How to maintain old customers and develop new customers

In fact,

as a shop operators, whether you are setting up a what kind of store, should pay attention to the cultivation of your customer groups, the demand of Everfount customers, your business will be more popular.

with the electricity supplier of textile A new force suddenly rises., textile store impact has become increasingly apparent, textile store sales shrinking, in the face of reality, home terminal how to maintain good relationship with customers, develop new customers become more and more necessary and urgent. So, in the end how to do textile stores


the first is to maintain old customers, old customers are already familiar with products and services and the use of enterprises, and in different degree of enterprises, products or sales staff have confidence, use and continuous buy people. To win the trust of customers, we need to do another, always keep in mind that the priority among priorities of service, always put the customer first, take care of her fear, her anxious anxious, let the customer feel you really care about them, care for them, in order to let the customer feel comfortable and happy.

to do long to stabilize these old customers, but also meet the needs of various changes in customer demand, such as fixed customers may increase with age and change the taste of life, need the old customer files. Record some of the changes in their lives as much as possible, always care about them. But no matter how old customers can not avoid the update, loss, only to do a good job of maintenance and continuous training to accumulate new fixed customers.

In fact, as the operator of a


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