Wuhan is about to build the top financial business district

Wuhan is the major city along the Yangtze River, has been a focus of attention, the economic development also deliver the goods. Recently, Wuhan’s new financial business district is about to start, the establishment of a landmark building, will promote the economy of Wuhan to a new level, much attention.

The overall construction of

27 strike source Hankou 27 area recently started, the historic railway industrial base Jiang’an vehicle factory site, will become Wuhan’s top financial business district.

reporters along the rail transit line by line to Xuzhou tou Dao Jie village, planning 83 hectares of 27 business district core area has basically completed the demolition, Wuhan Municipal Land Planning Bureau to seek cooperation units, plans to invest nearly 10 billion yuan, which started solid infrastructure projects. After the completion of the project, will be formed in the underground commercial, parking berths, subway and other 3 infrastructure, the formation of the ground, such as the combination of walking, trams and other modern transport facilities.

27 business district, the ground floor of the 6 buildings have been started. Close to the Yangtze River Bridge is the Wuhan Tiandi project, in Grade A office building and five star hotels, high-end department development. The project A area has been completed, part of the B project has been completed. Wuhan World Financial Center for the lower reaches of Zhou Dafu, will invest 10 billion yuan, the construction of a high-rise building of 648 meters, will become the first high-rise buildings along the Yangtze River in Hankou. The core area of the south, will build a collection of financial, business, science and technology and the introduction of financial services complex – Binjiang international financial center.


Hankou 27 area is China under the leadership of the Communist Party 27 strike place, is also a modern Chinese’s first railway locomotive factory Jiang’an vehicle factory site. In 1901, the Belgian built right from the hands of the Qing government made Lu Han railway, the Hankou concession district not far from where the construction of large ships can dock the Beijing Hankou railway Jiangan machine factory, is the predecessor of Jiang’an vehicle factory. After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, Xuzhou railway factory to send 2000 workers stationed in the river vehicle factory, workers and their families living in Hankou area of 27, gradually forming the largest community, Xuzhou village". In 2007, the bank moved to Jiangxia, into CSR group. 27 area unique geographical and natural conditions, into the city of Wuhan and the focus of the planning area.

Jiang’an District official said, the 27 is the core area of Wuhan "two rivers and four banks", has the city’s most excellent and the most abundant resources in the city skyline. In the future, here will be able to create a successful mix, low carbon sustainable international headquarters business district, on behalf of the height of Wuhan business.

Wuhan is located in the central region, regardless of location, or social status, are very important. Wuhan’s economic development is particularly important, the establishment of a new business district, will have a profound impact on Wuhan. Let us look forward to the future of Wuhan, hoping to maintain a central position in the central region!

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