You need to know before you invest in tea

most of China’s tea shops are chain model, a good brand can quickly improve the recognition of a new store in the minds of consumers, but would like to manage the tea chain stores are not so easy. You need to know before you invest in tea.

many franchisees to enter through the tea to join, can immediately get a brand and trademark, by joining the headquarters of the unified planning and technical personnel of the unified training, unified storefront decoration, layout and other aspects of the help, make individual investment funds quickly into the operation and profit. In this way, there is no entrepreneurial experience for those who join, you can save some of the personal entrepreneurship had to experience some curve detours.

because of franchising launch costs less than other types of operation and investment can be recovered in a short period of time and profit, so whether the franchisee has no experience, are available through the franchise into a well-known mature tea brand management system, learn from the business model and the business opportunities, which have their own the cause of.

due to lack of knowledge on the part of the franchisee franchising the concept and mode of operation, making them absolutely ignorant of the franchise mode of operation, therefore, can easily be misleading in the choice to join the brand of tea. Some tea to join headquarters to join all comers, itself and there is no clear regulations and clear standard to join, even the simple analysis of investment return and no record, its mode of operation is only an abstract architecture, even the training site and have no plans. Like this itself is still in the experimental stage, all the tea has not yet joined the headquarters, it is impossible to teach the business skills and experience to join, there is no way to make a profit.

so, join in the choice of tea before joining the brand, must the eyes, calm, don’t believe to report, data and information provided by the headquarters, do not think that the alliance is lucrative, can not lose the sale.

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