2012 nvestment and entrepreneurship projects

want to venture friends will find some good development projects in the market, but some investors for the development of the whole market did not look good, then how to do it, no small help you ready, below and small to see together!

startups need to find items, identify the industry in order to identify the project. The enemy awareness, high profit industry is closely related to the public life of the basic necessities of life, needless to say, but because many industries have become saturated, many projects run in a perfectly competitive market, there is no excess profit. After the investigation, the following industry is the leading high profit industry in twenty-first Century, a look at it.

2012 Investment Project: ecological green food economy

consumers into the era of national pastime, highly diversified form of entertainment. Entertainment without boundaries, watching entertainment Happy also become a typical entertainment features, creating entertainment platform will be involved in recreational activities in the new business direction.


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