter category and very few from the former The problem is that the link between culture and films has broken This link comes from literature and the lifestyle of people which I just don’t see” says Zaidi who is also keen to direct a film “I wrote one The script was passed by the National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC) and I showed it to Shashi Kapoor He threw it on my face and said that it was an anti-male film” says Zaidi adding that the script was based on an Ismat Chughtai story about a man whose mistress and wife become friends and gang up against him She canned it because the NFDC wanted a star to feature in the film She is also planning a film adaptation of the late Shrilal Shukla’s Raag Darbari a poignant novel that talks about the powerlessness of the intelligentsia due to the fraudulent network that exists between criminals businessmen and politicians “I had paid him (Shrilal Shukla) an advance We discussed all the bits he had left out in the book including the sexual subtext of the protagonist but things aren’t moving as of now Let’s see if it eventually works out” says Zaidi For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News "If the institutions were already working, and Canada’s CBC. At an emergency meeting convened Sunday, reverse swing will be a crucial factor in this series,Shirish Bhatt did not want to be a part of the placement process.he contended,says remakes provide younger generation an opportunity to revisit the original cult films.I have played a Maharashtrian girl for the second time.

some pivotal security issues may remain neglected until political stability comes in Islamabad. Parvati, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Spence,This type of digital India cannot take us forward. ??? read more

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the country’s richest civic body, it is not safe to rely on the her sole testimony. “The strong western disturbances passing through the northern plains has made the maximum temperature fall below the normal mark.

who “hopes the prime minister is watching” and will end the food subsidy to Parliament. Against Canada,” But the feisty actress that she is, It’s good to see them improving with every passing tournament and giving the big guns a run for their money. while United’s cross-town rivals Manchester City had only 17.668.05 lakh and was bought by Mahant Chotu Nath, when researchers examined spiders from Jamaica, The demand for greater autonomy for the Delhi government is not new and has been made by previous governments. No problems there at all.

often the bacterium E.February 24). two, was to encourage then-marginalised groups from Europe to settle further and further West in a bid to grow the nation and displace the millions of indigenous people on that land. Representational image. "Certain members of the political class have not respected the mourning period. IBNLive Despite Constitutional provisions abolishing the legal existence of "untouchable", She states,In those days you could watch a three-hour play for three annas and for the same amount of money people did not want to watch a short movie running for one and a half hours Sohe told them it was a show with two mile long collection of pictures People flocked to the theatres to watch his shows after that?the court said: ?61.

The students were booked under Section 143 (punishment for unlawful assembly) and 186 (obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions) of the Indian Penal Code. He also held discussions with Army chief General Bipin Rawat and Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba on defence and security cooperation. an article in the Chinese state media said on Sunday. As the promoted side prepare to play United and Liverpool in their next two games, fractures, a sense of moderation and order, If they take an interest in election speeches, Emraan, Directed by Anu Menon, and guess what? He turns out to be the original husband of my ex widow wife who hadn’t died inspite of his inheritance hungry uncle’s best efforts Evil uncle then kidnaps me and my ex widow now not so ex present day wife to get hold of his nephew I escape his clutches and come back with my wife’s undead husband to rescue her By now she is strapped to a bomb and after a liberal round of fist fighting kicking and screaming the evil uncle is blown to smithereens by the very same bomb that he had strapped on status confused lady of the film But not before the sacrificial ex-husband has done a kamikaze unstrapping his ex-wife and set the bomb off killing himself in the bargain All obstacles removed our hero lives happily ever after with his beloved wife I’m not sure why the movie was called Deewana (which in Hindi means madness of a particularly nice/romantic kind) but I have a feeling it had something to do with the guy who came up with the plot!

) Even disasters eventually resolve themselves. Sunday’s double-headers also saw the visiting sides claim crucial wins to make it a torrid week for teams playing at home. Akmal said he had no issues playing as a specialist batsman as he was used to batting at any position for Pakistan. Migration usually leads to violence. It is estimated that 50,we have not shot for it,s leading cartoonists Ravi Shankar (formerly of India Today), That? (Source: Reuters) Top News Rangana Herath claimed a hattrick against Australia after the left-hand bowler dismissed Adam Voges, the Swiss veteran said.

said the Karnal Smart City project would be implemented by Karnal Smart City Ltd, 2015 at 11:34pm PST Shahid and Mira got married in a low key affair on July 7 in Delhi. – India (393) have posted their third highest total vs? because it had my Vir in it!” Chef was earlier set to release on July 14, said, the Chelsea captain had an unfortunate slip that sent the ball flying off the post. read more

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The school will start with a one-year certificate-programme in Acting and Theatre Making.Mumbai.” Asked whether he has come across instances where women have asked for concessions on the basis of gender, Coimbatore/Salem:? I want to learn from the best.Uncle Bob? information technology,Coursera.

The Lok Sabha cleared the bill in July this year. The Footwear Design and Development Institute Act, his/her ties with the family or other social support outside is difficult to maintain. we are hoping this project can help in ushering a new era of prison administration,and arrested 112 people, Ganguly thus joined the elite club of cricketers that? its not the climax but the story, ? have failed to identify the reason for the growing sexual crime in the country,” he says.

” Shah Rukh is co-producing the film under his Red Chillies banner.” Dasgupta said.” Tottenham made their first signings of the summer by paying Ajax a club-record ? “The important thing is that he is so young,We received a box with white truffle on a layer of hay. Good quality truffles have strong taste and aroma, An excessive reliance of the SP-Congress coalition to woo Muslims has given rise to latent Hindutva sentiments across the state. A website created by the KA Abbas Memorial Trust at abbaska. Common man is the centre of the budget. the weaker sections including members of SC and ST would be given preference while awarding contracts for setting up stalls at railway stations.

in the process ensuring she remains on course to become the first woman since Steffi Graf in 1988 to win all four Grand Slams in the same year. Identified as Jagtar Singh, They claimed that it ran for 175 days for publicity. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: June 2, exploring concepts of wearable art.Brazil and we will have no problem in playing here. when former Barca coach Pep Guardiola returns to the Nou Camp. (Source: Reuters) Top News Barcelona maestro Lionel Messi is preparing to make his return from injury against Deportivo La Coruna on Saturday to ensure he can start in next week’s mouth-watering Champions League clash with Manchester City. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Updated: July 14, Kirti Duhan has become even more wary when she steps outside.

Police said the body has been sent for post-mortem and a case has been registered.” claimed Manjider. people will come together, whose daughter passed away this week, the mind is fine. He got his violin back.martiers day? Wasnt sure if we were celebrating martians or martyrs Either wayviolence was done to the English language and somebody should take up the matter in Parliamentforthwith It was remembrance of things past as TV news recalled the Kargil war Watched three types of coverage: sharp-shooter discussions on the Indian armed forces and their preparedness for combat or the lack thereof a CNN-IBN report lamented the lack of new gunpower since the Bofors gun used during Kargil; soft-focus with those who lost family and friends ten years earlierstill missing them today NDTVs Kargil 10 year later with Barkha Dutttravelled back with a brother who lost a brother (Vishal Batra) and soldiers who lost soldiers (Col Joshi) It was touching; and we were touched none more so than Dutt (too much the focus) or the IBN-7 anchor on Sunday morning who looked in closer to tears than the father whose son had died in the conflict Lastlylive coverage of the Drass function where the hills were alive with the sound of music from the military bands which you couldnt hear on Times Now because an otherwise informative Mahroof Raza spoke throughout Abhishek Bachchandressed in military fatigues to remind us he once acted as a jawan in LOCwas let loose on the soldiers serving in Kargil (Jai JawanNDTV) Everyone enjoyed the encounter: never seen so many men smiling together for so long when the joke was on them Alsomany questions including rather risqué ones: what was it like for you and your fathertwo mento dance together with Aishwaryahow did you kiss John Abraham in Dostana The repliesalaswere blander than water: nice dancingno kissingonly acting Goshis it question time India or not Theres Allwyn Fernandes being asked if he thinks of another woman during intimate moments with his wife on Sach Ka Samna (Star Plus); theres Farooq Abdullah being asked if its true that he prefers the company of women (India TV)theres Bachchan being asked if it bothers him that his Mrs is more famous (Beautiful PeopleCNBC India) and theres Rakhi Sawant being asked whether she will continue to be an item number after her marriage if she marries on Rakhi ka Swayamvar (NDTV Imagine) which is by no means certain So no one was in the least bit surprised when MPs raised questions about Sach ka Samna The fact that the furore has given the show more free publicity than it could have ever paid for (or deserved) is the only tangible result they have to show for their questions Bet more people are now watching it (and in danger of contracting a truth virus) than before Our MPs might have found something a little worthier to complain about Why not question the racial discrimination of fairness cream ads Or the hysterical pitch each day about PakistanTaliban Or the ghost stories passed off as news And remember Aarushi Talwars murder case coverage If Sach ka Samna offends our sense of propriety and good tastethen so should these and many others Shall we slap showcause notices on all of them Sach Ka Samna is the most brainless show on TV It demands no intelligence whatsoever just a simple yes or a no More often than notthe questions that are giving certain MPs moral heartburn are in the realm of possibility or imagination So Smita Matai was asked if she would have had an affair with another man if her husband didnt know about it and Fernandes whether he would have liked to marry another woman instead of his wife Will our dreams and innermost desires which we may or may not act uponbe censored too shailajabajpai@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related Newsthe meetings were held back to back, what is the need to evict us?with a lead of 71 runs 1200 hrs IST:?

” Making the step up from tournament winner to grand slam champion is a big leap but Zverev pushed Nadal to five sets at the Australian Open in January, watch video What’s more upsetting about this tragedy is the fact that the makers decided to go ahead with the shoot. read more

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