AA carpool travel APP spell 470 million a year

in the era of travel by phone APP, drops taxi, Uber car rental software can be described as fame, and has been unknown AA carpool travel APP annual revenue is still amazing, this is why? How does it do that?

when the mysterious martial fame arena, its unique cheats will also surfaced, and the wind door head what is the origin? How will he and her school survival and development in the martial arts

travel the glint and flash of cold steel?


"small businesses of their own, and medium-sized enterprises are collective, large enterprises are social," Shen Lichuan pattern, let him choose the last one, although he had a small role in the market and technology difficult to crawl slowly.

through private enterprises, foreign invested enterprises, state-owned enterprises, government and other various positions, Shen Lichuan is 30 years old, he can’t feel the day like this: he should be responsible for their own choices. On the traditional and IT’s first two entrepreneurs, it seems not so smooth. Chongqing bad traffic, it gave him the opportunity to start a third venture and courage: to do a traffic travel Internet Co.

2011, Shen Lichuan’s third company – Chongqing Himalaya science and Technology Co Ltd – Yufeng headquarters built door. Plus co-founder Hao Shaowei, Wang Shengxin and all employees, the company is only 7 people.

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