Anhui introduced a series of major initiatives to support entrepreneurship

now has social entrepreneurship is not only a personal thing, but also a social thing, because now by many people often need entrepreneurial encouragement, at the same time the public business period, the government also provides convenience for entrepreneurs.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" is our country economy to accelerate the transformation of development of the "double engine", in recent years, Anhui Province issued a series of major initiatives to support entrepreneurship, efforts to optimize the entrepreneurial environment. At present, the "mass entrepreneurship" "grassroots entrepreneurship" tide is surging on the Yangtze river.

in July this year, Anhui province started the "Jianghuai entrepreneurial action plan (2015 – 2017)", through the promotion of hackerspaces, innovative workshops and other new incubator model, build a batch of open space of public record; through the implementation of business plan, and strive to 3 years to about 1000000 people in the province each year to support 200 key employment; a college-graduate village official business, support the establishment of 100 college-graduate village official business practice demonstration base, driven 4000 farmers to get rich.


in Anhui Province in recent years has been in our country and in response to the call of the party, continue to carry out some innovative entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and launched a series of policies and measures to help the majority of entrepreneurs who completed the business objectives.


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