Business experience of entrepreneurs like wise remark of an experienced person

summer, and to the stall business season, many people use their spare time to stall earn extra money. Stall is not an easy thing, the need for experienced people to provide guidance in order to better implement the rich. Follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

Although the

determined, I want to set up a stall, you can make money, you can also learn the experience. To do so, the second day early in the morning to go to the city to see the emperor temple goods, in the evening a small stall on the up. I spread than is generally simple, with general snakeskin paper paved, something they will enter the cheapest goods, because the shopping street is to take advantage of. My stall shop is a big piece of white clean paper, I into the goods especially eye-catching in riotous with colour, light shining, almost every passing people will watch several times, could not resist the temptation will squat down to listen to me to sell my stuff, so a loaded into Renminbi pocket. In fact, I was very stupid mouth, because just set up a stall, a little embarrassed, do not dare to cry, always beside the enthusiastic uncle aunt help me soliciting.


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