Advantages and disadvantages of College Students Entrepreneurship do not blindly follow the trend

there are a lot of students choose their own entrepreneurial path, some people have their own ideas, but more and more people just to avoid work, choose to follow suit, but this is actually a very right way, certainly has a great influence on the future path of entrepreneurship.

A, where students benefit:

1.  national policy support

"to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial work" – the Ministry of Education recently issued a notice at the end of regular employment work "on the good 2015 National College Graduates’ notice", the content is "sticky" as the most important part of. Entrepreneurship course credits, allowing the suspension of entrepreneurship, the implementation of preferential policies for entrepreneurship, the notice passed the country to support the growing emphasis on entrepreneurship signal.

2.  young passion

3. higher education and innovation awareness

4. entrepreneurial experience

5. team strength

1. delay school

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