Women’s entrepreneurship initiative

now women become a kind of fashion, not all women are suitable for business, but do not try to never know whether you can achieve entrepreneurial miracle. At the moment there are a number of popular projects for women, small series now to introduce you.

"women than men with poor physical, less funds and the principle of maximum investment this award-winning project not more than 100 thousand yuan, of which 30 thousand yuan of the following small investment projects." The National Women’s Federation of talent development and training center director Zhu Baoming introduction, the center has launched a complete training course, help women entrepreneurs will further expand the project, and now Beijing has a number of venture shops open for business, applicants for laid-off workers, director Zhu suggested that as a result of the activities for all women, so women students can also be considered through employment and entrepreneurship.

comments: female advantage project, low cost, easy operation, washing industry belongs to the service industry in Chaoyang industry, more and more consumers need to professional cleaners cleaning, maintenance of clothing, washing public demand has been exposed, compared with investment in other industries, small risk and stable income, in one or two years you can recover the cost, most of the laundry can be profitable in second years, considerable economic benefit.

– recommended items: "half the sky" washing engineering

investment scale: 50 thousand -10 million

The advantages of

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