Vision care market

now, according to the survey, almost every one of the students from high school have myopia, this situation is a terrorist, but now it seems, on the vision care is an imminent problem, it is what the market is?


vision health prevention myopia

TV and Internet time watching

he urged parents to reduce their children at home, watching TV, computer, education at the junior high school, primary school teachers please more propaganda, at home watching TV, as far as possible to reduce the access time, I hope the next survey, less than an hour can be reduced to below fifty percent, visual acuity care reduces the rate of poor eyesight of children. Please pay more attention to the rest of the children of parents related.

in addition, students in promoting food hygiene survey, junior high school students in the school, home and most often drink out thirsty drink, drink boiling water the proportion accounted for seventy-three percent, sixty-five percent, thirty-six percent.

Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Changping District vision care

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