Chongqing subway line 3 passengers carrying battery explosion blew

peak late yesterday evening, Chongqing Metro Line 3, an explosion occurred suddenly, smoke caused by the train outage. Later, it is understood that the explosion for the passengers to carry the battery, but fortunately no casualties.

18 18 am, Chongqing rail line line from the station to the station at the intersection of the road to the left of the station, a passenger car explosion occurred in a passenger compartment in line 3. Washington reporter learned from the Chongqing Railway Group, the accident has no casualties.

"rush, line 3 was very crowded. Suddenly, someone screamed inside the train. Then began to smoke." The vehicle passenger Beijing Li Yu told reporters, when the car is full of smoke, a scene of chaos to the end of the car passengers,.

"someone shouted stop, someone shouted open the window. Later, a young man took the fire extinguisher out of the car, put out the fire." Li Yu said at the time, only know what is burning car, a female passenger, do not know what specific things, "later, the train slowly into the station, we were asked to get off all."

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