How to treat customers as children

how to give customers a position in the current has become a lot of entrepreneurs are very worried about a thing. Some people think God is a real customer, when the customer is our God, but there is also that customer is our children. In view of such a view, how to treat nature is also a question worth pondering. So, how to treat the customer as a child?

we are "parents"

if the client is a child, then the role of parents is naturally we bear. We work hard, is to try to get the satisfaction of the customer. Just like parents pay for their children never care about anything (although we finally want to get orders, but now we are talking about a spirit)

continues to give

every new customer, you are a new parents, newborn babies need more care for customers, too, in his understanding of the product, but also need care and care, the interaction can continue to make them feel secure enough, eventually reach our goal.

long term care

in the process of continuous development of the industry, we need to maintain regular contact with customers, just like a child, do not go out in the cold to him, and more to maintain the normal interaction with him, or just an occasional greeting. Let him feel you there. Children are usually more familiar with their own people to chat, relax. It is necessary to establish a good customer relationship.

if the customer is our parents, we are in the honor of the same time, there may be a lot of complaints, which is not conducive to the relationship between the two sides. But if the customer as our children, then, in many cases, we are like parents, like a good protection of their children. No matter how the child problem is very patient to solve, never. Because we are just as happy as our parents. Although there are naughty bear children, but we all love him.

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