How to locate a restaurant franchise

open restaurant franchise also requires a certain understanding of the market survey, clear store positioning. Only the information is accurate enough to improve the success rate. If you are not very understanding of this, Xiao Bian summed up the relevant information, I hope to help you.

A, from the geographical point of view, the goal of enterprise market catering to join the local market and the market places two. Different markets can be divided into foreign markets and international markets.

1, the local market, including local residents and floating population. For a locally grown restaurant franchise, the local market is always the main target market. The local market can be subdivided into locals and outsiders. For a local cuisine catering enterprises, the local market may be more important than outsiders, because locals are more accustomed to local dishes. But people’s habits will change, the local residents in the foreign market should not be ignored. In order to survive and develop in the local residents, generally had strong ability to adapt to the environment, including the ability to adapt to food habits. With the passage of time, foreigners will gradually become accustomed to local dishes, foreigners and locals will gradually reduce the difference.

2, the market places, with catering to join the enterprise scale expansion, the development of domestic and international market, the different market opportunities more and more, therefore, the different market sooner or later will enter the catering business perspective, to become the new target market.

two, from the age of target markets for

Catering industry to join the

three, from income and family factors to find the target market of

from the income, catering to join the market can be divided into high, middle and low different grades. Now there are restaurants, hotels are in accordance with the high, medium and low grades of different arrangements for different restaurants target market.

four, from the nature of consumption and consumption behavior of target markets for

from the nature of consumption, catering to join the market can be divided into household consumption and the productive consumption of two types of market. From the point of view of consumer behavior, food and beverage industry customers can be divided into different needs of different customers, different strategies can be taken.

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