Recalling 10 major events in Jiangxi employment and Entrepreneurship

in 2015, the pace of China’s economic development slowed down, but the employment and entrepreneurship work has made good progress. Xiao Bian together with you to review the 10 major events occurred in 2015 in Jiangxi employment and entrepreneurship.

2015, Jiangxi province economic difficulties, but a steady increase in employment.


1.  benefit people’s livelihood

overfulfilled the task of comprehensive livelihood. In 2015, the provincial government’s livelihood project involves 7 facts of employment and entrepreneurship, the completion of all the 23 indicators exceeded in advance. The 553 thousand new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.35%, issued the new business loans 12 billion 200 million yuan, employment of disadvantaged groups, new rural labor transfer, unemployment insurance, employment and entrepreneurship training to complete a number of indicators such as volume record.

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