Jingjiang City crab soup joining note

the soup to join the project beyond count, if you want to gain a foothold in the soup catering market, there must be a brand strength as the strong backing of their. What soup brand is better? For Jingjiang City crab soup do you recommend. Jingjiang City crab soup after years of development, is now a very famous brand, is currently in the rapid development of Jingjiang City, then the crab soup can join small? The answer is yes.


Jingjiang crab soup? What are the characteristics of the product? Jingjiang City crab soup to join what needs attention?

Jingjiang crab soup has the following characteristics:

steamed dumplings white crystal, such as paper thin, succulent, almost transparent, a move can be seen inside the soup in gently shaking, make people feel a kind of playing that breaks the tender. People who don’t know how to make the soup think it is injected with a syringe. Making dumplings stuffing material is very exquisite, to choose the finest fresh pork skin and rural backyard Cao Lao hen, pig bladder bone, decocting process in the traditional process of combining the new science and technology after six hours of boiling can become " Tang Qing, thick and not greasy oil, delicious " the soup; stuffing, in order to meet the tastes of modern people. Dumpling skin as thin as paper, ask around the paper roll to be thin, center to Lvehou than 4 weeks. It will have more than 30 folds, and delicate uniform, almost transparent, slightly move, you can see the inside of the soup gently shaking, make people feel a kind of blowing bomb broken delicate, don’t eat, just to see, is a kind of beauty.


Jingjiang crab soup to join:

a, financial transparency, clear benefits more objective

as the saying goes "hurt feelings about money, but now that the partnership business for a long time, which is caused by the main factors of partnership rupture, as the saying goes" brother Ming accounts ", and wanted to have lasting relationships that accounting transparency is required. The trust between people is based on a certain basis, while the partner is financial transparency.

two, clear personal responsibility to avoid the past to avoid losses caused by

do Gongsifenming, clear its own jurisdiction, play to their strengths, not in their own poor place, superfluous, rational division of labor, in order to achieve fast and efficient work, also can avoid many of the problems encountered in partnership.

three, do not allow unrelated families to participate in

is not open to the partnership, "family business", not to participate in the management and three kinds of nuns shop.

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