Chinese fast food industry for many years was the most investment return rate of venture capital pro

hunger breeds discontentment, they have told us in real life Chinese attaches great importance to food. The development of food and beverage industry has continued to advance. In the face of today’s society a wide range of information, which one of the most profitable industry? According to the Chinese Franchise Association released "Chinese franchise investment climate survey, Chinese fast food industry for third consecutive years to become the franchise headquarters, franchisees and experts agree that devaluation of the most growth industries and the highest rate of return on investment, the Chinese fast food industry has been regarded as one of the franchise has the potential and value of the investment industry. This year, all types of franchisees have said the growth rate will be maintained at more than 10%.

in the food and beverage industry’s most profitable pasta

The rapid development of

of course, in addition to the catering industry, in recent years, there are a number of industry rate also increased gradually, has great potential for development, including housekeeping services, Econo Hotel and convenience stores and beauty, cosmetics industry monopoly. Among them, the 8 segments of the food and beverage industry, pasta investment returns in the lead, the greatest potential for the development of Chinese fast food, leisure drinks are pregnant with integration opportunities.

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