Rose Queen ice cream to join very profitable business

we all know that the choice of ice cream to join the project has been very hot. Moreover, there is a feature of ice cream to join the project, is a very choice of business opportunities. How about the Rose Queen ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

Rose Queen ice cream, Italian style, every ice cream are professionally designed and handmade by professional technicians, modern processing technology, can not reach room temperature, inverted off effect, delicate taste, Q strength, taste, has the characteristics of smooth and refreshing, its appearance is really cool charm, screaming. So many investors are sure to ask the Rose Queen ice cream this project to make money? read more

2014 several suitable for women entrepreneurship projects

now, more and more female entrepreneurs, many of which are suitable for the project. As we all know, when it comes to entrepreneurship will think of the problem of investment and income, less investment, low cost, easy to operate, with a certain market potential and development prospects, it is worth investing.

color key color key with high profit, compared with the preparation of a common household key, common key blank 0.2 yuan / only, with 1 yuan / only, gross profit 0.8 yuan / only; the color key blank 3 yuan / only, with 10 yuan / only, gross profit 7 yuan / only. Open a preparation of color key counter, the total investment (including the key copy machine, ready for 500) in less than 2500 yuan.

read more

Do you know how to find a good project

whether it is his or her friends, business people are many, have their own career is certainly a happy thing, now in everyone’s life, more and more people began his entrepreneurial path, but the final success is always a minority. In fact, the success of entrepreneurship, not only related to the individual ability of entrepreneurs, and choose to join the project also has a relationship, a good venture to join the project, can play a multiplier effect. So, how to find a good business to join the project? read more

Hand Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef joining any good

shop to make money, to choose how to join the food industry? The quality of delicacy to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Beef noodles join which good? Let’s take a look at it!

beef noodles to join which good Lanzhou Serra palace beef noodles

now people’s material life becomes more and more abundant, delicacy is an irresistible temptation for every consumer, China Serra house in Lanzhou beef noodle is a noodle shop in the out of the ordinary, can not just eat noodles, is different from the street lanes that will only open during the day to night closing account noodle Chinese, Serra house in Lanzhou beef noodle shop opened leisurely tea and distribution takeaway, let this noodle shop in the afternoon as a leisure drinks shop to taste life. read more

How much money is needed to join small lakes

since the Chongqing noodle hot Chinese catering industry, pasta in the middle seems to become very popular. People like the small side of the road and a small soup to bring delicious taste. Now people love to eat delicious noodles, a large number of small projects to join, we recognized the arena is small. Rivers and lakes in the country with the industry in the leading position, is a large number of joining the project in a very good. Small lakes small risk, high income, is a great project to join a lot of projects. read more

still love the fruit drinks investment selection margin how net

many people love to drink milk, including my own small, there are delicious fruit milk taste is good, in our lives can also play a milk tea role, with different varieties taste delicious drink for us.

tea is one of the most popular delicious drinks, it has long been in the food and beverage market has a high popularity. Love is still fruit margin as authentic tea brand, adhere to good raw materials to make good products, to give consumers a unique gourmet experience. So, love is still fruit edge join? Is the right choice for business, it is a very rare to make money good project! read more

Join the Etam women need to how much be the whole

women’s market, has been a very hot market. Want to start a successful business for the choice of a good project is very important. Etam women? High quality women’s clothing, choose to join the selection advantage. Etam women joined the business with a small capital entrepreneurs preferred!

Etam women join the money?

Etam women as a mature women’s brands in the join conditions naturally than ordinary women’s brand is more demanding, the so-called "xiangbobo" who is not able to get. First of all about the franchise fee concern for the majority of dealers and users, Etam women need to join the franchisee with its own funds or the funds of the company not less than 500 thousand yuan, in order to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the store brand image. Secondly, for the franchisee Etam women is also a strict appraisal standards, not only have a retail operation experience and good awareness of brand management, but also to understand how to manage and develop the market retail channels, how to manage the products, for the same industry brand for more than 2 years experience is preferred. So I want to join the Etam women’s dealers, can be a good look at yourself, a good brand to join the money can not fix. read more

Ding HSBC Chongqing old Hot pot to join the cost

Chongqing old hot pot brand so much? If you want to join the project to choose what the price is good, small series for you to recommend the tripod HSBC Chongqing old hot pot. So how about this brand? Look at the following specific introduction.

Ding HSBC Chongqing old Hot pot is Shenyang Feng Huiyuan food chain Ltd.’s high-end brand in terms of environmental Hot pot, or mutton products, the bottom of the pot, small material to the traditional Chongqing Hot pot origin, to allow more customers not at the northeast of Sichuan, you can feel more authentic, more authentic Sichuan Hot pot charm. read more

What to do in the process of cigarette business risk prevention work

now do have a risk, as an operator, only to do a good job of risk prevention, will help their business. In short, the risk management of tobacco business is the operator must consider the problem, because the price of cigarettes is not cheap, once the criminals to take advantage of the opportunity, the operator will suffer heavy losses.

, a blind spot monitoring equipment

a lot of people for the sake of safety, the store installed a camera placed on the computer, that is a sure card. In fact, I have seen a store stolen, the thief in order to secure the surveillance video to the host to move out. There is no host hard disk recording information, the camera to take the picture is of no value. Therefore, the author suggested that the surveillance video host can not be placed inside the store, to take a more reliable way of remote monitoring, because criminals can not destroy the image record, to the public security department to solve the problem. read more

Join the happy tooth powder to make money you greedy 60

recognized by consumers to join the choice of food items, is a very hot choice, not only has a very hot market, but also to join the very advantage. Greedy happy sixty tooth powder? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

Chan happy all products 60 tooth powder to Rice noodles – stocking is simple, investors need only lock products food procurement, greatly reduce the cost of procurement. Greedy happy sixty tooth powder money? Enjoy and savor consumers can choose to 60 60 60 greedy happy tooth powder, the powder flavor here is really good, eat too greedy tooth powder 60 happy friends are of praise, so it is more repeat customers, can make your business better. Greedy tooth powder happy sixty investment fiery strikes, invite you to join. read more

Do not blindly follow the trend of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

college students embark on the road of entrepreneurship, really is to realize their ideal ambition? Really can realize their ideal ambition? Now a lot of college students will embark on such a path, is entirely a follow suit. In mid April, a university entrepreneurial salon, a number of entrepreneurial teams take turns to introduce the project, investors, the Internet creates a guest, professional managers and school business mentor to give comments.

one of the projects is the language smart socket, the prototype has been produced, the team’s next step is to attract investment. Audience, a week classmate told reporters that he also set up a team, the same development of intelligent socket. The reporter asked him if he knew he was in trouble with his classmates". He answered "know", but he believes that two kinds of smart socket function is different, so do not give up. read more

Jiaquanju how catering to join

good food and beverage brands can not only make good dishes, but also allows us to appreciate the strong flavor of the food culture. Such a brand must be worthy of your investment, such as home catering.

"home " from its name on the thick smell of home, home feeling, the warmth of home. Home to the "home" for the delicious, is to give customers "warm home" feeling, because the home is a warm and sweet words, home is synonymous with comfortable natural.

Chongqing jiaquanju diet culture (Group) Co. Ltd. is a leading, catering for the franchise, training, breeding base, logistics and distribution integrated entity based enterprises, under the brand name "home chicken soup" and "spicy Chongqing red" and "red hot cloud", "happy farm". Jiaquanju wide set of folk dishes, Sichuan, Guangdong and coherence were self-contained, with its careful and strict scientific management, innovative and unique business philosophy and to ensure that the green, healthy and tasty principle, has won the Chinese Cuisine Association and China quality Miles awarded the "national green food enterprises" and "quality credibility double satisfaction unit" in 2006 by the Chongqing Municipal Committee awarded the "integrity of franchise chain enterprise" in 2007 by the central six ministries jointly awarded the "national food safety demonstration unit", and dozens of dishes get Chinese feast, Chinese dishes, and other provincial and municipal and national awards in various competitions catering. The company took the lead through the review of the Ministry of Commerce, the national first batch of franchise qualifications (Ministry of Commerce franchise record number: 5007000020) the company currently has a large Chinese food outlets, more than and 40 chain stores. Total business area of more than more than 40 thousand square meters, the total number of employees up to more than 3 thousand people, in 2009 was named " China’s top 100 catering enterprises " annual output value of more than 460 million yuan. read more

Jingjiang City crab soup joining note

the soup to join the project beyond count, if you want to gain a foothold in the soup catering market, there must be a brand strength as the strong backing of their. What soup brand is better? For Jingjiang City crab soup do you recommend. Jingjiang City crab soup after years of development, is now a very famous brand, is currently in the rapid development of Jingjiang City, then the crab soup can join small? The answer is yes.


Jingjiang crab soup? What are the characteristics of the product? Jingjiang City crab soup to join what needs attention? read more

Electric washing brush investment makes life easier

want to start a better choice to join the electric washing brush? Successful entrepreneurial projects, trusted brands to join the project. Small business choice to join electric washing brush? Open their own electric brush brush shop, shop is earned! Business is good, business without trouble!

talk about entrepreneurship, everyone eager. If you are the first to go into business already jiacaiwanguan. But in modern society, every day there are more people to join the sea, open business trip. Especially the new venture is subject to public investors favorite, today Xiaobian to recommend the project is an electric washing brush do you understand the read more

Four tips to keep in mind the tea shop business Business

delicious nutritious milk tea is everyone’s love, is a very popular market opportunities, it is worth the tea industry, the more common in our life, has a hot consumer market, for many people who want to do small business, a tea shop is also a very good idea. Operating a milk tea shop, pay attention to the problem is more, if you want to open shop, but also pay attention to these skills. On the operation of the tea shop four tips this problem, the following to introduce.

, a company clerk management; whatever you do or do shop, should have a clear management regulations, so as to be more reasonable to do the store operation behavior, to better publicity, such as reception, courtesy, service standards, product knowledge, health management, financial knowledge, chain stores unified storefront management needs to standardize and so on. read more

Home textile stores early start to do the whole store management

high quality textile can make consumers more enjoyment in daily life, with the development of society, people on the home of the increasingly high demand, many people choose to open textile stores, shopkeepers know whether the operation method of the necessary. In the actual shop before, if you can grasp the relevant theory of home textile stores, in order to correctly operate home textile stores, get good profits. So, what is the first to master the skills and what skills are conducive to the success of the home textile stores, then, let’s talk about it! read more

Small projects can earn big profits Business

consumer market is now more popular with the consumer brands are mainly items such as milk tea drinks consumer goods, consumers of different ages have their favor. Today, the tea market is hot, brand endless, which is a cup of tea is a classic history of milk tea for many years the development of the project, the choice of a cup of tea to join the business, a small store to earn huge wealth.

small projects can also earn big profits

a cup of tea has a long history, has a unique understanding of the domestic tea market, in-depth understanding of different consumer tastes, have more experience in product development, the introduction of a variety of different tastes, different series of products to meet the different needs of consumers. read more

What is the condition of joining Rosa cake

cake to join the project in order to Rosa cake not only taste good, but also to enjoy the fine. Many have asked similar questions to join the brand to join investors interested in joining, Rosa cake at least how much money? How much is the lowest cost to Rosa cake? If you want to join the Rosa cake, which should be before each to join the venture investors are very concerned about the problem. Because in order to successy join Rosa cake, first of all to go beyond the threshold is the capital, there is no sufficient funds to talk about joining is on paper. In order to put everyone’s problems, small series to bring you this article, want to join the Rosa cake you can come to see Oh, can help you also maybe? read more

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