Exfoliating products ten brands list the whole

for keratin, a lot of people may not understand, do not know why the need for regular cleaning. In fact, the cuticle is a barrier to protect our skin from damage, but if the cuticle metabolism is slow, too thick, it will make our skin look very uneven and dull skin, will hinder the absorption of nutrition for skin care products! So we need to exfoliate! Today, we introduce the ten major brands of exfoliating products list!

exfoliating products ten brand ranking NO1- Laneige LANEIGE strawberry yogurt 150ml

Product Description: with gentle massage, aging cutin with cellulose (Cellulose) ingredients naturally off, let you in the next morning, you can feel clean and smooth skin. Red capsule in the scrub enzyme (enzyme) gently remove the skin deep depression of the aging of the skin, promote skin renewal, creating a vibrant and healthy skin.

users commented: has used a lot of bottles, and ran out of the face is very clean, slippery, there are whitening effect Oh, for the hands and feet of exfoliating is also very comfortable.

exfoliating products ten brand ranking NO2- ZA ZA true white exfoliating cream 100g

Product Description: easy to remove the skin aging cutin, restore skin bright and tender luster. After cleansing, rub on the face and hands, in the face coated with a thin layer of spiral, to draw a small circle gently massage the cream off, and finally washed with water.

user comments: buy lipstick when the sample, the effect is better than imagined. Before the use of exfoliating products to rub the hair is always the last and it is difficult to get rid of the hair on the face, but this will not wash the face of the skin feel a bit smoother.

exfoliating products top ten brands NO3- Jia Mei Le CAMENAE chamomile gentle exfoliating gel 100ml

Product Description: soft exfoliating side, the skin irritation is small, can effectively soften and remove the rough cuticle, gentle care, soothing skin.

user comments: exfoliating is very mild, although the taste of chamomile smell it, but the effect is still good exfoliating, the skin is clearly felt a little bright, no matte particles, relatively mild.

exfoliating products top ten brand NO4- PURE&MILD Pure& Mild plant Hydra deep pore cleansing oil 40ml

Product Description: in order to easily wash away the pores in the black, corner bolt you. Deep removal of the obstruction in the pores of the plug and dirt

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