Xiaobian teach you to determine the entrepreneurial city of the 3 Tips

The first step is to find the

entrepreneurial venture, both for himself and his return, and then decide the entrepreneurial city, for the establishment of their own business in the kingdom where and shop, there are certain skills and methods.

The following is

three in three ways to find the right city for startups:

1. contact with consumers

to America distance, most of the technology companies are willing to be based in the bay area, because here the most entrepreneurial atmosphere of science and technology. However, this place is likely to be far away from your target customers. You should look at other successful companies that are similar to your business and see where they set up their headquarters and whether they have succeeded.

to your target customers and establish the relationship of the most stable, face-to-face communication is the best way. And when customers have problems with your product, you should be able to help them in the first time.

in my company for example, we are a university campus oriented science and technology enterprises. When we were looking for a place to start a business, my co founders and I first locked a few cities, namely Boston, bay area, New York and Austen.

in these city, Austen is the biggest difference, not only here, the students, as well as some of the top Property Management Company, such as CampusAdvantage and GreystarStudentLiving etc.. In addition, here is the host city of InterFaceStudentHousingConference activities. Obviously, if the business in Austen, we can not only get a good business atmosphere, but also can reach a large number of students and the property management enterprise customers, and the two is our target customers.

2. company affordability

or to our company for example. Understanding of the Bay Area

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