Why do the good franchising business

investors often talk about franchising in the mouth, then what is franchising, franchising compared to what are the advantages of self-employed? Please see the following details:

franchise is the franchise owner in the form of the contract, to allow the franchisee of compensation for the use of its name, trademark, proprietary technology, products and management experience in the business model of business activities. The franchisee is permitted to use the common trademark, trade name, corporate image, work procedure, etc.. But an enterprise that is owned or invested by a franchisee himself.

What are the advantages of

franchise franchise

statistics show that the U.S. Department of Commerce, join the chain business success rate of over 90%, twenty-first Century will be the century of chain industry dominated the business. The advantages of chain management are:

1, the business required by the headquarters of the unified supply of goods, the cost of investment is much lower than the ordinary business investment;

2, can get chain management more standardized unified marketing training;

3, enjoy the brand awareness and the overall advertising effect of the operation;

4, the unity of the overall store design, business planning, management model, can make a quick start, once opened to profit;

5, a well-known brand of chain stores are more likely to rely on consumers.

contract signing is also a very important thing, and now people are about a month to pay attention to the contract, then sign a franchise contract must include the following:

(a) the basic circumstances of the franchisor and the franchisee;

(two) the content and duration of franchise;

The type, amount and payment method of

(three) franchise fees;

(four) business guidance, technical support and business training services, such as the specific content and delivery methods;

(five) product or service quality, standards and assurance measures;

(six) product or service promotion and advertising;

(seven) franchise in the protection of consumer rights and liability for compensation;

(eight) of the franchise contract modification, rescission and termination; "

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