Congratulations on the successful completion of the fourth phase of the new employee training

recently, CTV online holdings held fourth new employees to expand training activities, more than 70 new employees through training day, increase mutual understanding, enhance the sense of team, also let them have more sense of belonging to CTV online holdings.

Expand training

The implementation of

"to CTV online holdings for several months, I have learned a lot of new friends take care of me, they are like my brothers and sisters, let me feel the warmth of the family!"

"not because of the hope to insist, but have to only see hope!"

"before I have been alone, turning course of today’s training gave me a lesson in life, let me know the strength of the team is so big!"


the development activities is a very rare training for new employees, in this activity, the partners to further understand each other, but also to understand the CTV online holdings of the corporate culture, work in the future will be more full of enthusiasm.


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