Dongguan employment and entrepreneurship subsidies can receive

now all over the country in order to promote the development of employment and entrepreneurship, have developed a variety of related subsidies. However, in many places is still seen policy, but no specific subsidies. The employment and entrepreneurship subsidies in Dongguan can receive it, can be said to open up a precedent for the market.

good news! "13th Five-Year" in Dongguan during the employment subsidies for the! The date of implementation of the subsidy from January 1, 2016 onwards.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "12th Five-Year" during the employment and entrepreneurship subsidies in Dongguan in April 30, 2016 to stop the application.

5 months, the human resources department will do a good job of convergence of old and new policy information system. According to reports, in June 1, 2016, accepted the "13th Five-Year" Dongguan city the employment subsidies for subsidies, the implementation date of the calculation since January 1, 2016. For some of the provisions of the employment time to apply for employment subsidies, subsidies from January 1, 2016 to May 31st, the deadline for the application of the unified for the year of September 30, 2016.

Dongguan City Human Resources Bureau issued a "13th Five-Year" employment series of procedures, the documents published a total of 24, the subsidy for the employment difficulties personnel salary balance subsidy flexible employment, wage subsidies, flexible employment and social insurance subsidies, employer employment difficulties, social insurance subsidies, by the employer college graduates social insurance subsidies, social insurance subsidies entrepreneurship for college graduates, college graduates flexible employment, social insurance subsidies, subsidies for youth employment trainee training.

in which the graduates of the graduating college graduates, after graduating from the employment of 2000 yuan can receive a one-time employment subsidies, and entrepreneurs a one-time venture subsidy of up to $5000.

in addition to individuals, businesses also have subsidies, such as school enterprise cooperation subsidy standard is 800 yuan / person, business incubator unit subsidy is the highest $5000 / household. These welfare policies will be implemented in June 1st this year. The specific object of the subsidy, apply for a request, the amount of subsidies and other relevant information, you can visit the relevant website in Dongguan.

if you are a member of the Dongguan City, you are local business, or has to be employed, then, with the implementation of Dongguan city such a subsidy policy, whether you can receive the relevant subsidies?

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