Enterprise employees to bring new business development

China venture tide, not only set off a storm in the ordinary entrepreneurs, for visionary entrepreneurs, also use the business trend in the enterprise take a new incentive mode of development, and encouraging employees to entrepreneurship.

When Amway entered the Chinese

20 years, the company launched the "Amway  Next2025" strategy. This is based on the development of China’s market strategy for the next ten years, the company will bring what kind of change? In the face of such problems, American company Amway CEO Keyser first "influence the strategy of the Amway Corp to keep from talking about", but the interviewer talked about "people".

the vice president of Amway Greater China market more than on the view, Amway in China 20 years, gathering resources is for the public entrepreneurs to provide a comprehensive, full chain platform support, from production to research and development, logistics, from brand building, business management, from the customer experience, to learn and grow the product support system, Goods are available in all varieties.; and the mobile e-commerce system, customer experience system, learning support system of the four systems, can achieve the basic business worry free, to create a large number of entrepreneurs from the "entrepreneurial community".

With the spirit of innovation to stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm for traditional enterprises to achieve

, two business, re allocation of resources effectively, to promote the transformation of enterprises, so that enterprises in the era of entrepreneurship glow new vitality mass.

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