How about opening a sushi restaurant

open a sushi restaurant profit? With the growing popularity of the sushi, sushi now has been more and more popular with sushi, of course also have a more broad market for the development of today, opening of a sushi restaurant investment, small to provide you with some suggestions


1, select places to see people flow

sushi stores shop location should be in high traffic areas, pedestrian streets, schools, office buildings and so on are very good location.

2, looking for high-quality staff

Entrepreneurs Opened sushi stores, it is not easy to find a good quality sushi division and staff, but only to find one, is a bright color to join sushi shop. A good sushi chef should be well trained to focus on the task at hand. To be outgoing and good at communication, sushi shops usually communicate with consumers. Also have good personal hygiene habits, can stand long standing.

3, good taste is the key to attracting

sushi stores, such as how to improve the quality of food are. Good taste is the key to attract consumers to leave consumers.

4, the price should be reasonable

In fact,

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