Entrepreneurship also need to prepare for failure

As the saying goes,

is not afraid of ten thousand fear, in the end, no matter what the outcome is nothing more than two, success or failure. Do a good job preparation is not lost. So what do you need to do better psychological preparation?

1. whether you really need to start a business, whether it is ready to start a business!

2. how do you spend your money, whether you can really manage their own funds!

3. really chose to do poineering work?

money on the venture itself, don’t play any catalytic effect! If the venture is good, development should go with the flow of things, money just to change the environment, does not bring the development conditions of the project itself, with funds paving a path of rapid development, this is the end, absolutely not up development! Set a realistic goal for yourself, and if you can’t do that in three months, stop thinking about it! This is definitely a problem!

4. for you to leave a retreat, do not say a certain success!

Finally, it is very important to

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