How to join the classic steak

steak as the mainstream of Western food products, consumer demand in China increased year by year. Although the gap between the rich and the poor Chinese is more and more big, but the overall Chinese people’s life generally improved, some of the high consumption of food items are now used for mass consumption, steak Western-style food is one of them. Ssjd steak, adhering to the "healthy and happy every day" concept, the rapid and steady development momentum is the vast number of new and old customers sincere support and love that, but also let more and more people easily enjoy healthy and delicious steak


classic steak how to join?

Since 2004,

brand was born the moment, ssjd every worker struggling, let this steak Western-style food was once considered the nobility of luxury delicacy, Chinese gradually into public life! Let every customer, we talked about life in a concise and elegant restaurant, the taste of life, and we offer the color flavor and taste of the food has become the topic of all kinds of integrated as a taste foil, this is what we have been since the start of the most deeply touched and inspired, but also our every worker diligently goal and the power source of


classic food and beverage using standardized operations, to achieve the traditional restaurant human services to the automatic service of science and technology. Mark the boundaries, and now many bottlenecks Western-style food catering sector will be completely broken, marking the Chinese to achieve standardization, it is very difficult to copy that has been completely reversed, marking the world’s food and beverage industry has entered the era of modernization.

classic classic steak advantage

management support:

A, enjoy face to face decoration system management training.

B, sharing face to face decoration market management, business experience.

C, the output of the advanced market strategy plan and development steps, quickly open the local market.

resource support:

A, enjoy face to face huge design library.

B, enjoy face to face decoration talents call support.

C, enjoy the face decoration material taking the National League market supply

group purchase price

D, enjoy the overall electronic quotation system.


A, enjoy >

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