To do the little girl to send bread 90 female college students earned the first pot of gold

a lot of college students start their own businesses from the campus, they are familiar with the market, but also has a flexible observation. Fujian, a 90 female college students rely on bread fortune, the cost is not high, the income is good.

to find business opportunities

"because itself is lazy, I feel in this piece there will be opportunities." Wang said, sometimes he would like to have the morning breakfast, and do not want to go out, especially in the winter time do not want to leave the nest, they think of the launch and door-to-door service to sell bread, so long as to find suppliers, launch the students love to eat bread, there will be no wrong number.

at six a.m.


the source, two people began to create a name card distribution in the campus, "our delivery time is in the morning between 7 and 8:30." Wang said, and their boss about half past six in the morning bread to school near them to pick up the goods, and then sent to the order of students dormitory, so two people around six in the morning to get up to start.

"initially received orders is not much, but our delivery will bring some bread, so the person ordering roommate saw will follow to buy fresh bread." So, take every day, each delivery is a sales order, two people slowly increased to twenty or thirty, the development of long-term customers, we also according to the tastes of customers purchase, one of my classmates eating sandwiches, feel good, to our long-term, as long as there is every day to send him."

except breakfast, two people also began to send supper, "we heard a lot of students need to reflect the supper, then changed into the main at 7 points to 9 points to send." Wang Tong doctrine, they do this recommendation

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