Sichuan to build three Jenshou platform to attract me home business

once migrant labor workers are seen as flying out of the valley of Phoenix, now in the foreign workers is regarded as more geese, home to take multiple entrepreneurial incentives and security, let the wild goose home early. Renshou County, Sichuan, Meishan to build three business platform, a comprehensive and accurate way to promote migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs to return home.

The first Sichuan county population of the county

the county Party Secretary Ran Dengxiang said: "for the all western population of the county, not only pay attention to the export of labor services, but also to achieve the investment casting development platform, the" phoenix "and" me "to attract entrepreneurial resonance, can promote the growth of county economy."

in the foundry industry development platform, renshoucounty specially created as high, Wen Lin, Fu Jia, Wang Yang 4 Industrial Park, and built 7000 square meters of migrant workers and entrepreneurs of innovation and entrepreneurship center, innovation incubators and maxspace, will be encouraged to bring capital, technology, personnel with belt home business management experience. In the casting city development platform, the county in recent years have invested 3 billion 250 million yuan to build an area of 5600 acres of city water park, wetland park and Cultural Park, Xiangshui six square park city water culture corridor, through to enhance the quality of the city to attract migrant workers and farmers throughout the county enterprises home city construction project 6, a total investment of 4 billion 500 million yuan. Area of 1 million 150 thousand square meters. And by making full use of local tourism and agricultural resources, the development of agricultural tourism platform, it has attracted home entrepreneurs founded 211 family farms, star farmhouse 35.

Agricultural renshoucounty 48 year old Wang Xiang Mo Xiang Cun Li Zhigao, at the age of 15 to work in Shenzhen, through 20 years of hard work, from the construction of apprentices grow into well-known entrepreneurs. In order to help the farmers home tens of thousands of households planting loquat solution sales income, his home business 5 years ago, in addition to participating in city construction has also invested in the construction of Sichuan furenyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., specializes in loquat planting base is recommended

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