Do business to get rid of the bad habit of judge

people are visual animals, for all the good things are always easy to chase. Because of this, now many occasions are "Yimaoquren society". However, many businessmen will also fall into such a vicious circle, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the development of the business. So, to do business to get rid of the bad habit of "judge".

as the saying goes: one can’t judge, great minds can not be fathomed. However, there are still so many people go. Because the overall appearance, basically have no experience, the correct rate of 7 of the life – long life habits will leave traces in the person’s appearance, temperament. Buddhism also has the cloud: by heart. It is because of this reason, people habitually judge.

depends on the appearance of a person, a person’s appearance, dress can not represent what. But for most people, usually in the sight of a stranger in 0 seconds, we can not help but to his personal character, quality conclusions. Once this first impression is formed, it is difficult to eliminate it in our minds.

appearance, lost the son of feather ", a generation of Saint Confucius who would make such a mistake, as a retailer should be more careful. Any people and things are changing, so in dealing with people and things, can not be pegged to the front of that appearance, but don’t judge, should take a long-term vision of some. At the same time, things are constantly changing. A person is very poor now, do not necessarily prove that he will not wealth; conversely, a person is very beautiful now, can not prove that he will not distress. Judge damage is affected by the loss of their own customers.

Li Tiejun is a tobacco and non-staple food supermarket owner. Early in the morning, a man came in. His face didn’t wash, wearing a shabby black jacket, bearded, give a person a kind of sluttery about the collapse of the lonely feeling. Male customers into the store, in front of the wine counter for a long time, and then asked: "how much money this bottle of red wine cellar cellar?" Li Tiejun looked at the customer as if he were a rich man, so he said, "98 yuan per bottle." The man then asked, "can you make it cheaper?"" Li Tiejun looked at the man’s eyes, the heart said poor egg want to buy good wine also want to spend less, really calculate.

so, Li Tiejun pointed to another series of offering the king wine said: "this cheap, 68 yuan per bottle." Male customers to listen to, a face of displeasure: I would like this wine, you can not be cheap." Li Tiejun trouble this slow man, wanted him to leave immediately. He said: "can not be cheap, or you go to other stores to see if there is no cheaper wine?" Male customers do not want to hear: "hey? How do you like this, ah, do you have to do so, out of the customer?" Finish saying, angrily walked.

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