Waste money to make millions of 80 girls share the successful experience

fierce competition in modern society, entrepreneurship is not as simple as before, not just selling things can be successful. After 80 girls rely on garbage entrepreneurship, the achievement of millions of wealth dream. Today we’re going to listen to her story.

5000 multivariate monthly salary, access to high-grade office buildings and hotels, the girls began to feel that this white-collar life wonderful. But a year later, Yang Li gradually found that white-collar workers are not so good when: with the increasing competition in electronic products, young people often need to work overtime to complete the workload overload. More and more pressure, worried about her endocrine disorders, acne and black eye. Because of the long stay up plus life is not the law, she also suffered from a serious stomach trouble.

has keenly aware of Xiao Yang eyes: since you can rely on these creative gadgets to relieve pressure, prove that this "weapon" can not be ignored due to other white-collar workers, but in the country is not a monopoly for white-collar supplies shop. So, why don’t you catch this market blank, in white-collar more, the pressure of the Shanghai open a white-collar decompression supplies shop?

2009 in March, Xiao Yang resigned to raise 100 thousand yuan in Huaihai Road opened a store this, perhaps the reason is lack of visibility, the business was unexpectedly very quiet, which makes Yang Li surprised and puzzled. One day, little Yang Ouran passed a lottery station, the shop owner, a word she woke up. It is a kind of instant lottery, the boss said: "because you never know what is the graphics after scraping, so this temptation is the most attractive. >

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