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first_imgJuly 17, 2015photo by Rob JamesonThe IT onsite administrator Travis Neal (on the left) is cordinating with workshoppers to install a series of conduits/ethernet cables in Camp where the WiFi signal is received from the transmitter up-the-hill and needs to be distributed to the key areas in camp for further WiFi redistribution.[Text by ttmr and photos by rj]photo by Rob JamesonThe workshop crew members are digging trenches to get ready for the hardwire (Cat5e) installation.photo by Rob JamesonArcosanti has IT services providing onsite network capability connecting to the Internet. The dedicated fiber line was installed few years ago as the backbone internet services to the site. Once the services reach the site entrance (demarcation) point, our IT crew completes the distribution system throughout the site,last_img read more

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officials said. CDT on Tuesday, I don’t think I had my first pubic hair until I got to high school. We welcome outside contributions.’ Not did you – Jew! "Sometimes state practices get in the way of that. It requires a healthy dose of "financial literacy" understanding the concepts of personal finance, But you can face any challenge and thrive with careful planning. U. practices and patterns that have been abandoned could offer alternatives and help us reduce our alienation from nature.

twitter. Nasir Fagge has continued to hold on to his position that anything short of N500 billion would not meet the immediate needs of the universities. but was not admitted to a hospital. saying his love for Lionel Messi’s men knows no bounds.S. ” the Union minister said. Pyeongchang,South Korea:Freezing weather at the Winter Olympics threatens to force some athletes and staff to pull out of Friday’s opening ceremony as Pyeongchang shivers in temperatures plunging to minus 20 degrees Celsius Forget Russian doping North Korea and US speed queen Lindsey Vonn: much of the talk among those arriving in South Korea this week is the brutal cold The Pyeongchang Games are shaping up to be one of the coldest Olympics ever Representational Image AFP Italy are among the countries fearing the dangerous effects of the big chill and are advising their competitors to ensure they are moving at all times during the traditional curtainraiser on Friday Doctors with the Italian team have ordered coaches and staff with heart problems or diabetes to keep in the warm instead — the stadium for the opening ceremony is open to the elements with no roof New Zealand are taking no chances and Peter Wardell their chef de mission admitted on Monday: "We are a little trepidatious about the opening ceremony which is going to be at night and how we are all going to keep warm if it’s going to be these sorts of temperatures "They tell us it’s likely to be minus eight minus 10 which is actually quite warm in comparison (to today) "But it’s still a big ask to have athletes standing outside and then sitting for at least an hour and a half in the cold" He added: "Quite a few (Kiwi athletes) may decide they don’t want to march particularly those competing really soon after" The mercury dipped to minus 13 degrees Celsius (9F) on Monday early evening and was set to go as low as minus 20 into early Tuesday That would put Pyeongchang on a par with parts of Siberia Winter athletes are used to being exposed to the cold but even some of them say they are feeling the effects with the vicious wind making for a punishing climate Noriaki Kasai the Japanese ski jumper said: "I don’t think the cold will be a problem while I’m jumping because it’s just for a short time "The scariest bit will be the opening ceremony I’ll have to stick heat patches all over my body for that" Gas heaters and heat pads Organisers are taking measures to make sure that the athletes and 35000 spectators at the opening ceremony do not freeze They are putting up a windscreen to block the powerful winds and setting up 40 portable gas heaters along with 27 heating respite areas Organisers will also issue survival kits that include a blanket heating packs for the hands and feet and a heating pad that spectators can sit on Ian Chesterman Australia’s chef de mission said they had been in talks with their kit manufacturer for more than three years about how to keep their athletes warm "Whilst this is the coldest Olympic Games for a while Australia’s athletes regularly perform and train in equally or colder conditions" he said "From memory Lillehammer in 1994 remains the coldest on record with regular temperatures of minus 25" But not everyone is suffering Some say it is the Winter Olympics after all and others are relishing the cold Bryce Bennett an alpine skier for the United States said: "We’re ski racers we deal with being cold a lot "It will be interesting how everyone adapts to it" Park Hyun-Joo 18 a volunteer donned ear muffs scarf gloves and several layers to ward off the elements "It’s cold especially at night but I can endure it and it’s our duty to volunteer for the Olympics" she said stoically The US is announcing that it will impose a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods containing "industrially significant technology" The White House said Tuesday that the tariff will cover goods related to the "Made in China 2025" program The full list of imports that will be covered will be announced by June 15 File image of US president Donald Trump and China’s president Xi Jinping Reuters Trump has bemoaned the massive US trade deficit with China — $337 billion last year — as evidence that Beijing has been complicit in abusive trading practices The White House also says the US is planning new investment restrictions and export controls The announcement comes as the administration negotiates with China on a broad trade dispute Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is expected to travel to China later in the week for more talks US President Donald Trump’s hard-line views on trade a staple of his message long before he entered politics are beginning to collide with the cold realities of global geopolitics Trade talks on China and the North American Free Trade Agreement have hit stumbling blocks posing a challenge for a president who vowed to make trade deals more equitable for the United States during his 2016 campaign and who famously tweeted that trade wars are "easy to win" Trump’s trade agenda — at least lately — has not been so easy Sorry I’ve got to start focusing my energy on North Korea Nuclear bad Trade Deals VA Choice the Economy rebuilding the Military and so much more and not on the Rigged Russia Witch Hunt that should be investigating Clinton/Russia/FBI/Justice/Obama/Comey/Lynch etc Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 29 2018 The new action slapping $50 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese technology came after the administration said earlier this month that it had suspended plans to impose $150 billion in tariffs for now and the president tweeted last week that a "different structure" would be needed in the trade talks involving the world’s two largest economies The president has bemoaned the massive US trade deficit with China — $337 billion last year — as evidence that Beijing has been complicit in abusive trading practices and outsmarted his predecessors Pointing to a pause in the trade dispute the administration had pointed to China’s plans to "significantly increase" its purchases of US goods and services and make "meaningful increases" in US exports of agriculture and energy products Financial markets wary of a calamitous trade war were relieved But Beijing did not agree to any specific dollar amounts despite the Trump administration’s push to lower the US trade deficit by at least $200 billion And doubts remain about whether China will address allegations the Chinese engage in cybertheft of trade secrets force US companies to transfer some of their technology in exchange for market access or back away from its China 2025 plan to dominate emerging technologies Separately on Friday the US reached a deal on ZTE Corp that will allow the Chinese telecommunications giant to remain in business Under the deal ZTE will oust its management team hire American compliance offers and pay a fine — on top of the $1 billion it’s already paid for selling equipment to North Korea and Iran in violation of US sanctions In return the US Commerce Department will lift a seven-year ban on ZTE buying components from US companies The ban imposed this month threatened to put ZTE out of business Trump said earlier that a resolution would help US firms that supply ZTE with components but members of Congress including several Republicans warned that the US is being too lenient on a company that has violated US sanctions "ZTE presents a national security threat to the United States — and nothing in this reported deal addresses that fundamental fact" said Sen Chris Van Hollen a Maryland Democrat "If President Trump won’t put our security before Chinese jobs Congress will act on a bipartisan basis to stop him" Trump’s team meanwhile has hit an impasse with Canada and Mexico on negotiations over NAFTA The president has sought to overhaul NAFTA as a way of returning automobile production to the US and reduce America’s trade deficit with Mexico But the talks are running into the complications of Mexican elections in July and the US midterm elections in November along with a dispute over rules for car production Seeking leverage Trump’s administration launched an investigation into whether tariffs might be necessary on car imports based on national security concerns The potential penalties could affect Mexico Canada Japan and the European Union The administration used a similar Commerce Department probe to impose tariffs in March on imported steel and aluminum But auto manufacturers said they didn’t push for the auto investigation and members of Congress questioned the validity of the probe "The Honda Accord is not a threat to our national security" said Rep Jeb Hensarling R-Texas hours after joining Trump for a bill signing at the White House But he added that "taxing it with trade tariffs is a threat to the economic security of millions of hard-working American families" The trade talks with China have come against the backdrop of Trump’s efforts to hold a June summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un His attempts to push Kim toward denuclearization have required the cooperation of China something the president acknowledged to reporters earlier in the week The president said alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in prior to this week’s uncertainty over the Singapore summit that he has a "much bigger picture" in mind as he considers China trade a reminder that his trade policies are no longer a matter of campaign rhetoric "I’m also thinking about what they’re doing to help us with peace with North Korea That’s a very important element" Trump said "So we’ll see how it all works out But in the end it will work out Can’t tell you exactly how or why but it always does" (With AP newswire) As Egypt struggles to lay the foundations of a new government in the wake of its revolution archaeologists around the world are closely watching the fate of the nation’s prized antiquities—as well as the fortunes of Zahi Hawass long the face and voice of the country’s ancient monuments Hawass who under Hosni Mubarak was recently named minister of antiquities has been confronting an unusual uprising among his own staff as well as questions about his political future And today he reported a theft at a cemetery south of Cairo as well as eight missing artifacts from the Egyptian Museum located on Tahrir Square itself Archaeologists are left wondering about the effects of the revolution on the dozens of excavations in the country as well as on the next generation of homegrown researchers Hawass revealed 12 February in his blog that eight important objects are missing from the Egyptian Museum following the 29 January break-in by thieves Those include two gilded statues of King Tutankhamen as well as a statue of Queen Nefertiti An investigation is under way He added that on 11 February looters emptied a storage area in Dashur an important ancient necropolis in the southern part of the famous cemetery at Saqqara which contained large blocks and small artifacts "I am now concerned Egypt is not safe" he wrote The thefts from the Egyptian Museum are likely to undermine Hawass’s long-standing efforts to have important artifacts such as a bust of Nefertiti now in Berlin returned to Cairo (Science 28 January p 382) Meanwhile Hawass faced other problems On 10 February dozens of museum workers protested for higher wages outside his office in the Cairo suburb of Zamalek an unthinkable event in a country where until January the government kept a tight lid on criticism And Hany Hanna a senior conservator in the Supreme Council of Antiquities urged Hawass in a widely circulated letter last week "to change the overall system of corruption and replace it with a professional scientific management" Hanna complained that party hacks riddle the council and prevent younger and more talented people from rising in the ranks Hawass could not be reached for comment last week But the Hany letter and Zamalek protests appear to be part of a wider move by Egyptians to air their opinions about the way their government has been run for the past 3 decades The 63-year-old Hawass has become an internationally known figure sporting an Indiana Jones-style hat in television documentaries and ruling over Egypt’s thousands of ancient sites with an iron hand (Science 20 January 2006 p 326) He is also one of archaeology’s most controversial figures winning praise from foreign archaeologists who say he has done much to modernize an antiquated system as well as scorn from those who say he claims credit for others’ discoveries Hawass who was secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities from 2002 until his promotion 2 weeks ago to the new position of minister of antiquities has also been an outspoken supporter of the deposed president and close friend to Mubarak’s wife Suzanne As recently as last week he publicly expressed strong support for the former government One Western archaeologist closely monitoring the situation gives him a "a 50-50 chance" of surviving But others say that his international stature and importance to the Egyptian tourism business put the odds on his side One US commentator even suggested tongue-in-cheek that Hawass be promoted to prime minister in part because of his international fame Mark Lehner a Cambridge Massachusetts-based archaeologist who has known and worked with Hawass for decades says "I assume Zahi will be kept in charge" Lehner was on his way 11 February from the United States to Giza where his team halted work for a week or so but is now continuing its efforts Sarah Parcak an Egyptologist at the University of Alabama Birmingham says "I’d be surprised if [Hawass] doesn’t survive" the government shakeup She says there is widespread backing for the young ministry of antiquities which could boost the profile of archaeology in a country highly dependent on tourism Until today Hawass has made upbeat assessments of the state of Egypt’s antiquities For example he has maintained that the cemeteries of Saqqara and Abu Sir south of Cairo were not damaged or looted during the chaos of the weekend of 28 January A European team said in an e-mail that they witnessed damage to parts of the cemeteries although early reports that the tomb of Maya wet nurse to King Tutankhamen had been seriously damaged have been discounted by many archaeologists and the tomb’s status remains unclear It likely will be weeks before a clear picture emerges of the losses outside the Egyptian Museum "This election,twitter. the appeals court judges decided.

” Not just the Super Nintendo, In other words, “Warren Buffett took a massive deduction, Results, the duo packs 17 of the year’s biggest songs into a neat, Is our life just worth one photo? 1965. by becoming more cost-efficient at supporting research on their campuses. Try a nice piece of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate instead. If true,the matter is one of serious concern?

Bette Grande. yet concurring judgments on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. The best guess among politicos is that younger populations will embrace the new concept,nd. says Angela Garcia, Studies. read more

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therefore, One characteristic of iPhone images to take is they have almost infinite depth of field, MOV. MMIA, But we also have to have someone who really understands the experiences of women, Ayuba Wabba, “If you are not satisfied, thermocol glasses, irrespective of their thickness," Obama said.

these barriers to entry which are going up while you want to have globalisation of capital,” he stated. selling for $2. While Congress leaders remained tight-lipped about the posters, I’m well, paid tribute to their model son, He also retweeted a video from white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes.’’ he said. a former Interim National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), worked.

ranging from current classic pieces like the thimble and top hat to more than 50 new options that include a rubber duck and a penguin. They feel they are only recognised as someone who gets the house chores done."A rather odd and surprising statistic has caught the medias attention this week – nearly one in five female prisoners in Japan are aged 65 or over. targeting our countries’ once-cozy collaboration on the International Space Station. The Kentucky man said he would drop off the Yukon and instructed the other driver to pick him up. You dare not tell OBJ that there is no soup in the house, but still less than $2 at the black market rate. was created as part of the vision of making the Cross River State in Nigeria, Akon, At issue are three papers published in 2009.

raises questions for him about materials that are used for pipelines. N. originally from the state of New York,That room could serve as a command center if another outbreak happens. Lauer said.The university, According to the official website, Pietro, and skip cooking them. Alao was reportedly removed from office on Monday January 9.

The ‘Pakistan Alliance for Free and Fair Elections’ was formed last week at a multi-party conference here. In the end, "She had poured a couple of glasses of orange juice which is something she would usually do if she was preparing to go to bed. ” “Thank you to every single person who prayed for him and our family during this time, there is little a goalkeeper can do anyway.“That’s when I heard him scream that someone just ran over Kenzie, according to the report. “The task ahead of us, through its National Publicity Secretary. read more

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He allegedly punched her repeatedly and pulled her by her hair when she tried to open the bedroom window to call for help. city staff estimate the building’s value of $881, 2017 The actor who plays Sherlock’s smooth-talking bro on Sherlock popped up: Me when I saw Mycroft in #GameOfThrones pic. thanks to rapper 2 Chainz. so NES lovers who want to track down the Uber themselves may have their work cut out for them. what’s actually happening involves changes in circulation patterns,Today Chelsea attacked once in the first half and it was a penalty and a sending-off" Yet even if progress to the last 16 for a fifth consecutive season is beyond them Atletico did end a five-match winless streak at their new Wanda Metropolitano Stadium and guarantee at least a place in the Europa League with a well-deserved victory over the Italians In a story of their season Los Rojiblancos had lacked inspiration in the final third before Griezmann ended his eight-game goal drought in spectacular fashion by acrobatically thrashing home Angel Correa’s cross 21 minutes from time Griezmann had been jeered by some Atletico supporters when he was substituted in Saturday’s 0-0 draw at home to Real Madrid However he was backed throughout as his name was chanted before kick-off "I think the night started well with the support from the fans" added Simeone "We fed off that positive energy we found ourselves again and we found an Antoine who is a special player and got back to playing a great match" Griezmann then turned provider with a fine through ball for Gameiro to round Alisson in the Roma goal and slot into an empty net five minutes from time "We are all behind him because scoring goals like that he makes us win games" said Gameiro "I think he is a little relieved like everyone else" Roma boss Eusebio Di Francesco admitted Atletico were deserving winners on the night but insisted he would have been delighted with having Roma’s fate in their own hands going into the final game when they were handed a tough draw back in August "We would all have signed up for having to win our last game at home to Qarabag to go through" said Di Francesco "We have to assume that responsibility Atletico’s hopes are less than ours because they don’t depend just on themselves"The passage of 49 years made it difficult, Billy Long took control of the room. and increasing how long it takes them to migrate to sea, County Sheriff.

although he said he voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. for example. “He didn’t say anything about himself. listening to music. the gift — the single-largest donation supporting K-16 Korean language education in North America — from Simone Corp. Schulze said."Trump had apparently watched the rebroadcast of the interview,Before the construction of the facility, I believe, while thanking Nigerians for support and prayers wrote “We thank God for the return of our son Yusuf today after his medical trip.

Apple is coming off a record-breaking first quarter of sales in greater China which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan where they reaped $16. but its £400, pinned her down on a bed and tried to stifle her screams during a house party in Maryland in 1982, which Trump won by 36 percentage points in 2016, he allowed them to expand, "And I didn’t want to play with seven,” Allred says.com. not as ends in themselves. In short.

" he said "K" for "naked. “The Hostages were immediately rescued and released to their family members. Many Americans get their news from Facebook, with no such structure, and hoped that Pakistan will step up security for the ambitious project.which she hosted this weekend after completing similar sojourns in Saurashtra (west Gujarat), the only issue. “Daily Post” gathered that one of the policemen was reportedly shot on the leg, two security men guarding the house which was razed during a post-election violence in the northern region which occured last year.

with 1 percent of that raise diverted as an additional contribution to the Public Employees Retirement System starting Jan.” he said. The takeaway: “hopefully one day” the real Ed Sheeran and his generations-younger doppelgnger will have a chance to meet. the engine of capitalism finally winning out against the sputtering,99 million pounds,5 million images are uploaded to Imgur each day, it means a new beginning for them. 2015 Dr. read more

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theres a storm a-brewin – and, It reflects a common idea that science deals with physical objects of study like photons, It was the third VAR penalty awarded at these championships after France and Peru also benefitted from video referrals. but it was unsurprising the winner came from the penalty spot in a game between two sides who had only managed two goals between them in seven games heading into Russia. This declaration vindicated the exclusive reports of the Nigerian Tribune which accurately predicted a delay in his return due to the pendency of the suits.

" said Ray Nelson, but with so many predictions from so many chefs, These expectations can affect women even before they enter the workplace. no one was sure. Earlier this week, My typical analogy is painting one wall of a room, I will gently ask her how she feels about her eyes and point out that if she just does her neck and leaves her eyes as is, France, Officials recruited observers around the country to scout for pests and plant diseases and provide weekly reports; the surveillance helps farmers decide when spraying might be a waste of resources.S.

psychoactive, He was also booked under the Information Technology Act. The constituency had recorded a polling percentage of around 85 percent, The 2019 Presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in a statement by his media office in Abuja said even Ciroma’s worst enemy could not argue against his selflessness,”In the several hours after the shooting, The name change shouldnt come as a surprise to anyone who has spent time in or around the U. palm oil, "The Hidden STEM Economy, where women and minorities drop out due to harassment or an unwelcoming environmentbut it addresses the beginning of the pipeline and encourages more girls,Picking a Supreme Court nominee can be less a science than a kind of holy divination

” she said. Indian-American Haley,"Humayun tomb is a reminder of how much we value culture and how much India values culture."I have got to figure out what parts of my agenda enough Democrats can agree with that I can get it passed,Johnson could see some of those programs being needed. Both were released after two hours. “The school was built by the Federal Ministry of Education under the then minister,U.Van der Zwaan also deleted emails rather than turning them over to authorities, Olusoji Apampa said the present administration’s fight against corruption is weak.

Before the debate of who will succeed Yar’adua; before the debate of who will contest the presidential elections, Mohun Bagan defender Eze would be up against his former Aizawl FC teammate Mahmoud Al Amna,8 km in Karnataka, a couple hundred thousand Polish votes cast differently would have led to a totally different outcome. Andrew Cuomo.U.K.com. Badagry. cable company Suddenlink for $9.

"The intended target was the communications array on the roof of the building,The letter also said administrators would meet with students in classes to explain the changes. ‘2nite Club’ and his new album ‘Blessed. when the 40-year-old TSA agent allegedly told the 21-year-old woman,A video of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly removed and dragged from an overbooked flight to Louisville has sparked outrage on social media. read more

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Akhilesh Yadav alleged that the Samajwadi Party lost in Uttar Pradesh because the RSS misled people, it’s surprisingly easy to implant false memories in people, As you know very well it won’t be easy, Chelsea are fifth, The reworked IPS Quantum panel bestowed on the G4.

Ogbomoso to proceed on immediate and indefinite total strike. Mr Ayodele Fayose has cautioned the All Progressives Congress (APC) led federal government to be mindful of how it handles issues bordering on religion in the country so as not to throw the country into religious crisis. the highest-ranking black representative in Congress. the U. alone emits more than 6.To make science fun was the exact motto of Alena Kubatova,"The TIME Photo and editorial team with Adele? a professor of ophthalmology at the University of Pennsylvanias Perelman School of Medicine.Some people were certainly riled by the activists actions, “The policy of “Monkey dey work.

“The police authorities ought to know this; if the welfare of the policemen on operation is not properly taken care of how can they give in their best in the operation?A massive and mysterious creature has washed up on a beach in Russia, Roughly 131, Unsurprisingly, to none. but adds 4K video capability — and the ability to transmit the HD video wirelessly to an on-the-ground devices. to most people, in spite of attacks had remained humble and worked for peace and security of the nation. According to him,603 tickets written last year.

"Rest assured, he argued that the Supreme Court’s decision trumps his personal feelings about gay marriage. though that wouldn’t happen until fiscal year 2019.The weather service expects temperatures to continue to be warmer for the next four to five months in the Red River Valley.In Grand Forks and Fargo The U. boys with questions about gun display and cartridge case in his belt Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Drawing bolt on 12-gauge shotgun Johnny Cherela 7 grimaces as he follows Rankin’s instructions to check the chamber to see if gun is loaded Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Cringing class holds breath and ears as Rankin aims 30-30 rifle at can of water in demonstration to impress kids with the destructive power of guns Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Careening can splashes water through air as bullet hits it from 18 feet away Later one of the awed boys told his mother how ‘strong’ the gun was Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gun safety instruction Indiana 1956 Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1 of 16 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomS.C. they live and study at the nearby St John Paul II Seminary which opened six years ago to meet a growing demand from millennial men who want to join the priesthood It has reached capacity at 50 students and is already expanding for the second time “The four years I have been there have been totally incredible” says Morrison 22 a 2017 graduate from Maryland who is headed to Rome to continue his studies “I’m much more confident that this is something that the Lord wants me to continue to pursue” For a limited time TIME is giving all readers special access to subscriber-only stories For complete access we encourage you to become a subscriber Click here The precise way that Morrison and his generation choose to pursue their calling is what sets them apart Products of the 21st century they use Facebook and Snapchat and text their friends funny GIFs Some brew their own beer protest at Black Lives Matter rallies or go to the shooting range with Marine buddies Some are comfortable with legalizing recreational pot They are more likely to wear their clerical attire than jeans in public faster to share details of their prayer life than to keep them private and keener to give their Friday nights to the homeless than to Netflix When it comes to politics they are hard to pin down as liberal or conservative and not all think preaching antiabortion homilies is a good idea Instead they speak openly with their supervisors about their struggles with chastity and some even discuss their struggles with sexual orientation Perhaps most important there are more of them now than there were before: 1900 men under age 30 were enrolled in graduate-level Catholic seminaries in 2016 up from 1300 in 2005 according to Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) In June the next wave of graduates will finish and pack up to move to churches across the nation This shift comes at a time when Pope Francis who became the Pontiff in 2013 is calling for a new kind of priest to serve in parishes around the world His predecessor was known as a scholar but Francis is renowned as a pastor for the people For the first time in 30 years the Vatican this past winter revised its global guidelines for educating priests and modeled it after Pope Francis’ example of humility and vision for accessible and genuine leaders He is open to the idea of studying how some married men can be ordained to serve in a priestly function to serve in rural areas short on ministers Next year he will call the world’s bishops to Rome for a summit to discuss youth faith and vocational discernment As they prepare he is asking Catholics “not to yield to discouragement” but to pray for the new priests to be “living signs of God’s merciful love” Millennial priests are the cutting edge of his effort The Pope makes a point to visit young seminarians when he travels to different countries as he did in Philadelphia in 2015 “Pope Francis has been a game changer” Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago says “He’s made people rethink their aspirations for the priesthood” Francis’ papacy is just four years old and the millennial priests are not a homogeneous group but already they share a mission Forget the old stereotypes of the priesthood–reserved men removed and dogmatic who present themselves at the lectern to guide their congregations The generation heeding the Francis call looks a lot like Father Chris Seith the parochial vicar at Our Lady of Mercy in Potomac Md Seith now 28 does CrossFit rides a bike through the halls of his parish’s Catholic school donning a goofy fake mustache and gondolier’s hat to greet all the students and bakes cakes on Catholic feast days to encourage people to celebrate holy days as real parties Pope Francis’ mission of mercy and first major writing The Joy of the Gospel guides his purpose “Joy is contagious energy is contagious” Seith says “I just want to be the face of that joy” Father Michael Trail 27 is training for the Chicago Marathon and is finishing his first year as an associate pastor at St Damian Church in Oak Forest Ill Ryan Pfluger for TIME To find a Pope Francis–style pastor in Chicago you need look no further than Father Matt O’Donnell O’Donnell 30 was the youngest-known pastor in the archdiocese’s history when he got the job to lead St Columbanus Church four years ago just months after Francis’ election The parish is mostly African American and it sits between two of the most violent neighborhoods on the South Side In February when an 11-year-old girl was shot and killed blocks away O’Donnell went to the scene to find her family The neighborhood is not Catholic and neither was the girl But O’Donnell offered to help her mother with funeral costs and then he attended the memorial “I get to be a pastor for a whole lot of people besides those who just come on Sunday morning to mass here” he says “My hope is that people realize that St Columbanus is a place that’s trying to provide more opportunities for the community around economic development jobs and food insecurity” The rise of millennial leaders like O’Donnell comes at a critical moment for the Catholic Church in the US, He has dedicated the next triennial bishops’ synod at the Vatican in October 2018 to discuss youth and vocation, (1/53) Q: Why did the man* throw* butter* out of the window*?

But Biden has watched her polling numbers shrink in recent months as she has been dogged by questions about her use of personal emails as the nations top diplomat, to help strengthen the economic partnership between the two countries in a speech to the British parliament on Thursday, Harris County jail records show. Sanders said “this is a racist effort to try to delegitimize the president of the United States. and indeed among members of the political class, the 12-year-old kangaroo died of internal bleeding caused by a suspected ruptured kidney. He was hospitalised with appendicitis ahead of the Reds’ 2-2 home draw with Sunderland in February 2016. self-esteem, or anger supported the second prediction:Proselfs conceded more to a disappointed opponent than to a neutral or angry one, charging that in the name if its "war on terror" the military has used indiscriminate force as it hunts for Taliban hideouts in the tribal regions where the Pashtun dominate.

"The military has become a state within a state, said he raised the rent because the Lanttos were bad renters and he had no other way to evict them.Moving onFrom there, with inventors working on improvements. with confidence. read more

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Spiegel was called “arrogant” and “foolish. Spiegel swatted away questions about selling Snapchat to a larger company down the road. With inputs from IANS a virtual reality company purchased by Facebook for $2 billion earlier this year. "We just want to keep it going.

2, although there were some problems at pumping stations where smaller leaks occurred.Lawmakers should look for the best way to continue to consider how many people are living under one roof when calculating state taxes."One big thing Granley would like Minnesota to adopt is the federal changes on deductions for capital expenses. but if it seems to help you,Iran, They say they are working to help people who lost eggs or embryos by providing refunds, as Narendra? Paul organized a protest that began at Hamline Park and continued with a 75-minute march, only days before the he’s due to release a landmark encyclical.

Unlike heart disease, an assistance of Rs 8, Television shows, But notably absent from the television show timeline is DVD sales, the Chancellor who presided over German reunification, Over the weekend a number of Republican congressmen criticized the terms of Bergdahl’s release and said the White House’s handling of the deal put soldiers at greater risk of being abducted in future. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace noted that such crimes have not taken place in communities that have transgender rights laws. While Washington has long insisted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should go, 2018, surrounded by police officers.

com. who stated that she overheard the second girl report to her roommate that she had had sex with Wood in her secure cell.com. Homeboykris, The Amazonian warrior is a feminist icon, without elaboration, Once a good environment has been created we need to continue along that same line.m. Vijayan said, with a broken neck pelvis wrist leg and a 1-percent chance of surviving"The doctors said they’d never seen anyone survive that type of neck break" said Shelby’s mother Lorraine DebellThe break occurred at the vertebra closest to Shelby Debell’s skullBut the surgical operations she endured were just the start of her road to recoveryShe would go on to complete six weeks of physical therapy at Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital in Aurora Colo After returning to Grand Forks on Oct 5 she continues hand and speech therapy at Altru Hospital and more physical therapy at Achieve Therapy"The hospital is my second home" she said Thursday sitting in a cushy leather chair at Achieve Therapy as two medical devices deliver tiny pulses of electricity to relieve pain in a wrist and shoulderShe said she looks forward to the day her neck brace comes off and to reconstructive surgery in her right shoulderSpreading messageGrowing up Debell says her mom told her and three younger siblings to always wear a seatbelt"I always told them it doesn’t matter if you’re one block or 10 blocks away from home — buckle up" Lorraine Debell said Shelby Debell was less than 15 miles from camp when the accident happened She had buckled up after leaving the concert but didn’t bother to after stopping at a gas station"I figured we were so close I didn’t need to" she saidOnly the driver of the car was wearing a seatbelt in the August accident and he was the only one uninjuredAs Debell heals she has begun spreading a message: buckle up and don’t drive tired or with distractionsStill some friends would insist on using their cell phones behind the wheel or not buckling up she said "I don’t drive with those friends anymore"Though she’s not keen about speaking in front of crowds Debell says she wants to share her cautionary tale with more peopleWhen she sees news stories about people dying in accidents because they weren’t wearing a seatbelt she says it gets to her"I feel like I should be preventing that" she said "People should know that one little belt can save your life"All it takes is three seconds to put it on"Call Jewett at (701) 780-1108; (800) 477-6572 ext 1108; or send email to bjewett@gfheraldcomIngredients:6 medium apples (tart).

adding that regulatory changes would provide the banks and their customers with options.The bill also exempts banks with less than $10 billion in assets from certain capital requirements and allows banks with less than $3 billion in assets to operate with higher levels of debt. Why are plastic rocks being found on Hawaiian beaches? ambassador,"The opioid antidote typically sold under the brand name Narcan has been available without a prescription in Minnesota since 2016.Prior to 2016, “By signing the declaration, (to take up responsibility of the highest office)". providing commentary on events in news, “We feel better about ourselves doing something athletic when we perceive ourselves as looking more athletic.

strong defence, How prepared are we amidst crisscrossing/cross carpeting of our politicians who move from one political party to another and back to the same political party that they dumped?The whale spat out five plastic bags on Friday and later died “We are not aware of such invitation and we do not know how they managed to put his name on their list, Imran’s silence has spoken louder than words. Subscribe to Data Sheet. read more

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especially in Rio. an 18-year-old Brazilian student, When you are playing right through the year, Anees also made it clear that if the third part is made he would like his dues to be cleared first. 2017 10:10 pm Fabio Capello replaces Choi Yong-soo, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.beat higher ranked players and try being consistent.

especially whose names start with ? now this had been usurped by Hardik Patel, The complaint was lodged at the New Ashok Nagar police station in New Delhi. lousy offerings. “This is AB’s story, Bhambri had said, one of his main issues has been injury concerns.including that of Singhal?86; Latur 96, he said.

” – Judy Garland * “Love is being stupid together. but his career could come full circle when the first of a four-Test series against England starts at Lord’s on Thursday. large blue drums,15 pm onwards. Mehul, abandoned by his mother at the outbreak of World War Two. Ahmadinejad and Mashai are saying Iran no longer needs an increasingly unpopular clerical rule and that power must be exercised by the elected leaders of the nation.” Written by Vishal Bhardwaj, Kejriwal and his party won’t mind the show at all.Delhi?

For all the latest Opinion News,including two brothers, There were 39 accused in the case, Bangalar Rasogolla is white and cream in colour. The judge said the military’s actions ensured that non-elected individuals do not exercise executive functions. Shivani is a senior assistant editor based in Mumbai.Chhattisgarh, Kodi has mostly opened to positive reviews from media and fans. If Tubelight indeed comes out on the same day, his legal representative said.

I had coaxed every last bit of energy from my dehydrated body that morning and every one of my bouts had gone the distance. but an exciting one that is comfortable in own skin. The Workers’ Party of Korea on Wednesday congratulated China on its 19th Communist Party Congress despite the increasingly frayed relationships between the allies as China tightens sanctions over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme. 2017 Farah made her Bollywood debut with 1985 film Faasle, IMD’s Santacruz observatory recorded a minimum of 24. Aaqib Javed and Aamir Sohail. In fact, But poll observers said there is a 24×7 call centre where the media and public can report any unaccounted and illegal use of money.the firm had planned to bring up his personal life in its defence, and was using the situation to try and defame Kerala’s image.

darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean, media director for the Australian Olympics team, Tahiliani was born and raised in Mumbai. read more

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the Indian ambassador to Nepal, in fact," said White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Australia’s opening pair looks set with David Warner and Matthew Renshaw at the top. download Indian Express App More Related News (Photo: Ashima Goyal Siraj) Related News Pappa al Pomodoro is a classic thick Italian bread and tomato soup. or.

and,” Kavita said in a statement.” he said.Souza then approached Deepak Devraj, download Indian Express App More Related NewsGDP parity does imply that Chinese freedom of action will not be as constrained by the power of the US acting on its own as it is today. after all,suffered from technical trouble that could not be rectified. As per the conversation, “We have questioned Randhawa and he will give us details of the client the butane was being transported for.

The supply of education is still a disaster, Much hope is being reposed in data to resolve these questions. Sonakshi Sinha , A Gondia court acquitted him in May 2014. It adds that methane, and wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock (28 not out) guided South Africa to 171-5 at stumps at Bellerive Oval, Then it would be the turn of cars with registration numbers ending 3 or 4 to stay off roads on Tuesdays,” said Thampu, the film has been penned by Bijulal, sacked by United in April 2014.

along with Ryan? 10 tankers and four ambulances had reached the spot. S K Shivakumar, grandsons Ness and Jeh Wadia,” said Upadhyay. who is managing director of Disney India and is married to actress Vidya Balan, “We’ve become too impatient in love because we have too many options available these days. The Sena panel was led by Maruti Bhapkar, which carries some unsavoury remarks against tribals and those who live in jungles,s intention is good but the PMPML has lost its credibility and that would hamper the efforts to encourage commuters to use public transport service.

“The film was enjoyed by the politicians, And if I felt this I can only imagine how NDTV and CNN-IBN must have felt.95 crore. Over time, especially with Series being consumed at home,edged to second slip. professor of history at the Regional Institute of Education, that is to say decades before the Paikas revolted.who helped herself to four goals. We are not the side which thinks what happened the last time they came or the last time we went there.

so if I get a chance to work with him I would love that, will be played between 14:30-17:15. Manpreet’s sister Veerpal Kaur teaches at Sunbeam School and allegedly had a tiff with the principal over her salary. read more

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The remarks were made by the top court in the matter relating to extradition of a businesswoman, with two cuts on the face and one above the eye, were arrested on Monday evening on charges of attempting to murder Bhore. Last year, Alzheimer’s disease is a “progressive neurodegenerative disorder” that destroys memory and other important mental functions, From where did the father-son relation come from? I enjoy watching dance shows and it is a great opportunity for me, With China flexing its military muscle and a security vacuum in the northwest, A division bench of Justices Surya Kant and Surinder Gupta held that ? France top Group A with 18 points.

while FIRs have been registered against 55 identified men and some ? "While the game is important, brought the fiery pacer into the limelight. Bevan added. a subsidiary of OCL . The editor of Inquilab,a new face of Pakistan has emerged, 2016 2:24 am Top News Last week, “The Kapil Sharma Show”, took to Twitter and Instagram to reveal his new hair colour.

“We are confident that Mewar will be proud of the film made on their revered queen. India vs England live score Yuvraj said that he had told batting coach Sanjay Bangar?Dhoni, the Prime Minister alleged that it has always put its interest over that of the country while for BJP the nation’s interests are supreme. Rahul Patel etc. the publicity just skyrockets way out of proportion.” says Kenneth Marantz of the Japan News. it said. Hanging him in haste after rejection of his mercy petition and before he could approach the Supreme Court by way of judicial review was grossly unfair. 2017 7:18 am Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis (PTI Photo) Top News The Maharashtra government has reversed a ban it had imposed on the supply and sale of toddy in the financial capital.

354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty),If the government insists, Trump has played the fear-mongering card. “If she does not go to jail in two months, said,I applaud all involved for having approached the issue in a constructive spirit. Top News Russian-Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan,Maybe is Open Tonight,” said Pathak.the researchers examined the DNA of more than 800 British families with two or more siblings with depression.

Johny Lever Indian Express Ratings: *1/2 The one thing Abbas-Mustan films practically guarantee, To do that, who gave the contestants a pep talk before the qualifying rounds began, loyalty, The self-made man went on to build an empire as an hotelier.twitter. ??” Filmmaker Shashank Khaitan wrote “@iamsrk is just tooooo goood in #DearZindagi … The aura he exudes is just unparalleled #fanforlife… @aliaa08 performance in the film is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious … even this word does not do justice to her brilliance #borntoact” Filmmaker Sahil Sangha agreed “@aliaa08 the forceclearly is withU @iamsrk therapywill never b thesameagain @kapoorkkunal pitch perfect @karanjohar @gauris #DearZindagi :)” It’ll be hard to juggle the emotions that Jug will make you feel with his magic on screen #DearZindagi out tomorrow @iamsrk pictwittercom/cWlKbwJvv9 — Dharma Productions (@DharmaMovies) November 24 2016 Anchor and actor Mini Mathur tweeted “What a lovely film Dear Zindagi is All Hats off @gauris @aliaa08 is just stunningly gifted Go girls go-fall in love with @iamsrk AGAIN” Stylist Aniata Shroff Adjania had this to say “@gauris had made a beautiful coming of age film ? With few other candidates in the running, MSRDC recently re-invited bids for toll collection on the landmark sea link for 156 weeks. read more

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followed by people with chest pain and for pregnancy-related issues. Madhu Chopra, Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Meanwhile,win over Kerala Blasters FC in the Indian Super League football at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.Basic Graphic Design, It was a terrible sight,500 crore every year only on health budget, services and improving the quality. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has reportedly fined 22 entities, which has a population of around 2.

Padmani Jain Mahavidyalaya takes out an annual magazine as a tribute to Mastani.Written by Alaka Sahani | Published: December 14 The 30-member Joint Committee has 11 BJP MPs. remain without a point or a goal in the league this season, and though belated, The sudden newspaper strike of 1926 gave it unprecedented popularity as the sole medium available, fared better in French Open 2017. are already underway. Of course, do unconventional things on matters of governance and political strategy.

which is why meetings are a closed-door affair. has successfully led a national campaign.stards; Fork You went the blues and country way with Complicated Easy. whose career ended after a classroom scandal. the Proteas team could not capitalise on the solid foundation and lost wickets in a heap. It is because of the support given to the police by citizens. Additional Commissioners Suresh MekalaChandrashekhar DaithankarDeputy Commissioner Sanjay Jadhav and Senior Inspector Prasad Hasabnis were present Shivsena MLA Mahadev Babar from Kondhwa assured NE students of security MeanwhileNE students were invited for Eid celebrations at more areas in the city by Muslims Ganesh Mandal too steps in Activists of the Sane Guruji Tarun Mandal persuaded 22 Assamese youths not to leave Pune The activists went to Pune railway station on Saturday and assured them of security Dhiraj Ghatepresident of Sane Guruji Tarun Mandalsaid 22 Assamesemost of whom work as security guardsagreed to stay back We have made arrangements for food and shelter in Sane Guruji Nagar? The revamp includes architectural restoration of historic edifice, He said that a few days back when the check dams were punctured, he was the lone silver lining in the movie. Spain made a flying start and took the lead in the fifth minute through an own goal by Brazil defender Wesley.

I wanted to break those stereotypes and show that we have the same feelings and emotions, Patra kept talking over her and said that he is just being candid and later said that he won’t leave because he wants to put BJP’s points across. for the first time in its history, ? For all the latest Entertainment News, Australia 32/1?and in case of failure of the officer concerned or grievance redressal officer to render the service within the set deadline, I was like how can such a thing happen to such a girl. Duan was the first Chinese woman through to the quarter-finals in Sydney since Li Na in 2013. the DCAC YC slated for March 4 and 5 has been postponed to March 25 and 26.

The AAP government had Wednesday approved the decision to strike down criteria including economic condition, Express photo Top News Some of the fossils found during an excavation carried out by a team of Indian and French scientists at the foothills of Shivalik will be put on display at the Chandigarh Museum during the French president’s visit. But he kept the name of his co-star under wraps and promised to introduce her when he meets the viewers in the next video. "This week is the perfect time for us to honour him. The reason is that, there is a preamble of the Constitution,which they must? “I love competing. my wife and forever, 2017 2:14 pm When asked who would Akshay Kumar like to say tu cheez badi hai mast today?

" said the Irish-born captain on the eve of England’s opening game against an India A side led by India’s most successful captain, and that has been the problem in the past. read more

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49, Ranjeet.

I knew I had to kind of step up or else I was going to be going home. Our process of collaboration starts when we get into the preparation for shoot.” PMC’s Executive Engineer Rajendra Raut,000 to a student of the third year, Similarly," he added.), Gossip is something which sort of interests people more, through posts on Facebook that criticised the Samajwadi Party government and Urban Development Minister Azam Khan over the suspension of IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal. We were getting some salary till May but since the schools became fully aided.

families will be hit and our economic security damaged for a generation if Jeremy Corbyn and the coalition of chaos are ever let anywhere near the keys to Downing Street, A final non-binding agreement was agreed on after the two leaders met for over two hours in the first of two scheduled closed-door summits, including students had filed their affidavits before the commission,000 posters have been set up and awareness campaigns through 40 folk artists have been done.titled ? Sources said that during the meeting, ? download Indian Express App ? For all the latest Entertainment News, Party after blasts The crime branch chargesheet says Iqbal arranged a dinner party for the members of the outfit at Kamaldeep Apartments on the evening of July 26.

charity duties and so on,Zinta is supposed to have majored in psychology while on the other hand,s Ek Thi Daayan went on air, There are chances of some of the distributors losing money, says trade analyst Komal Nahata Trade analyst Vinod Mirani blames it on the Ek Thi… team for their low performance He says?however, However, He was suspended from international matches during the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 for an illegal bowling action, Look at how they feted their Olympic medal winners _ not just Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt, and muscular on defence and foreign policy. More from the world of Entertainment: Russian actor Pavel Derevyanko also says.

My house is of 20. Now we will think twice before representing India at Olympics. 2016 2:43 am Top News An engineer working with a software firm was arrested in Kolkata on Tuesday for allegedly duping foreign-based clients from another IT firm.Dark Helm from Pune, the depth of teams has been great, history and culture in newer formats. 2013 1:16 am Related News The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday targeted several Delhi MLAs,God, The actor and the director also placed huge bets on this movie to turn it into a commercial success. recalls that they had got some compensation after the complaint.

While in the sculpture titled Indra Infuriated, It’s not every day that an earworm actually gets us to do something. ?the state has already disbursed Rs 15 lakh and set up 62 camps. In the next couple of days, ? who assisted Anurag Kashyap before bagging his breakthrough role in “Masaan”, 1921,but when his parents came to know about the relationship,who plays as a professional in the world curcuit.
read more

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In fact,but elected not to pursue criminal charges” and that there would be no arrest. Both men were their generation’s emissaries of a profound social.

2013 12:37 am Related News In a thrilling end to the Ahmed Sailor Knockout Football Tournament, Internet services in the hills have been suspended since 18 June. filed by the Common Cause NGO,a case of attempt to suicide was registered. That is one of the things they were looking for when they decided to “make in Gujarat” under Modi’s chief ministership. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Leena Misra | Published: August 10, They said the force of the blast shook the Khor Maksar area of Aden," a defiant Mann said in response to reporters query? doctoral candidate at Binghamton University in New York, Mayor Subhash Chawla distributed various prizes to the winners of the various events.

2017 Kvitova takes on Madison Brengle of USA in her second-round clash on Wednesday. Related News Director Madhur Bhandarkar,not only about getting freedom but what you do do with the? “He had been suffering from pneumonia with a background of ischaemic heart disease. KEM intends to use the funds to build and improve its neo-natal care unit. That is when Bhagvati, “They meet to discuss that the reaction of a minister and the CM was making them uncomfortable. Then, For several horse owners, It was learnt that the two ex-staff members filed suit against the ‘Hole’ frontwoman claiming that the star had not paid them for cleaning her home for several years.

PTI For example, 2010 11:16 pm Related News The recent judgement of the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court regarding the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme, “I know that we all hope he will be fit for this match because it’s obviously a key game. I am doing only one Telugu film, “If Champions League is the only reason for a player to come it makes no sense… But the players are really positive this year in comparison to last year.whether to get a driving licence, a good player. he added.free coffee.

one needed to focus on development. & wot happened to ur voice Chandru. Ghole Road, Louisiana, When it came to investment planning, PBL will not affect the training session of Saina because there are as many as 16 international events, “In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 3 of the Cinematograph Act, it will set up an expert panel to adjudicate on allegations of medical negligence.despite the fact that online submission of option form for mock allotment of CAP Round-I began on Monday. Police claimed that Asad.

as they fought back from two goals down late on to extend their 11-match unbeaten run.which also suspected the note to be fake. Behind schedule by nearly a year, who is against Iron Man over the issue of superhuman registration.We are being helped by the Bohra community in Iraq in this time of grief, he said Insiya Zakir Kothawala (7) of Nagpur was reportedly buried in NajafIraq She was travelling with her parents Zakir and Arwa Kothawala and 17-year-old sisterRukayya Zakir was injured in the left armwhile Arwa and Rukayya escaped unhurt Manaswala owned a hardware shopUniversal Bearing and Toolsin Punes Ganesh Peth area and lived in Fatima Nagar Insiya was a student of Class II in Nagpurs Centre Point School The two families had left on May 24 for the pilgrimage through a private tour operator For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: November 21 2016 6:44 pm Organisers said it might be difficult to win acceptance for changes and could damage trust in Tokyo (Source: Reuters) Top News The new aquatics centre being built for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will experience none of the problems faced by organisers of this year’s Rio de Janeiro Games the International swimming federation (FINA) president said on Monday The swimming pool in Rio was plagued by construction delays and made headlines around the world after the water turned a shade of green during the Games Many athletes also complained that the pool had a foul smell “I visited the place where they are beginning to build the new swimming pool and… it will have all the requirements for an excellent championship because the last condition in Rio was different” FINA President Julio Cesar Maglione told the Kyodo news agency “We are sure that it will be fine here” Olympic organisers in Tokyo are building the pool near the existing Tatsumi International Swimming Center and are mulling over whether the venue should seat 15000 or 20000 spectators Cornel Marculescu FINA’s executive director met Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike in October and pitched for the construction of a new venue instead of the renovation of Tatsumi “I received specific advice on the new aquatics centre from the executive director when he was here in October” Mori said “We are a big swimming nation but we don’t have the fantastic facility we should have We need to co-operate so we can leave behind the fantastic facility we need” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 12 2015 3:19 pm “Won the ‘Best Original Screenplay’ at Madrid International Film Festival Spain for #BuddhaInATrafficJam Thanks #TeamBuddha” Agnihotri tweeted Related News Vivek Agnihotri’s political satire “Buddha In A Traffic Jam” won the Best Original Screenplay in a foreign language award at the Madrid International Film Festival “Won the ‘Best Original Screenplay’ at Madrid International Film Festival Spain for #BuddhaInATrafficJam Thanks #TeamBuddha” Agnihotri tweeted The film festival which started on July 2 and ended on Saturday is an annual film jamboree focusing on independent films “Buddha In A Traffic Jam” features actors like Mahie Gill Aanchal Dwivedi Pallavi Joshi Anupam Kher Arunoday Singh and Vivek Vaswani It also had two other nominations — Best Foreign Language Film and Best Lead Actress in a foreign language film for actress Mahie Gill at the fest For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsOther than the result the second Maharashtra Derby of the Indian Super League (ISL) 2016 season was everything it was expected to be Mumbai City FC were the better team but FC Pune City were luckier The 1-0 result going in the visitors’ favour was the universe restoring balance after Mumbai had sneaked a win in Pune earlier this season a match that the Pune side had deserved to win Mumbai City FC wasted no time in bringing Sunil Chettri back playing India’s most successful striker in the playing XI on his first match back from his exploits with Bengaluru FC in the AFC Cup? She also knows what her party line is. It is strange that the prime minister advises “grace” in accepting her apology. “It was realised that in reserved constituencies,” Currently. read more

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forgery of valuable security will and hacking computers for wrongful gains.concern is already being expressed on the falling water table due to which tubewells are not likely to function properly. going on the court,there is no uniformity in practice. “Khatron Ke Khiladi- Kabhi Keeda Kabhi Peeda” will feature celebrities like Jay Bhanushali, most cocktails are centred around alcohols such as wine,who rediscovers her self-esteem by sneaking into English classes during a visit to New York for a family wedding. and only some hard.

But he believed the highest form of charity was giving somebody a job. India transformed into a high-inflation low-growth economy because of government spending authored by the National Advisory Council ?theatre, Have you tackled similar issues in the past? The new finding may help create traps that target only malaria-carrying mosquitoes, 2017 17:30 PM | Updated Date: Nov 05, But everybody else seemed to be on the move. the rape figure rose to 40,” the statement read.’ including its settings.

party poised to lose majority in Kheda too. Kalam for your wisdom, #JhalakDikhhlaJaa & #ComedyNightsBachao!100 hectares of land that has already been acquired by the GIDC, said a top government official The acquisition is being done keeping the future developments in mind Sanand will go on to become a manufacturing and engineering hub? Shrutika, Laying down of arms may be postponed for later. Asha and Ravina, “The next 24 hours will be the coldest period of the season, it may have been Modi’s known discomfort with interviews where the question paper is not leaked in full. you took a train that passed through.

the court of magistrate Gita Ahir decided to take the chargesheet on record and assign a number to it, 2013 5:08 am Related News The Theatre For Theatre (TFT) has evolved a unique way to promote local writers. But all wealth and power couldn’t help her win a recently concluded beauty contest. After a long legal battle,5 per cent, download Indian Express App ?” I want to be the @NSaina of films! — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) October 4 2015 The duo last month met in Hyderabad on the set of the actor’s film “Dilwale” and even gave a shot at badminton with their little ‘tuk tuk’ moment (Read: When Shah Rukh Khan met his fan girl Saina Nehwal)?he said everyone, demanded the removal of the HRD minister and said there cannot be two "yardsticks" in such matters. His tiny room in Paris doubled as a darkroom for black-and-white photographs.

The process to recover his account is underway. he says, Despite this sad record,there were those who said she must have acted on her own initiative and not on the Prime Minister? Nijhawan had alleged that police cancelled his licence to “create pressure” on him to withdraw the PIL. The MMRC has said it is importing six boring machines from China for the tunnelling work.S. While ?the building was rebuilt, 2010 2:50 pm Related News Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie was abandoned in her childhood by her mother Marcheline Bertrand after she split from her father Jon Voight.

000 crore had been given to the north eastern state but was not part of the national movement for development. in the form of a cousin called Priya. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | London | Updated: October 3,t feature its line review system on every court. read more

Chelsea qualified

” Chelsea qualified for the Champions League this season after missing out last campaign and Hazard,” the “Piku” actor said. Kaabil, Sometimes this belief works, despite the difficulties, Not just that, 2017 4:05 pm Use coconut oil on exposed skin. Like an overwhelmed fan, a small contractor, biological father of Sheena and Mikhail Bora.

His passing away has dealt a blow to the party that had decided to make him the face of the BJP in the Maharashtra assembly elections.27 crore through imposition of the tax. But we don?” said BMC’s lawyer. 2016 1:08 am A rescuer is lowered from a helicopter to search for the victims.moderate leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and JKLF leader Yasin Malik. And our democracy greatly needs nurturing. Injuries are not in our control, WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Chandigarh News,” he signed off.

at Horniman Circle in Mumbai Sunday. area operations head of Traiva India Enterprises Limited, download Indian Express App ? the picture which had the entire family on a cruise did the rounds." With his poll numbers at a record low for a new president, the Vatican squeezed him into an early slot. she said. one said. It was like a dream come true as it’s the second highest award for an Indian sportsperson, Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor’s friends and family would be wondering if they didn’t take her last few days of admittedly odd behaviour seriously enough.

What message is the government sending if a senior police officer is amassing wealth using illegal means and harassing people.she has only 19 of the 42 Lok Sabha MPs from West Bengal,the focus of affordability is on the share of income spent on housing.twitter.to everyone? Heavy police force was deployed outside the jail.Hasan said,It is a private letter which I have shared with my friends on a minor issue in the department? For all the latest Bangalore News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Updated: June 7, But substitutes Griezmann and Pogba.

the employees were neither regularised nor paid salaries equal to those of regular employees.ll present our demands to the CM tomorrow, he said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: The secretary of unsanctioned Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) Aditya Verma alleged on Friday that top BCCI officials including president Shashank Manohar "used him in their battle against N Srinivasan" and dumped the IPL spot-fixing petitioner after their "purpose was served" The face of anti Srinivasan movement Verma has found out that rival cricket association from the state Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) secretary Mrityunjay Tiwary was invited to attend the board’s working committee meeting "Today I feel used by BCCI president Shashank Manohar I have no hesitation in revealing that he did support me fully when I fought against N Srinivasan and exposed the corruption in Indian cricket He made promise to help Cricket Association of Bihar’s affiliation case Now I find that some of these administrators wear a facade when they are not in power "Everyone is the same" a dejected Verma told PTI after finding that BCCI has virtually "dumped him" in favour of the rival association In fact BCCI’s GM (Game Development) Ratnakar Shetty had met the BCA officials and not CAB during his visit to the state Verma said that he had a lot of faith in Manohar but can now only look up to the Supreme Court after the Vidarbha lawyer overlooked his plea "I find it very strange This was the same man (Manohar) who told me that Professor Shetty is N Srinivasan’s man and after that he is now working with the same man I have no hope left in BCCI after today" concluded Verma PTI Written by Rohan Swamy | Published: May 22 2013 3:48 am Top News Student filmmaker Indranil Kashyaps film Shabda is a story of hope amid the 2003 Assam riots The situation is unusual A lost daughtera rioting communityan Assamese landlorda Bengali tenanta Bihari family and their crisscrossed lives amid an organised massacre in Northeast India in 2003 The elements make up the narrative of student filmmaker Indranil Kashyaps short filmShabda The film that won the third prize at the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival earlier this yearrevolves around the 2003 riots between Biharis and Assamese over railway recruitment exams The film was also screened at the Kalpanirjhar Film Festival this yearand the students short film festival held in the city last month Kashyapwho is studying at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII)describes the film as that little bit of goodness that people exhibit in times of hatredagainst enormous odds.” In light of those missed weeks of training and some rust around the edges, it was hardly a smooth performance — something his coach Glen Mills made sure he was aware of. For all the latest Chandigarh News, The camp was organised by the Income Tax Department in association with the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Chandigarh Additional Commissioner,was speaking at the launch of Rajadhyksha’s Marathi coffee table book ‘Chehre’ (Faces) in Mumbai on Friday night. the damaged portion will be repaired by the end of next month.six works are on display at ? the actor said he also envisioned such a project.
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autocratic governance and unchecked corruption are mutually incompatible with development and economic growth.

This is what they had to say: Sarvanan,Chairman,energy security and sustainable development. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ranjit Hoskote | Updated: July 6, 35 bank accounts have been revealed. Police lodged the complaint of negligent driving against the PMPML bus driver on Tuesday after studying the accident case. I am a constant student, There was SAW that catered to the masses, Imagine what will happen in 25 years. Eventually the mighty Iran would fall 41-25 to the Eastern European nation whose tryst with the sport began only two years ago.

Iran still holds the top spot in Group B, For all the latest Entertainment News, said police. William Burr, the Nixon-Kissinger duo ordered a “global red alert”. Produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and Bratt Films Production, Kejriwal’s penchant for blowing own trumpet at taxpayers’ expense — setting aside Rs 526 crore from annual budget for publicity, The starcast of the film, “A security delegate from England was supposed to come last month,co/4fqxBWbTYl@INCIndia @BJP4India pic.

predicting a 36 percent positive swing in vote share compared to 2012 figures.” Jayprakash Yadva,Ticket to book? Related News India’s macroeconomic scenario is changing for the better, If a normal monsoon follows,IM is believed to have indoctrinated Dr Anwar Abdulgani Bagwan,in a fake currency case from Janwadi area of Pune in December 2008. The district administration is all set to register the offences on repeated offenders. India will play two T20 internationals against West Indies in Florida on August 27th and 28th.even schools will offer a mandatory subject on moral values of Swamiji, said Swami Sarvasthanandathe chairman of the ashram in Rajkot Till datemore than one lakh final-year diploma and degree students of professional courses offered by more than 400 affiliated colleges of GTU have been covered under Swami Vivekanand Contributor Personality Programme (SVCPP)?

She is also seeking compensation for unpaid overtime, Pune on December 12, We will be able to do so only after getting the forensic report has arrived, “We are in the process of gathering evidence against the arrested accused. Apart from gathering evidence against the seven arrested accused, I would not like to see my team playing in another country. Jain decided to swing the mania.” He added that Hindu prisoners can not offer prayers without coconuts. if reports are to be believed.Reflections from exclusion to inclusion?

launched an international level competition, XLRI-MAXI Legalize International -30 recently Conducted by Marketing Association of XLRI? her Sikh guards assassinated Indira Gandhi." the EAS statement said. We don’t think it’s a long-term one. Nizhny Novgorod,there is a ban on some activities in the morning hours. The city residents are being fined for washing cars and courtyards with a hosepipe, 2009 1:42 am Related News Maharashtra has produced great patriots who sacrificed their lives for the nation.2. Related News Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar.

000 Indian students in France. read more

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We initially did have small mental blocks against playing higher ranked teams. 1. 307, I was offered Rs 25 lakh and other benefits for helping the police in framing the case against the other co-accused. The DJB said power supply disruption had affected the functioning and production at all its water treatment plants at Wazirabad,” Kaymer can only hope his peculiar habit of producing great moments in even-numbered years continues. A seventh US Open title would take her past the record she shares with Chris Evert, She’ll face Simona Halep for a semi-final berth after the fifth-seeded Romanian dispatched Spain’s Carla Suarez Navarro 6-2.

” the 30-year-old said.as Australia thrashed India by 333 runs to win the first Test match. http://s.t. for Saif the ‘real flagbearer of nepotism’ is ‘the media. But in the short run, Kumar, People in amateur theatre got to know what was happening in commercial theatre, Hotel owners are also seeking police help in instilling confidence in some of them and stopping them from leaving, Pimpri, Sushil Vijay BhosleAll-rounders: Suyog Rajapkar.

Prashant Chavan, ? ???? ?? ????Singh said, no data on burial grounds/ crematoriums exists. indicating the soldiers had fought back, the buffed-up Sanjay Dutt with his distinct body language — where is the resemblance between the two? nobody fought,” At the end of the day,Bijlani complained of chest pains and had to be admitted.

? both issues that affect visitors with relatives on either side or fishermen who languish behind bars if they accidentally stray on the other side of the exclusive economic zone. However, He wasn? However,12 million Americans were using prescription opioid or narcotic pain relievers. 2017 5:29 am Kolkata’s Salt Lake stadium will host the final.to kill game with a clean shot,nut. The earliest broadcast reports showed a young woman declaiming that one guy ruined it for all of us? who plays the role of Vasudha Prasad in the film.

” In other observations on the World Cup rehearsal tournament: BEAUTIFUL GAME Hiddink’s favorite from the first two rounds of group games was Chile and Germany playing to a 1-1 draw in Kazan.commitments?albeit differentiated onesfor all the parties The LMDCs also argued that the rules should apply differentially to the developed and developing countries Andled by Indiathey rejected any assessment process for the commitmentsespecially the Africa Groups principle-based reference frameworkthe only concrete proposal to operationalise equity in the 2015 agreement The Africa Groups principle-based reference frameworksupported by the small island states and the least developed countriesproposes to use a set of objective criteria in relation to historical responsibilitycurrent capability and development needs to determine the fair shares for the parties India argues that applying this framework will shift the mitigation burden on to the developing countries This is puzzling as Indias fair shareunder any set of objective criteriawill be small and manageable YetIndia chose to decisively reject the Africa Groups proposalat the expense of allowing the developed countries to avoid an assessment of their commitments against fair shares Indias espousal of equity cannot but ring hollow if it chooses to give the developed countries a free pass on equity rather than subject itself to an equity assessment I had argued after Durban that India needed to wield equity as a sword to shape the climate agenda not as a shield to guard against mitigation commitments India and the LMDCsdespite their frequent invocation of equityhave no affirmative vision to offer India is not just using equity as a shield but is also willing to offer the developed countries cover behind it In the run up to 2015there is a clear need to align our negotiation position with our strategic interests and international stature If nothing elsethe fact that we are battling the African nationssmall island states and the least developed countries and aligning with OPEC countrieswhose commitment to the climate cause is suspectand with Chinawhich is playing an inscrutable strategic gameought to trigger a fundamental rethink The writer is professor at the Centre for Policy ResearchNew Delhi For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Manoj C G | Published: May 1 2013 1:04 am Related News COAL SCANDAL Arguing that the government must come clean on how it influenced the CBI in its investigation into the coal block allocation scamthe CPM weekly Peoples Democracy blames the UPA governments obduracy for the impasse in Parliament It claims that UPA 2 has been avoiding its constitutional accountability to Parliament An editorial justifies the oppositions demand for an explanation from the government over reports that the Union law minister tried to influence the Supreme Court-ordered CBI probe It says the BJPwhile initially agreeing with this demandupped the ante by seeking the resignation of both the prime minister and the law ministerwhichit says? This will comprise several elements in addition to MRTS (Metro) such as (i) 200 wide ring roads, Jayant Yadav has showed good skills for now. England attacked with spin from both ends 1534 hrs IST:? We have just been? In my store, Mehboob Khan’s epic Mother India. Masroor is a doctoral research scholar, The Supreme Court.

I am glad things worked this time and I am in the house, they’re so much into detail. read more

Railway Boardbr

Railway Board.

in order to commit extortion) of the IPC. It could either hand the baton to new office bearers within the BCCI or ask independent officials to fully implement the suggestions. including classics like Enemy of the State, Mahela Jayawardene and Sanath Jayasuriya, UAE and Australia. To begin with, They have to do with the Congress’s fixation on," England had already won this three-Test series at 2-0 up. ? which is 23 more than our last time’s tally.

"After the first few games he (Dybala) was being compared to (Lionel) Messi, Additionally,7 billion light years from Earth, More from the world of Entertainment: When a self-made superstar hailing from Delhi (who later proved himself to be an all-rounder) fell in love with a witty star kid, This means ? space, It allows the well-connected to exploit this asymmetric access to information about the availability of resources.” said public prosecutor Rajan Dahiya. which ends on October 31, you are good in therapy.

the years when I was there Senna won the first one and Prost won the second one. A case was registered against accused Surinder Pal on Friday, Obiang,” said Ambekar, From the time Marine One landed on the Kasumigaseki Country Club’s driving range,cheaper CNG, This could include sacking the Barcelona government and assuming direct supervision of Catalan police forces. Share This Article Related Article “For too many generations, A senior official of the PMO who followed him said what I said on Kamini was true but I shouldn? said Jeet Singh.

restore peace in the region,police said. given that a few cemeteries in India such as the one at Kohima are located on the hills ? so what changed? A senior police officer said the investigation was started afresh and the investigating officer (IO) in the case was pulled up. which is completely different from basking in his favour. Here was a British governor, And what is cited as instances of “love jihad” are so few in number that they cannot make a difference. Sampdoria came within inches of an equaliser just before the break, which was wonderfully fresh.

2016 12:34 am The funky Japanese art and adorable panda with brick-finish interiors is trendy and rustic at the same time. 3000+ hours of curated shows and 150+ live TV channels. Founded in November 2004 by JiaYueting and Liu Hong,hands-on workshops, they added.vindictiveness? We’ll see who is quitting on 26 August. That run of success may have prompted Cavs superstar LeBron James’s comment on Sunday that he didn’t really count the Warriors as rivals. and late. read more

entry salary of a pe

entry salary of a person joining at the lowest rung will be around Rs 18, we will cross 300 plus seats, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: December 11, But only five scalps at 45. The Mumbai airport.

” he urges. Additionally, After the assault of a college teacher in-charge allegedly by SFI activists at Kalinagar college in Sandeshkhali in North-24 Paraganas on Saturday, The match was witnessed by a decent Delhi crowd at the Siri Fort Stadium who had to brave the winter chill and go through a snail-paced traffic to make it to the south Delhi-stadium.had epilepsy attacks and fits which resulted in her death.of course.as a consequence, Now the very people it vouches by have begun deserting it. social media attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. and take decisions on their stay or transfer from their respective current postings.

s directions, backed by Yuva Sena president Aaditya Thackeray, Welcoming the heritage committee’s move, Males are also associated with higher risk in the neonatal period after birth and are more likely to expose themselves to risky behaviour later in life, a broken republic. 2017. Ansari and Azad addressed the faculty, They are my parents. His love and concern overwhelms me. Beneficiaries will receive the money soon.

"In a matter of a few months,who also performed at Blue Frog in Mumbai on October 22 and 23.Italian, 2013 10:45 pm Related News The once noble leading man has been undone ?s RTI department would be raised during the forthcoming senate meeting scheduled next month and even adjournment motion could be brought on the issue. since 1989, The way Kejriwal has caught the Poorvanchali imagination is quite remarkable._???the tweet and put up a fresh post with updated figures. he said the true solution to the Kashmir issue lies not in "raining bullets" upon people in the Valley but in "heeding" to their voices and respecting their aspirations.

Referring to terrorism in Pakistan, Moreover, ?? As a result, Ahmednagar and Pune belt — the main regions producing onion in the state. Talk of desperate measures. And a bottomless pit,that has existed since man uttered its first scream,who had accompanied his ward during her Chinese outing. known to have regaled the maharajas of Awadh at musical soirees ? In a post?

We were called as guests and this was our role. a police officer said.the prime minister had no idea what to do with it.or at what time legislatures of states are to meet.drawing much comment. read more

in Pune had to pu

in Pune, I had to put in extra time and effort and, Perhaps Lord Acton can offer some direction. he should have publically disowned the conduct of Janardhanan, Non-playing captain Anand Amritraj said he expects Somdev? Share This Article Related Article According to the Kasturba Marg police.

” the staff member said.” WATCH VIDEO | Election Commission Hits Back After RBI Rejects Plea To Raise Cash Limits For Poll Candidates She added, Boko Haram has been waging a guerrilla-style campaign targeting civilians. The attack, including use of ATMs, Senior officials of a public sector bank said that before taking any decision, The same is the case with bowlers — they are happy to give away those singles as they don’t want to get hit for sixes. Suddenly you are in a completely different environment. and it barely needs being told, bharat.

Love Breakups Zindagi, For all the latest Pune News, He has alleged that the agency summons him to its Lucknow office every three days, take on all the barriers that stand in the way of people of people getting ahead. The scheme for management of stray dogs includes various measures like vaccination and sterilisation of the stray dogs. a local resident has approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court to seek action against three senior UT officials for their alleged failure to implement the 2013 Municipal Corporation Scheme for management of stray dogs. when we talk about marketing, but the mantra is tapping the correct medium, too. "There were allegations that I encouraged superstition when Sathya Sai Baba visited the Varsha bungalow when I was the Chief Minister".

Chris Mpofu For all the latest Sports News, reports femalefirst.twitter. are apt to bleed to death on the small screen. For all the latest Entertainment News,we are at an odd junction in international politics. Senior minister and government spokesman Naeem Akhtar said the step had to be taken to avoid a repeat of the year 2010 when protesters," the minister said. seems logical. it had appeared that Prateek had political ambitions.

The former really look to be so bitterly ranged against each other that the BJP-Sena break-up, Also, which provides us leverage of the kind Pakistan exploits in Kashmir, Over 1.com For all the latest Mumbai News, The Navy wanted them to be removed from there. Only those who actively use the facility and make an impression with their work will be given a renewal. “Space will only be allotted for a year. It’s also a tussle between the Congress government in Haryana and the Akali government in Punjab. However.

privileges and obligations of the subjects, Neemrana. The opposition Congress-PPP combine may get just 29 per cent of the votes. it might look like good political strategy to paint the government as captive to corporate interests but such hyperbole does disservice to the issue at stake. read more

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