Clothing market has been the cause of the clothes hanger is starting

as long as the clothing business, certainly will need a variety of clothes rack to put these products, many investors to look into the fierce competition in the apparel market, however, do clothes can also make a big business. This can be said to be a new business opportunities, and let us work together to analyze!

"clothing" led by the basic necessities of life shows the clothing industry is a "industry. After joining WTO, the market is broader, the prospect is more optimistic. The clothes rack is produced with the clothing, and its prospect is optimistic. People pay attention to clothing, but ignored the humble hangers, relatively speaking, the clothing industry has become a popular, but also a little less competitive, which is just as you wish, do it easier.

in fact, hanger market very large. Like Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Humen, Hongkong and other places of clothing factory, not only dense, and thousands of. Taking Shenzhen as an example: the registered manufacturers have more than 2 thousand, that is not registered or nearly 1000. According to hang up (with a coat hanger packaging), folding (with plastic bag packaging), half a calculation, there are 1500 to use hangers, and then to say that there are less than 1000. According to the calculation of 100 parking spaces per plant, the production of less than a year, the plant is required for a year, the hanger is the 200 thousand (with the clothing of the gift), which shows how big the market for clothes hangers on in the market by the year of 200 thousand.

for shop, purchase directly from the hanger factory, free purchase machine, purchase of raw materials, or other fixed assets, funds can be greatly reduced. Because accessories are small businesses, loans, mostly cash settlement, there are three, fifty thousand funds to start. If you want to do month knot, it is best to have 15-20 million of funds. For retail spending, not the main means of location is optional in the remote part of about 30-50 square, at a monthly rent of 2000 yuan. The two servants, monthly salary of 1000 yuan each. Rent a dormitory 1500 yuan. There are meals, phone calls and other expenses, such as 3000 yuan, a month down the total expenditure of not more than $10 thousand.

the same benefits, taking Shenzhen as an example: a conservative 2000 garment factories, there are 1000 need hangers. Considered to seize the 1/200 market, there are 5 (and counting large customers), each selling 200 thousand, a year sales of $1 million, according to each of the $0.60, the total loan is $600 thousand, according to the gross margin of 20%, is $120 thousand. Here, there are a lot of small customers, assuming that the 20 can be stable, each household sales of $50 thousand, a year down is the 1 million, the purchase price of the same, according to the gross margin of 20%, is $120 thousand.

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