Do not blindly follow the trend of College Students’ Entrepreneurship

college students embark on the road of entrepreneurship, really is to realize their ideal ambition? Really can realize their ideal ambition? Now a lot of college students will embark on such a path, is entirely a follow suit. In mid April, a university entrepreneurial salon, a number of entrepreneurial teams take turns to introduce the project, investors, the Internet creates a guest, professional managers and school business mentor to give comments.

one of the projects is the language smart socket, the prototype has been produced, the team’s next step is to attract investment. Audience, a week classmate told reporters that he also set up a team, the same development of intelligent socket. The reporter asked him if he knew he was in trouble with his classmates". He answered "know", but he believes that two kinds of smart socket function is different, so do not give up.

3 months, a university business incubator, consisted of 8 senior composition of the entrepreneurial team, with approximately 90 hours each week the strength of developing a "provided by the local people to guest service" tourism social class products. The team received hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding, all members to give up employment opportunities, as soon as the heart of entrepreneurship. In mid April, the product site, micro signal has been on the line, APP is developing.

, however, the reporter learned from the other period of the entrepreneurial team, they are doing a similar project, the progress of the former quite. One of the students told reporters: there is no giant field of tourism involved in the community, grassroots team also has the opportunity. In addition, although there are other teams do, but we are in the same starting line, to see who run fast." However, the reporter online search, but suddenly found on the line last year, four or five similar products. It is not easy for the new arrivals to run fast.

a number of investors, business incubator managers found that college students in e-commerce, cultural creativity, education and training and mobile internet field, the recent hot words is to do APP".

Li Yihang, executive dean of the Institute of international innovation and entrepreneurship, Nanjing University, in recent years, the diagnosis of hundreds of projects found: 10 college students entrepreneurial projects, at least five or six similar."

The employment guidance of graduates in Nanjing

Service Center Deputy Director Guo Rui said, students start to focus on certain areas can be understood, the project is not absolutely not identical, but some students even how many competitors, who do the best conditions are not answer, sorry. Li Yihang believes that the first thing to do is to understand the market reaction, that is, after the creation of entrepreneurial ideas, find the target population to talk, to ask, rational evaluation of whether it has a real demand, selling points.

, but now the more common situation is that with a good idea, do it quickly, find money. This idea, whether someone did, how many people

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