What is the menu control method

restaurant franchise in the years of promotion, in the market has a lot of room for development, and now many entrepreneurs have chosen the food and beverage project, let us know more about the following content.

menu, for each catering enterprises, are not unfamiliar. A piece of paper on the roadside stalls is a recipe, the high-end restaurant is also a good dish. The menu is the carrier of the connection between the restaurant and the customer. It is responsible for the propaganda of the enterprise, the display of dishes, the taste of the various functions. Well, the business is not good, but also the loss of the boss, you have not thought about the menu in addition to these effects, but also what to do? Control? Do you believe it?

"Xiangxi tribe chain menu can be used to control the gross profit." Xiangxi tribe chain general manager Yu Xiewu categorically told reporters. Since its establishment in 2002, the Xiangxi tribal chain has not stopped the search for recipes. When first opened, according to the Xiangxi tribe chain unearthed in Hunan Qin, creatively made bamboo recipes, made a business highlights of enterprises, to lead the trend of a Changsha menu. But in the process of using, the Xiangxi tribe found this recipe chain although strong ethnic characteristics, but there are also making difficult, not easy to change, no picture, image, production cost is high enough. Therefore, the timely introduction of the picture menu.

In the process of using

picture menu, more than Xiewu general manager with his 19 years of experience in catering, found that Chinese enterprises to understand the recipe for widespread misunderstanding: in China the catering sector, recipes are often not enough attention. Even if it is the importance of the enterprise, will also be used to meet the emotional needs of consumers, while ignoring the practical value of recipes. At this time, I always thought, why not in the traditional form of the menu to join the modern management concept? In this way, the Xiangxi tribal chain began to introduce the concept of Maori control in the recipe.


gross control

2005, the Xiangxi tribal chain will be formally introduced into the chain of cost control recipes. The Xiangxi tribe chain this positioning of mass consumption chain of food enterprises as an example, if the gross margin is too high, it will reduce traffic, reduce the customer satisfaction; if the margin is set too low, it will cause the enterprise unprofitable, operating difficulties. Therefore, the formulation of the gross margin dishes, a meal is essential to the operation of enterprises. If the ideal of Xiangxi tribal chain of Maori dishes around 55%, then this part of the dish is the main direction of Xiangxi tribal chain sales. Some of the lower gross profit of around 50%, this part is mainly some passenger food dishes, to attract popularity, such as stir fried meat, don’t sell 22 yuan, 16 yuan to sell the Xiangxi tribe chain. Gross margin of about 60%, this part of the dishes are mainly some specialty dishes, no one I have, Maori naturally higher, these dishes are set up in order to achieve the difference of business management.

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