Waterless car wash business is not good

a lot of new services in the current technology continues to come out, looks very good, should be affirmed by consumers. However, when the business really do, but found that the enthusiasm of the market is not high, not sure, for example, waterless car wash. So, waterless car wash business why not?

also spent 15 dollars to wash the car, while there is a water washing of the customer side is Rimmon, water washed empty door. A few years ago, waterless car wash as a sunrise industry pushed to the front desk. However, over the past few years, the concept of waterless car wash is not clean, so that the frequency of cold business.

waterless car wash spray cleaner car brighter

yesterday, the reporter by making inquiries to find the water washing shop of underground garage in Chongwen District Guorui city district. At this point, a car owner called to ask for a car wash, car wash owner carrying a toolbox came to the side of the car. Open the toolbox, there are 3 bottles of spray and 8 towels, respectively is the tire and glass spray spray, the boss first with a dry duster duster over the body: "this is different from the oil duster duster, wiped the surface dust, so there is no sand paint scratches." The boss said, copy the body spray spray to the body, and then wipe with a little cloth. Different locations using different sprays.

15 minutes busy, a car dry cleaning finished, wiping the car than the car washed even brighter, and the vehicle is no watermark. The boss said, this is because there is a spray plant wax, so the car appears bright. Some busy finished, charges 15 yuan.

promotion difficult 15 days without washing a car

you look very simple, but we do not accept." The boss said, he opened the car wash shop in 2008 May, but such projects are not profitable, after the opening of the first half of the year, the boss has been committed to the promotion of his car washing water, washing and water washing although the water price is 15 yuan, but a lot of people just curious, and not really accept. "The worst time, did not wash a car for 15 days in a row. After I had to, this has increased the water wash."

helpless, the boss had to increase in November last year, there are water washing business. Now this area of the parking lot there are thousands of cars, but really only 6 cards for waterless car wash car – this is the source of all the water washing business. Although there are less than 4 months to open the car wash car business, there will be a total of sixty or seventy cars do card, which is not usually fit. While doing business agent of the waterless car wash in Mr said, started his own agency business in 2006, but was not carried out smoothly, according to his statistics, Beijing opened a waterless car wash shop, there are ten water wash shop opened.

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