See a chowhound’s story

now chowhound everywhere, everyone pay attention to diet in such a era, innovation of the catering business prospect, the entrepreneurial market the chowhound rash and too much in haste, rely on the crab breeding and rice made his start in life.

a wait for business people

2012 Zhang Yue graduated from University, in a software company with a semi Secretary of Zhejiang is half an apprentice to learn the company’s management. Whether the school is the first job for him day after entrepreneurship provides a variety of preparation conditions, as long as a business, you never look back.

why give her name "unequal"? In December 21, 2012, not to the legend of the end of the world, Zhang Yue thought he could not wait for the desire of the business. Thus, Zhang resigned to start a business.

a chowhound about

"chowhound" in recent years is very popular, but it is not generally a real love of the delicacy of discerning and exquisite ingredients. As the "God of cookery" in the movie, the slightest deviation of raw materials can affect the final taste. Zhang Yue’s uncle is responsible for the management of a main crab lake crab industry cooperatives, due to family relationships, he was able to observe and taste to distinguish the difference between the lake crabs. It sounds fantastic, but for a senior chowhound, he will be compared to the true, "a lot of crabs Yangcheng Lake hanging sign, I eat will be able to distinguish the recommendation

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