Mr Pancak creates a myth of six years of shop by muffin on a

is a kind of western style muffins baked Griddle Cake, its progressive delicacy is its unique characteristics, the Mr.Pancake in this muffin based brand Western-style food, opened ten chain stores in six years, want to know what is the reason he can rapidly expanding?

muffins and Bacon, Fried Eggs, sausage, potatoes, mushrooms combination are American Brunch (brunch) to eat now, muffins and Brunch have become the trend of Shanghai, Mr.Pancake, and Brunch as main muffins for distinctive restaurant is 6 years the 10 store industry benchmark.

dishes in the wisdom of the details of the knowledge

characteristics: relaxed, healthy, free, between the simple meal and dinner between Western

Chinese people have a high cold, high priced, stiff impression on Western food, and not so healthy feeling. Mr.Pancake to do is a relaxed, healthy, casual, between the simple meal and dinner, the Chinese people can accept the western food. In the menu settings also focus on this theme, Brunch features, muffin primarily, pasta, salad, fried chicken and other Western meals for collocation in the tiny, filling in the gaps in the market the most universal market trend.

taste: both foreigners, but also to take care of Chinese

‘s first muffin recipe was 100% American, which has been changed from the earliest version of the recipe to the formula that is currently being used for the first time.

authentic muffins taste sweet and a little bitter, but generally are not Chinese love, Mr.Pancake guests, foreigners Chinese each half, taking account of two people will have to adjust the taste habit. Each change formula will first give old customers to do the test, listen to the views of Chinese and foreign guests, from the American version of the first 100%, then sweet Chinese version is sweet, now and then return to partial American taste, this period after the popularization and education of China guests, the old foreign guests after local adaptation.

all of the exotic exotic foods have a period of adjustment experience, in Mr.Pancake, in simple terms is always with the tongue in the trial, until the adjustment to foreigners and Chinese people like the taste.

6 10 stores, the rapid expansion of the winning secret

from the 1 store start-up time, until now 6 years 10 stores, Mr.Pancake in a "difficult to do business on the secret to keep the rapid growth of success is what



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