Water dispenser ten brands list

because of the pollution of water quality, coupled with the demand for drinking water, drinking fountains began to enter the household. Everyone with a drinking water machine, water dispenser does not seem expensive, but it is very difficult to choose. What brand is good? Small series of water dispenser ten brands list, look at the highest cost of drinking fountains who?

water dispenser ten brands list one: the United States

the group of the United States is a household electrical appliance industry, the logistics involved in the field of large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise group, owns three listed companies, four industry groups, is one of the white appliance production base and export base of the largest China.

ten top brands of drinking water table two: Angel

China to create the first drinking water equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales of professional companies in Shenzhen Angel drinking water industry group Co., Ltd., the leading product for the "Angel" brand drinking fountains and water purification equipment.

dispenser ten brands list three: Qinyuan


Qinyuan group is a Limited by Share Ltd specializing in water treatment equipment, complete sets of industrial water treatment equipment, water treatment and other environmental protection film series products to the national high-tech enterprises, is the national pilot innovative enterprises and the State Intellectual Property demonstration enterprise, is also the world’s first special water purifier of water drinking machine and the world’s first the liner free speed hot type drinking water machine of the invention and manufacture of factory.

dispenser ten brands list four: Langmu


Langmu electric appliance group is a professional R & D, design, production and sales of drinking machine, washing machine, refrigerator, water purifier in one of the large household appliances company. Has a doctorate, master, high engineering, scientific research personnel and a number of mid-level technical personnel, for the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.

ten top brands of drinking fountains: AUX

Group adhere to the direction of industrial development and manufacturing, has become in the global electricity metering equipment and China appliance industry has a high market position, the communications industry large enterprises with strong competitiveness and broad development prospects.

dispenser ten brands list six: smart


earth was born first made by Chinese one of their own drinking machine, is a Sino British joint venture Hangzhou simaite Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co. Ltd., creating a precedent China drinking concept. In the fierce market competition, the company adhere to the spirit of perseverance

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